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01 January 2007
Chris Dodds
Making a boat trailer road legal in Cyprus

1. Make sure that you have the necessary paper work. If the trailer is brought from UK make sure that you have a receipt stating the chassis number and proof of Customs clearance in Cyprus. If built in Cyprus you will still need a purchase receipt with chassis number stated on it.

2. If your trailer weighs more than 100 kilograms it must have brakes fitted. A manufacturer's plate must be fitted to the trailer.

3. Take the trailer along to the vehicle testing station (equivalent to the SVA in England) making sure that you have you lighting board fitted to the rear most part of the trailer. (The trailer should be without the launching trolley or boat). At the testing station they will weigh and measure it and then tell you to come back sometime later to collect the paper work. I think this process costs about 20.

4. Go along to the Inland Revenue to get your receipt of purchase authenticated, this costs 3.

5. Take the following paperwork along to the Vehicle Registration Office.

i. Forms given to you by the SVA.
ii. Customs clearance forms and receipt of purchase. If the trailer was made in Cyprus you obviously do not need customs clearance but everything else applies.
iii. Driving licence it must be annotated for towing a trailer.
iv. Insurance certificate indicating that you are insured to tow a trailer.
v. A 25 registration fee.

The possible consequences for not having it registered can be as much as a 300 fine and points on your licence.

Chris Dodds
Rear Commodore & Principal
email: rc@dhekeliasailing.com

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