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28 January 2023 | Lake Worth, Riviera Beach
23 January 2023 | Clewiston
22 January 2023 | Rowland Martin Marina
20 January 2023 | MooreHaven Florida
16 January 2023 | Glades Boat Storage
12 January 2023
08 September 2022 | Sault Saint Marie, On.
07 September 2022 | Frankfort
06 September 2022 | Frankfort City Marina
05 September 2022 | Charlevoix, Charlevox in US language
04 September 2022 | State Straights Marina
03 September 2022 | Mackinaw City, Michigan
02 September 2022 | Drummond Island Yacht Haven
01 September 2022 | Meldrum Bay, Manitoulan Island, Ontario
31 August 2022 | Little Current
30 August 2022 | Little Current
29 August 2022 | Killarney
28 August 2022 | Killarney mountain Lodge Marina
27 August 2022 | Kagawon
25 August 2022 | Gore Bay, Ontario

28 January 2023 | Lake Worth, Riviera Beach
Susan Robin | Very overcast, 20 mph winds
Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart

Photo is interesting. If you het tired of the high price of moorage, just buy a little house and park your yacht there!
We have just spent the last 4 days in the city of Stuart. Our first night we anchored across from the Sunset Bay Marina where we would be checking in the next morning.
John was scheduled to teach on Wed and Thurs, and I would be doing our weekly laundry and biking to a few familiar places that I had been to last year.
The marina laundry mat was very clean and the washers and dryers were only $2.00 a load, but the washers had painfully long 1 hour cycles. That pretty much ate up my morning, sure wish we could fit a washer on Eagle Heart. That afternoon I rode my bike to the old downtown of Stuart to find the post office and browse a few of the boutiques and shops. Most of the shops were catering to the female tourists with lots of expensive clothes, jewellery and shoes. I saved my fun money for the next day when I would ride three miles to my favourite dept store called Bealls Outlet. Its a lot like our Winners but the prices are way better.
Our old galley faucet was leaking and needed to be replaced, so this was our Wed evening project. I hand John the tools and he does the work. As predicted it ended up being a 3 1/2 hour job, and we have two more faucets that need to be replaced another day when we have nothing else to do ( ha ha)
Our friend Michael was attending some business meetings nearby in Boca Raton, so he stopped by on Thursday and had a short visit with us.
We left Sunset Bay Marina at Noon, and cruised to Riviera Beach, 36 miles South. This will be our departure point for the Grand Bahamas Island, hopefully on Tuesday, weather and boat gods permitting!

Rowland Martin Marina

23 January 2023 | Clewiston
Susan | Overcast showers 60 degrees
The marina has a very popular Tiki Bar & grill with great food and service.
We met and invited the two looper couples that docked in front of us to join us for dinner. They were from South Carolina and Illinois. They accepted our invite and we had a great evening with them sharing info and stories. The bar was very loud and lively as a lot of the locals were watching Sunday night football. A lot of the Americans we meet are very passionate about football and love cheering on their favourite team. The Carolina couple are Eagles fans, and were very interested in who won between the Dallas Cowboys and SanFrancisco 49ers, as their team played the winner. We Had Catfish and White fish fingers for dinner. Delicious!
Our boat was tied up beside the bar so we did not get to sleep until after midnight.
The next morning I prepped the boat for departure, while John rode his bicycle to a plumbing store nearby. He needed one more fitting for the new galley faucet he is going to replace. It always seems you need one more part, when working on boats!The weather was drizzly and wet so we spent most if the day steering from inside the boat. We cruised 51 miles to the St. Lucie lock and set our anchor for the night as the lock was about to close for the night. Three other boats were also anchored ahead of us. The next lock opening would be at 0800 tomorrow.

Clewiston fill up day

22 January 2023 | Rowland Martin Marina
John Robin | Overcast 75 degrees
Got to buy one of these T Shirts!

A leisurely cruise 15 miles to Clewiston for fuelling today. For whatever reason, they have the best diesel price in Florida. Today it was $4.63 gallon, with 10 cents a gallon discount if you took more tan 100 gallons. As we were pretty well empty after storage, no problem there. That works out to $1.12 per litre, although you do add 30% for Canadians making it $1.46 litre. Currently on the east coast it is hovering at 5.50 gallon plus.
We met up with two Looper boats today. A 25 foot Rosborough trawler and a 28 foot Cutwater. Both these boats are great trailerable cruiser which simplified getting your vessel to the starting point of your cruise. Also, smaller vessels have a way easier time finding dock space, and of course it is a heck of a lot less expensive, as you pay for dockage by the foot!
We were thinking of crossing the 25 mile lake today, but with winds gusting to 25 mph decided to stay alongside and do some boat maintenance. It never ends, especially after 6 months in storage!

Launch Day

20 January 2023 | MooreHaven Florida
John & Susan Robin | 83 F, and overcast
Photo of Susan getting her deck ready for first alongside.

As I have said before, boats are not meant to live on........when you are on land. Eagle Heart was back on the water at 9:30 this morning, and we are thrilled. It does not mean projects and chores are finished; by any means! Now, however we can use the heads ( toilets), the air conditioner works, and best of all, we are away from the ever present sound of 20+ sanders, grinders, and the din of 10+ radios playing different stations at high volume! ( What did you do in the army buddy?--- I WAS IN ARTILLERY!)
On top of that, the before mentioned stair master 25 that you climbed 50 times a day to get on and off your boat.
Ahh, we cruised a leisurely 12 miles to MooreHaven, a village just before Lake Okachobee . Alongside the village dock, with just one other boat: and Silence. We are trying to get use to not shouting at each other, because in the boat yard, that's how you communicate.
We are staying here a couple of days, and then on to Clewiston, 15 miles away for fuel. We would have gone Saturday, but there are around 200 Bass boats there for a Bass fishing tournament. With prizes in the 70,000.00 range, for first place, a lot of very good fishermen show up!
Tonight we will lay in silence, waking to the lap of water on the hull. A cruisers dream.

At the boatyard

16 January 2023 | Glades Boat Storage
John Robin | 0 c to 20 C
I have been rather lax on writing our blog since we arrived in Florida January 11. It has been busy as usual, but an extra stick has been thrown into our launching cog. Our insurance company wanted an insurance survey, to be sure that our boat is fit to cruise the Bahamas?! Now really, it is not that surprising, when there are literally thousands of boats destroyed in Hurricane Ian. As you drive down the road, 1/2 mile from the sea, there are 40 foot boats laying in driveways. Crazy. We were in downtown Fort Myers today, and it is staggering to see over 100 sunken boats in one marina. And very sad.
The survey was performed on Thursday, and the usual things were pointed out. Flares out of date this April, fire extinguishers need annual test, etc. There are some areas of moisture by a couple of through hulls, which we may have to pull and re-seal.
This in addition to the dozens of clean up, storing new groceries, painting the bottom with anti fouling, cleaning the dingy, which got really dirty over the past 8 months. We had stored it upside down on 4x4s, but someone wanted that space, and dragged it onto the dirt. That dirt leached into the plastic, staining it badly. Susan valiantly fought to get it back to white, but I believe we shall have to get used to mottled Cream Colour, with black spots!
I have had my 15 hp motor in a Mechanics shop in Cape Coral. This old Vietnam helicopter pilot works out of his garage, and he is awesome! Last of the old school, fix ''em type of guy. Down here, most shops will not even look at an outboard over 5 years old! They want to play on the 300, 400, and 600 hp motors, and obviously get a lot more payback working on those!
While I have been enriching the Marine Supply stores, Ace Hardware, and Home Depot, Susan has been doing the same with Grocery stores. Stockpiling he boat with essentials for 3 months is a challenge. Freeport, and Nassau have good grocery outlets, but when you leave those ports, you have to be self sufficient. The other interesting part is finding places to store the items. The other part is "balance". We have a large amount of space under the settees on the port (right) side of the boat. However, if you put all the cans there, the boat would tilt to the right. Darn, one more item to figure out.
Susan and my calf's are looking pretty tight now. Living on a boat " on the hard" is no fun. No toilet (head), 15 amps of power, so no stove, no hot water, and only 750 watts of heat allowed ( it's been down to freezing here at night)!
To get on the boat, we climb 5 steps to the swim grid, and the another 4 to the aft deck. Then you go down 5 to the aft cabin. Then, you realize you left the keys in the car, reverse the process, and reverse again. That's 32 steps. We do this at least 50 times a day. No requirement for a gym!
The great news is that the boat is all coming together, it survived two hurricanes with virtually no damage, except got dirty. There are thousands of boaters that would trade places with us in a heartbeat!
Also, my buddy, Bill Murphy, from London Ontario is here with his wife in LaBelle. It's great to visit with him again.

Day 1.5

12 January 2023
John Robin
Not really a post, but email I sent to family!

Hi y’all,
Too tired to blog, so a quick recap. We were stuck in a plane in Toronto airport, ass the FAA had a computer crash that had all the Notice to Airmen. This tells pilots which runways, airports etc. are shut down or have runways out of service. Fortunately, we were not one of the 1800 flights that were scrubbed that day!
We arrived to Eagle Heart, and although the outside was quite dusty, overall the boat in good shape. After two hurricanes with winds over 160 km hour, two zippers have ripped off the canvas. Whew!
There are about 30,000 boats being scrapped in this area. Sad. Mostly pontoon boats, bass boats, etc. Apparently if the 4 stroke motors were underwater for a day, the insurance companies write off the boat and motor. Just not worth fixing…. Oddly, you can rejuvenate a two stroke motor after weeks in the salt water. Different technology.
We washed the boat today, and took our 15 hp Johnson to a mechanic to have the starter changed. It died end of last season, and I did not receive the parts until the day I left!
I have been making phone calls to many of the marine companies I have dealt with for the past 5 years. Sadly at least 5 of the 10 have been destroyed by hurricanes.

Tomorrow is Survey day, where an “expert” comes and looks at the boat, charges me $950.00 to say it will float for another 5 years! This is required by the insurance companies. Looking around our boat yard, I understand their concern. Of the 500 boats in storage, maybe 100 - will go to sea again!
Well the weather is chill in the evening, around 10, but 25 during the day. I can get use to this!

Vessel Name: Eagle Heart
Vessel Make/Model: Kha Shing 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, British Columbia
Crew: John Robin, Susan Robin
John is a retired Power Systems electrician and worked in the pulp and paper industry for 40 years. Susan worked in the health care system, primarily at the Cowichan hospital as a Unit Clerk for 36 years. [...]
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