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01 May 2018 | Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
24 December 2017 | Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico
02 November 2017 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
11 October 2017 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
16 September 2017 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
29 June 2017 | Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX
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12 September 2016 | Puerto Escondido, B.C.S Mexico

Sea Changes

01 May 2018 | Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
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OK, we're getting a little gun-shy about making plans! As you've heard us say before, our plans are written in sand at low tide. But it seems that as soon as we write down any so-called plans, things start to go sideways on us. And this spring was no different.

If you read our last post, we were planning to race Due West in Banderas Bay Regatta, and then head back up to the Sea of Cortez for a few months this spring. But the week before the regatta, just as MEXORC (another regatta) was happening here in the bay, Kirk found himself back in the hospital again due to an intestinal infection combined with electrolyte imbalance. No bueno!

While it was a significant ordeal at the time, thankfully he's made another full recovery and we've learned a LOT about our own physiology, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the meantime. We've also learned about the MTHFR gene mutation (that may have played a part in causing Kirk's stroke last year), and that as we age the body doesn't always absorb all the nutrients it used to. Add to it all, that as soils become depleted of minerals many foods are much less nutrient rich than they used to be. Heidi wrote about all this on her Happy Well Lifestyle blog, which you can read here: Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency: Are You Deficient? If a holistic health coach and Capitán Kirk can be deficient, anyone can be. So we hope our experience and this article can help some of you.

As you'll learn from Heidi's recent articles, we found that we're both deficient in several key nutrients--vitamins and minerals, plus protein. So along with taking supplements to help get our nutrient numbers back up more quickly we've had to become omnivores again. This dietary change hasn't been easy on us after being vegetarian/vegan for 30 years (Heidi) and 45 years (Kirk). Happily Kirk is thriving on eating meat and says he feels 10-years younger in just a few weeks! The jury is still out for Heidi, but she's sticking with it for now. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world", and we have a lot of change left to affect in this lifetime. So although we both became vegetarians for ethical reasons, if we need to eat some meat to help us get healthy again, then that's what we'll do...for now.

These health setbacks along with continued engine issues has meant we won't be making another trip to the Sea of Cortez this spring after all. After the new timing belt was installed, and the freshwater and saltwater pumps were rebuilt and re-installed, the engine started right up. Yay!!.... Oh, wait... there's no water coming out of the exhaust?! Uh oh... And so when Kirk and our trusty engine mechanic Omar (and his assistant Tosh!) took another look, they found that our camshaft was broken--in three places!?! Something as strong as a camshaft should not break, especially not into three pieces! There is evidence to suggest that it was a faulty casting and was likely bad from the get-go, 28 years ago! So we're now working with Perkins UK, on getting a new camshaft. Until that happens, Due West is sitting in her slip, Jonesing to get out sailing again soon!! Thankfully Puerto Vallarta isn't such a bad place to be stuck...

Meanwhile, after 45-years as a meditator, and six-months of studying ancient Indian Vedic wisdom through the Chopra Center in San Diego (online), Kirk has just graduated as a Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher. Over 40-years of scientific research has shown that meditation is an effective way to reduce stress, improve health, and enhance intuition and decision making. Kirk is excited to teach anyone who wants to learn mantra meditation or deepen their existing mantra practice, so let him know if you're interested. He will be teaching online via Zoom, and in person where ever we are.

Heidi is continuing to grow her online wellness business, HappyWellLifestyle.com, and is super-excited about adding I Thought of You, fair-trade and sustainable jewelry, gifts, and accessories to her online shopping experience. Each purchase creates the opportunity of food, water, shelter, education, quality of life, and dignity to people in developing countries around the globe. I Thought of You dovetails perfectly with Neal's Yard Remedies organic, fair-trade, sustainable health and beauty products. Please take a look at these awesome products, and consider shopping with Heidi for Mother's Day gifts...it supports a great cause. In addition to her own blog, she's also ghost-writing and freelance blogging for several other companies. Oh, and she couldn't resist picking up a Dos Piños guitar at the market from this nice old Mexican guitar-maker...now she just has to remember how to play. It's been about 35 years!

So great to see Jimmy & Robin, has it really been 20-years since we'd first raced together on s/v Charisma!?

We've loved all the visits from friends and family this winter and spring. So much fun to hang out with our tribe, sailing framily Frosty & Patti, and April & Zak, and we're looking forward to seeing John & Carol here soon too! Our long-time racing friends Jimmy & Robin were here for Banderas Bay Regatta. Gratitudes to Kirk's old work buddy and mentor Roger and his wife Kay who kindly brought down our mail and some Amazon.com items from Seattle when they visited last month. And we loved our quick hug and lunch at the airport with our nephew Tate and his Dad Mark when they flew through on their way to Sayulita. Kirk also had a couple of high school friends visit PV, and it was fun to meet up with them as well. Puerto Vallarta is a mecca for people from the Pacific Northwest, and as we were waiting for our nephew at the airport, we randomly saw another Seattle acquaintance who happened to be on his same flight.

Great to catch up with our nephew Tate as he backpacked through Central America on his gap year. Check out this cool experiential program Carpe Diem Education that he participated in volunteering in several countries.

Spring is the time of year that sailors typically leave Banderas Bay to continue cruising. Many of our close cruising friends have set sail across the oceans, to the South Pacific, and the Caribbean, or back north to the Sea of Cortez before hurricane season starts up. One of the difficult things about the Cruising lifestyle is always saying goodbye as friends sail off to distant lands. But thanks to the Internet, we can keep up with them via their sailing blogs and social media. And a few friends are summering in Banderas Bay as well.

To celebrate Earth Day we started the day with 22 Sun Salutations, then walked the docks at our marina scooping out lots of trash with a fish net. Although there's certainly some intentional litter, the majority of litter in the marina comes from people setting plastic cups or water bottles on the dock, likely intending to take them up to the basura (trash), but invariably the wind blows them into the water first. So we always carry a trash bag with us walking the beaches and pick up trash when ever we can. Mexico is a lovely country full of brilliant colors, delicious food and drinks, and wonderful people and festivals...but also a HUGE plastic problem. At least many local restaurants are doing their part to stop using plastic straws. Americans use 500 MILLION plastic straws a day, and many of those end up in the ocean. So if you must use a straw, check out this cool re-usable straw that fits on your keychain!

A refreshing reward (sans-straws!) at El Barracuda with Judy & Paul, after a walking the beach, picking up trash.

We'll be condo-sitting for friends on the beach again this summer and are looking forward to our daily beach-walks, watching sea turtles hatch, and picking up more trash along the way. We LOVE our yoga practice at the beach three times a week, plus Pilates reformer classes which are the best workout we've ever done. A Pilates reformer class is a must-try if you really want to get in shape!

We still hope to sail south in November, but we don't want to jinx our plans, so you didn't hear it here. Happy Spring to all of you. Tikka and Tosh would love you to come and visit any time, PV is a wonderful town!

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Vessel Name: Due West
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 40
Hailing Port: Seattle, WA
Crew: Captain Kirk & Heidi Hackler + Tosh & Tikka
Captain Kirk grew up sailing on Lake Washington and has been boating his whole life. He has been racing sailboats for about 40 years, including two Vic-Maui races (from Victoria, BC to Maui, Hawaii), one in 1990, and the other on Due West in 1996. [...]
You can see pix of our boat here: Due West Interior Photos and in the Photo Gallery. Our racing friends call us "The [...]
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Due West's Photos - Ensenada
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Ensenada shops and local scenery...this is the "touristy" cruise-ship street, much cleaner and more up-scale than the rustic rest of this traditional Mexican town.
Celebrating a WINDY New Years day with our friends Rick & Maryalice on s/v "Notre Isle", so glad to catch back up with these great peeps we first met in Santa Cruz, CA, many miles and many moons ago!
New Years Day festivities local-style...check out these COOL electric animals the kids were riding...where do we get one of those!?
New Years Day juggling clowns entertaining the locals and tourists alike in the local city plaza.
SO FUN to meet up with our Seattle friends Susan & John from Nord Sail One. Shared the same dock in Seattle, now on the same dock in Ensenada, what are the odds?!
John & Susan with Silver Belle aboard s/v Nord Sail One.
Kirk and Dave, another Elliott Bay Marina K-Dock connection!
Overview of Cruiseport Marina, Ensenada...showing the proximity of Due West to the baños, cruiser
The cruise ships dock adjacent to the Cruiseport Marina offices (yellow building in background).
Resident osprey nest to the left, osprey on the light pole, and two cell towers in the background, one them disguised as a fake palm tree!
Our resident Osprey keeping watch over Cruiseport Marina.
Rick, Heidi, and Jim at the Ensenada flea market where Rick & Maryalice picked up a great Wagner cast iron skillet for only $2!!
One of the many produce stands at the Ensenada "flea market." Though not a lot of organic produce here, they did have lots of things you don
More produce from the "flea-market", check out these amazing prices in pesos (currently one peso is worth 6¢!)
Some of the gorgeous produce we got at the "flea-market" produce stand, washed and ready to eat, and costing less than $6US for all of it!
Vibrantly colorful spices in the "flea-market" spice shop. NO artificial colors here, these are actually ground up peppers of a wide variety. SO beautiful!
Heidi perusing the bulk spices and herbs in the spice market.
Fenix Baja Fish Tacos were raved about by lots of cruisers and locals, but we found better ones closer to the marina!
Rick, Maryalice, Heidi & Kirk waiting for lunch at Fenix Fish Tacos.
Locals eating at one of the many Baja Fish Taco stands all over town. Lunch for two: $4 US!
Beautiful Guadalupe Cathedral, can be seen from many areas of Ensenada.
Love seeing all the hand-painted signs here, this "lost art" is not lost in Mexico!
Lovely old "Oasis" house in Ensenada.
Ensenada shops and local scenery...with the Guadalupe Cathedral towering in the background.
More Ensenada scenery, hand painted signs, and quirky shops.
LOVING all of the bright Mexican colored buildings here...look past the doorways and there are often beautiful gardens behind the walls.
More colorful buildings everywhere you look...makes town seem like a Fiesta!
Feliz Navidad from the local school kids...This one goes out to Heidi
Funky-cool house with lots of plants...
Storm clouds forming in paradise...
The calm before the storm...or between the storms!
Captain Kirk on the Can-Mex SSB Cruiser
Heidi suited up in foulies to sit in the Cruiser
Hanging out in the Cruiser
Another day in Paradise: Kirk, Maryalice & Rick hanging out in the Cruiser
Tourist Trinkets for the cruise-ship crowd...
Tires, sewage, and other debris washing down the river after the big storm, right into the cruise ship berth, and out to sea...
Heidi shopping at the organic produce market, just look at the size of the cauliflower!
Kirk and Rick, our intrepid Sherpas to the rescue!
Sherpas had to stop and refuel, while the gal out front was advertising "We
Due West with new lashing boards and spare jerry cans of diesel and outboard gas all ready to go.
Due West getting her bottom cleaned, we were lucky to find a diver here, they are few and far between.
The water-man cometh...finally!
A 27-year-old French "kid" owns this classic 100-year-old schooner "Lun II", reading to set sail for the Caribbean where he
Tikka chilaxin after a hard day of PLAY, so wiped out she crashed on the floor!
Tosh chilaxin after a hard day of PLAY... to this boy, ALL the world