The cruising (mis)adventures of Stuart and Jean

11 December 2007 | Scottsdale!
30 November 2007 | San Carlos, MX
28 November 2007 | Sea of Cortez
27 November 2007 | Sea of Cortez
25 November 2007 | Isla San Francisco - The Hook
23 November 2007 | La Paz, Mexico
20 November 2007 | La Paz
17 November 2007 | La Paz, Mexico
14 November 2007 | Muertos Cove
13 November 2007 | Los Frailes
11 November 2007 | Los Frailes
10 November 2007 | Cabo San Lucas
08 November 2007
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05 November 2007
02 November 2007
19 October 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico

Last notes on this trip

11 December 2007 | Scottsdale!
I'm finally doing that report on the trip that Stuart promised two weeks ago. He pretty much covered the high points so all I can add is that the Hook was our favorite shelling spot -- check out that shell on the previous blog entry! It is like a work of art. Bruce found this one just as they were getting into the dinghy to come back to the boat and wanted so badly to swim back to the beach later to search for more, BUT our boat was surrounded by this rogue band of puffer fish, and since none of us knew if they could be harmful with their spiny little bodies, we decided better safe than sorry and he stayed on board.

We did learn later that they were benign little fishies, so next time we'll go swimming with them. Another night our companions were many, many nurse sharks feeding on the crill under and around Duetto. I could hear all this banging and we went out to check with the flashlight -- seemed kind of ominous to spot 50 or so sharks around the boat, but we hear they're pretty benign as well. I didn't want to test that theory so no swimming there. That was the day we headed off to San Carlos anyway because the weather forecast wasn't so great.

All in all, we had a wonderful time. I'm adding a bunch of pictures to our gallery and wanted to mention that you can click on the thumbnail photos and choose to see them as a slide show in a little bigger size if you haven't already done that.

No more blog updates for awhile. We'll be going back down to San Carlos in January or February so we will detail our island exploring then.


Houston, we are in San Carlos

30 November 2007 | San Carlos, MX
We left San Juanico at 1 pm Thursday and did a night passage to San Carlos. We arrived about 7 am Friday, but took about 1 1/2 hours to find the is tucked in behind some condos.

The passage was uneventful, as passages should be. We left a day earlier that we wanted because of some of the weather forecasts. Winds today are supposed to pick up to 30 to 50 knots from the south and then bad weather on Saturday and Sunday.

We hated to leave San was probably the prettest anchorage so far. Can't wait to go back and explore.

Jean will follow up in a couple of days with all the details, like the nurse sharks surrounding our boat at night.

We are heading back to Phoenix on Thursday, Dec. 6th...back to the routine.

But now it is off to explore and discover the best margaritas in San Carlos.

Do you know the way to San Juanico

28 November 2007 | Sea of Cortez
Well here we are again pounding out rough seas and 20 knot winds on the nose motoring to our next anchorage at a whopping 4 knots speed over the ground.

Puerto Escondido was a lot of fun and Jeans will give you all those details later.

Just a quick update to let you know we are fine and moving toward San Carrlos.

Motoring to Puerto Escondido (Hidden Port)

27 November 2007 | Sea of Cortez
We left early this morning ( about 6 am) to hopefully get some calm seas and wind, since we are motoring the whole way. There are 360 degrees of wind and it always seems to be pointing straight at us. Anyway, last night we stayed at Gato y Toro anchorage. It looked a lot like Sedona with these incredible red rocks. There were 3 other boats at this anchorage but there was plenty of room for everyone.

Bruce and Cynthia (the sweedies, that is how they spell it, don't ask me why) went to shore immediately to go on the shell collecting expedition. I am sad to report there are no more shells here after they got done. Our boat is now listing to one side due to all the shells , sticks and stuff they have collected on the beach. There must not be not any sticks and stuff in Arizona.

This anchorage rocked and rolled all night. The wind was from the North and the swells from the East. So we threw up to the West and left this anchorage to the South as we head for Puerto Escondido.

The Hook

25 November 2007 | Isla San Francisco - The Hook
We are anchored at what is called 'The Hook'. A absolutely beautiful 2 miles of white sandy beach, loaded with shells, on the Isla of San Francisco. We arrived here about 1 pm today (Sunday, I think, Nov. 25th) First thing, we all got into the dinghy and to the beach. Belle, got her afternoon swim in and lots of shelling.

We left La Paz on Saturday at 7:30 am, into what became quite windy. We had up to 30kts of wind and very choppy seas. So much so that we heard later that the closed the port of La Paz. After about 4 hours of the wind and seas we nestled into a nice little anchorage called Ensenada de la Raza. It was pretty protected from the wind and seas so we could rest comfortably. We had a full moon to top off the night.

We were the only boat at anchorage which is so nice. A lovely little cove.

We left Ensenada de la Raza about 8 am Sunday, and went to Isla de Los Islotes, a sea lion rookery. It was way kewl, and very noisy with all the sea lions barking. We drifted within a couple hundred feet of the sea lions and watched them.

And now we are getting ready for steaks on the grill for dinner.

Monday, on to Bahia Aqua Verde.
Vessel Name: Duetto
Vessel Make/Model: Voyage Norseman 430
Hailing Port: Scottsdale, AZ
Crew: Stuart and Jean Kaplan
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