1974 Dufour 27

19 September 2013
19 September 2013 | Lake Pepin
19 September 2013 | Lake Pepin
18 September 2013 | Lake Pepin
17 September 2013 | Lake pepin
16 September 2013 | Lake Pepin
15 September 2013
14 September 2013 | Lake Pepin
12 September 2013 | Pepin Wisconsin
28 August 2013
25 August 2013
21 August 2013 | Lake Pepin

Sailing with Vicki & Lloyd on Will Power

22 September 2013
Lloyd Smiling Away! photo 6934c0bd-1ca1-441b-b631-9bf5064e5b09.jpg photo IMG_0842.jpg photo IMG_0841.jpg photo IMG_0839.jpg photo IMG_0832.jpg photo IMG_0831.jpg photo IMG_0828.jpg photo IMG_0827.jpg photo IMG_0826.jpg

Tell Tails

19 September 2013
 photo 20130918_185848.jpg photo 20130918_185843.jpg photo 20130918_185842.jpg

Inside of the Boat...

19 September 2013 | Lake Pepin
 photo IMG_0822.jpg photo IMG_0823.jpg photo IMG_0821.jpg photo IMG_0819.jpg photo IMG_0818.jpg photo IMG_0817.jpg photo IMG_0816.jpg photo IMG_0813.jpg
Dionysus photo IMG_0812.jpg photo IMG_0811.jpg photo IMG_0803.jpg photo IMG_0800.jpg photo IMG_0798.jpg
Yes it is French and a built in vine rack.
 photo IMG_0787.jpg
 photo IMG_0785.jpg
V birth

Sunset Sailing

19 September 2013 | Lake Pepin
 photo 20130918_192115.jpg photo 20130918_191905.jpg photo 20130918_190311.jpg photo 20130918_190120.jpg photo 20130918_190046.jpg

The Galley

18 September 2013 | Lake Pepin
 photo IMG_0806.jpg photo IMG_0805.jpg photo IMG_0804.jpg photo IMG_0808.jpg
It's an ice box! photo IMG_0807.jpg

A great day to sail!

17 September 2013 | Lake pepin
What a beautiful morning, look forward to heading out there , after my coffee.
I do have some projects to work on,but shouldn't take all day.
Mounting my navigation panel, wiring it up and getting it up and running.
I'm adding lights to my lazarettes.
Making a panel to cover where the old 12 volt wiring was.
Vessel Name: Dionysus
Vessel Make/Model: Dufour 27
Hailing Port: Lake Pepin Marina
Crew: Bryan, Kim, Nate, Zach, Alex
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Who: Bryan, Kim, Nate, Zach, Alex
Port: Lake Pepin Marina