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28 March 2011

How to use a link pyramid to rank your sites in Google

Google's formula is focused on positioning websites which are

22 March 2011 | Louisana

What to look for in a wooden porch swing

Before buying a wooden porch swing, it’s important to make sure that

How to use a link pyramid to rank your sites in Google

28 March 2011
Google's formula is focused on positioning websites which are
"naturally" well-liked. Which means that, even though you are able to
summarize how you can position your website in Google in 4 terms
("Obtain plenty of backlinks"), you have to ensure that your own
website's hyperlink design is really as "organic" as it can be (in
Google's view, anyhow).

To get this done, you need to create what I refer to as the "link
pyramid" for the website. This pyramid is really a 3-level framework
of hyperlinks: 1) the foundation links, 2) the mid-range hyperlinks
and 3) the best quality backlinks.

Now, prior to going straight into depth concerning the pyramid, allow
me to describe exactly what Google searches for in each and every
hyperlink you have to your website. The more of those characteristics
every link has, the greater worth Google places onto it whenever
positioning your website.

Geographic Diversity. In case all your hyperlinks originate from web
pages whose web servers are all within Podunk, Texas, Google is likely
to identify that as being really dubious. It's not hard to know the
general geographic area of the web page, and Google includes that
information in their formula. So you should obtain hyperlinks from
websites which reside all around the internet whenever possible.

Link Text Variety. In the event that each and every hyperlink to a
person's web page all has the identical link text, Google will
certainly decrease the value of the links and never position your
website. Just in case you aren't certain what i mean by "hyperlink
text", that is the (usually) blue, underlined phrases inside a
hyperlink (e.g. my personal weblog has the link wording "my personal

Regular growth. Should your completely new website go from getting
absolutely no hyperlinks targeted at it to having 2,000 hyperlinks the
following week, Google is certainly not likely to rank your website
really well. Your website will frequently get ranking well for several
days, however it will likely then drop out from the search rankings.
That is because Google will discover the unexpected link spike as
being a short instant of popularity, yet as soon as that popularity
goes by, same goes with the search rankings. You need to increase your
hyperlinks steady but very slow, improving the rate of expansion as
the website secures a wider link base.

For more information on building a href="http://www.jonathanleger.com/build-a-link-pyramid-to-rank-your-sites-in-google/">link
pyramid, visit my blog.

What to look for in a wooden porch swing

22 March 2011 | Louisana
Before buying a wooden porch swing, it’s important to make sure that
the swing you are buying meets a number of important criteria. Here
is a list of what you should look for in a swing, along with some
reasons why it’s important.

Hand Made - A hand made swing is certainly a must when buying a porch
swing. This is because each piece is individually crafted, ensuring
better cuts and a smoother finish.

Cypress - Cypress has been called the “eternal wood” because of its
ability to stand up to the elements. A cypress swing is as durable as
teak, while being as little as one-tenth the price! Don’t buy a swing
made from exotic woods only to watch it rot on your porch.

Size - Be sure that the porch swing you choose is the correct size to
fit on your porch, and to fit the number of people you expect to be
swinging on it.

Accessories - Would you like your swing to have a cup holder? An
interesting question, perhaps, but certainly something to think about.
What will you want with you while on your porch swing? Keep that in
mind when looking at what’s available.

The Porch Swings I Love Most

Of course, I have a very strong preference in porch swings. There is
one particular artisan who builds beautiful, durable porch swings from
Cypress. His name is Ted Leger (pronounced Lay-shay), and he’s based
in Louisiana (where a lot of cypress trees grow). All of his swings
are hand made, and he can ship anywhere in the USA.

I strongly recommend you view the href="http://woodenporchswings.org">wooden porch swing styles he
has available.
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