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16 March 2018 | Fort Myers Beach
15 March 2018 | Peekins Ranch Cove
14 March 2018 | Sarasota Bay
13 March 2018 | Tarpon Springsa
11 March 2018 | Daytona Beach
10 March 2018 | Tarpon Springs
09 March 2018 | Tarpon Springs
06 March 2018 | Tarpon Springs
04 March 2018 | Steinhatchee
03 March 2018 | N E bay, Dog Island
02 March 2018 | Apalacicola
01 March 2018 | Parker Bayou
28 February 2018 | Fort Walton
27 February 2018 | Ingram Bayou
24 February 2018 | Dog River Marina
23 February 2018 | Dog River Marina
20 February 2018 | Duncan, B.C.
01 January 2018 | Ucluelet
17 November 2017 | Duncan, BC

Rush hour at Fort Myers

16 March 2018 | Fort Myers Beach
Sunny and 70 degrees, yes!
Susan and I pulled into Fort Myers harbour around one today. At first I thought there may have been a tsumani warning as it looked as if every boat here was on the move. There were more than 70 boats heading out, but also there was 30 behind me heading in. Boat size ranged from 16 to 100 feet. It seems that down here, the more expensive the boat, the more ignorant you get about little things like rules of the road, courtesy etc. We were tossed about like corks on a raging sea with all the wake from large yachts passing us on both sides, digging 5 foot holes in the water. Susan fell off the seat with one set of waves, hurting her back. I believe I will be buying a paintball gun tomorrow! I do have to say, we did meet some considerate yachtsmen, and I was always quick to give them an appreciative wave, or bow!

Eventually we met my friends Bill and Rose Marie in their pontoon boat and they led us back to their lovely house on the canal. We are parked at their neighbours dock next to their home. Have to leave some chocolates for the neighbours.
Todays picture is of some of the boats we encountered entering the harbour.

Manatee territory

15 March 2018 | Peekins Ranch Cove
65, clear
We cruised 50 miles through Manatee territory today, and even though there were signs everywhere warning you to be on the lookout for Manatees, not one was sighted. I think it is too cold here, and they have all headed south!
We are anchored just north of Punta Gorda. Tomorrow we will be at Fort Myers and visiting my buddy, Bill Murphy, from Ontario.
Going down these canals, most of the waterfront homes are stunning, as one would expect of the millions that they cost. Most of these owners dont like bugs, so build huge gazebos of fine mesh, to keep the insects out. Makes sense, but we have seen gazebos up to 3 stories high! Fresh air and no bugs, what a life!

Cruising again

14 March 2018 | Sarasota Bay
60 degrees, 5-15 mph wind
Woke up this morning to 5 mph wind, so scrambled to get the lines off and head to the fuel dock, for fuel and holding tank pump out.
$300.00 lighter we headed out to the sound. Today the winds are behind us pushing, so a fairly comfortable ride. The intercoastal waterway winds it's way through numerous islands, and homes and condos are lined on both banks. Very little green space. We went through one area called Treasure Island, with of course pirate themes on both banks. After cruising 80 miles, the anchor was dropped at garden bay. This area is populated by Manatees so we have to be very careful. They are protected, and are basically Sea Cows. They can't get out of the way of their own shadow! For years the death toll from propellor strike was huge. Now Sheriffs patrol the habitats ensureing that boats slow down.

For those that are new to reading this forum, under dashboard, there are various sections to view. Maps- will show our track, and where we currently are. Image gallery is where many photos are stored. This blog only allows one picture per day. Dumb!
Todays photo is of one of the "Pirate ships".

Waiting for wind to die down

13 March 2018 | Tarpon Springsa
45 degree tonight- really!
Today Susan and I were up at the crack of dawn, and raring to go. The winds were light and we spent 30 minutes getting covers off, securing the deck, and having a spot of breakfast. Then a fishing guide came in and told us that the bay was nice, but it was really snotty out in the canals.
We decided to pour another coffee and wait a day. Idecided if the professional guides were blowing a day for weather, who were we to head out and get beat up.
We did a couple of tourist things, and I completed a couple of boat projects.
Tomorrow we go-----weather permitting. It does look hopeful.
The photo today is of a statue of a greek sponge diver. Still have them today in the diving suits.

Daytona Bike Week

11 March 2018 | Daytona Beach
80 degrees
We rented a car and drove 3 1/2 hours across Florida to Daytona for the big biker rally that is on this week. It was fun to look around, bud did not have the same intensity of the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota.
We did see lots of interesting booths, and indeed still dropped a few dollars on souvenirs.
It was neat driving through Orlando and seeing all the different venues there. When we cross Florida to the east coast, we shall stop at Coco Beach for a while, and go to them. Spring training is on for baseball now; they call it the grapefruit league. Every team is here practicing and trying out new guys. The Toronto Bluejays are close by at Dunedin, and play 2-3 games a week.
Tomorrow we will finalize a few jobs on the boat, and head south Tuesday morning.
The picture is of Susan and me at the main Harley Davidson venue at Daytona.

Tidy up day

10 March 2018 | Tarpon Springs
Showers 70 degrees
This morning Susan and I did some tidy up throughout the boat. Everything had been moved into lockers, or tied down for the trip across the gulf. Even though we were thrown around a bit, everything stayed secure. We are learning!
I worked on Eagle Heart doing some maintenance, and then did a few hours of work on Herbs boat. It is 53 feet and chock a block full of stiff. In the mext week he has to take a lot off to return to cruising the loop.
Susan and I are heading to Daytona tomorrow for the bike week celebrations. We may go to the speedway also, to watch some motorcycle racing.
Susan decided she wanted some ornamental sponges today, so spent most of the afternoon checking out the shops.she came home with some pretty neat looking ocean sponges.
Vessel Name: Eagle Heart
Vessel Make/Model: Kha Shing 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, British Columbia
Crew: John Robin, Susan Robin
John is a retired Power Systems electrician and worked in the pulp and paper industry for 40 years. Susan worked in the health care system, primarily at the Cowichan hospital as a Unit Clerk for 36 years. [...]
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