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15 May 2022 | Duncan, British Columbia
11 May 2022 | Lehigh Acres
09 May 2022 | Glades Boat Storage
07 May 2022 | LaBelle City docks
04 May 2022 | LaBelle
01 May 2022 | Rolland Martin Bass fishing lodge marina
30 April 2022 | Port Macaya Lock
29 April 2022 | Stuart
28 April 2022 | Stuart, Harbourage Marina
23 April 2022 | Stuart, North Point anchorage
22 April 2022 | Fort Pierce
21 April 2022 | Fort Pierce City Marina
20 April 2022 | St. Lucie park bay
19 April 2022 | West Palm Beach, Florida
17 April 2022
17 April 2022 | Glen Sur Mer anchorage
16 April 2022 | Port Lucaya
12 April 2022 | Gold Beach
12 April 2022 | Gold Beach
07 April 2022 | Taino Beach

Busted on the way home!

15 May 2022 | Duncan, British Columbia
John Robin
See y'all in the fall!

We arrived at Fort Myers airport at 0430 and started the arduous procedure of checking our luggage. As we travel with Rubbermaid totes instead of suitcases, it always raises eyebrows. We have landed on this method of packing as 1: it is waterproof, 2: the luggage crew loves them as they are easy to carry, 3: we use them during the cruise as storage containers, one on the bridge, one on the aft deck. Check in went fairly well, and away we went to security. As we had TSA checking, that also went great. Off we flew to Newark, New Jersey. There we had to wait 8 hours, so we left the secure area for a walk outside. After a few hours we went back in through security and the fun started. We did not have tsa clearance in Newark, so they xrayed our luggage, ( normal), but then took them off the line, flipped them and xrayed again. Then we were pulled aside and told that an intensive search was required. Hmm. What's going on? It turns out that Susan had purchased some tuna snacks, and it shows up like an explosive. Who would have thought?!
We had a 2 hour wait, and boarded to leave at 8:15 pm. We waited and waited. Food services was late, so we waited for 3 hours, so they could load the pizza? What a long time to wait. We arrived in Victoria at 0100, 4 in the morning, Florida time. Really wasted!
Of course, all,3 totes were missing and finally arrived two days later.

Thanks to all of you for following our blog the last 4 months. At this point, I am hoping to go down this summer to do some work on the boat, and hopefully get cruising again next November.
Have a great summer!

Work day - Rest Day

11 May 2022 | Lehigh Acres
John Robin | 85
My buddy and I chilling at down town Fort Myers.

Today I was teaching online, so our bodies got a rest day. Susan and I have been pushing pretty hard in the 90 degree heat, and it has definitely tired us out. While I was teaching, Susan got laundry washed in the hotel, which was a treat, not having to cart clothing to a laundry mat. After teaching, I went to pick up our outboard in Cape Coral. All the salt water had created some problems with the electric starter. Funny how that works, electricity and salt water = problems!
On the way back, we stopped at our haunt in downtown Fort Myers. We had supper at Capone, a throw back restaurant featuring the history of Al Capone, the gangster. They have great Italian food, but this time we settled on the pizza. Just right after a semi relaxing day. Tomorrow, back to reality, on the boat. Last day before storage.

Back to the Glades Storage yard

09 May 2022 | Glades Boat Storage
John Robin | 95
Susan enjoying the sun on Mothers Day.

Mother's Day found us cruising the last 14 miles to Glades Boat Storage. The end of another cruising season. After a lot of work getting Eagle Heart ready again, it was great to be on the water again. It is really hot in the Center of Florida, as we don't get the winds ( that we have complained about the last month) to cool you down, and it is over 90 degrees (36) each day. We have booked a hotel the rest of the week as I can't see sleeping in the boat with no air conditioning! The boat A/C is water cooled, which does not work on land. We took down our Bimini ( bridge sun shade) yesterday, as part of our storage prep, and wow, we fried the last little cruise to Glades. It's amazing the sun protection that gives.

Mothers Day

07 May 2022 | LaBelle City docks
John Robin | 75 and raining!
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers reading the blog today!
From the time we are born, our mothers nourish us, and love us. It is such a special relationship we have. I would like to thank the mothers in my life.

First and foremost, my mother, Jeannette Marie. She met dad around the end of the war while she was working in a cafe in Le Harve, France. Dad had moved from the south of France in 1944. They dated, and fell In love, but then dad shipped out to sea, and ended up in Vancouver in 1946. He wrote mom to come to Canada, which she did, by working as an au-pere for a lawyer traveling to Los Angeles. They drove across America in a Packard, 3 adults and 2 children, following Route 66 in its infancy. Just a few road houses with gas stations, and much of it unpaved. From L A, she took a bus to Vancouver where she rejoined Louis, and was married a month later. I was born in 1952, and my brother in 1956.
Then there is Magdalena Scheifer, who was my second mother, and mother to my sister Roxanne. She immigrated from Austria, and somehow ended up working for my father in Cache Creek, the middle of nowhere! Dad was enamoured by Maggie, and my sister was conceived in 1960.
Quite unusual for the time, both ladies jointly raised Daniel, Roxanne and I showering all of us with love.
Susan's Mother, Annie came into my life when I started dating Susan in 1975. She always thought I was a good partner for Susan, although her husband Paul, was more distant because of my Navy background. She had a similar background to my mother, having been left pregnant in Varde, Denmark, while Paul immigrated to Canada looking for a better lifestyle. Fortunately, he found it in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, and returned home to bring Annie and Susan to Canada. In Canada, Annie had two more children, Glenn and Tammy.
All through our marriage, Annie always was supportive of Susan and I, and adored her grand children, Noel and Dean, and Tammy's children, Jason, Brady and Ryan.
And now Susan, the love of my life, and Mother of our two boys.
Raising Noel and Dean she always has had an instinct of how to enrich their lives, and help them achieve their goals. Now we have two daughters in laws, Amy and Valentina, and two grandchildren to pass this love onto; Arsen and Hazel.
Jeannette, Magdalena and Annie have now passed, but will live forever in our hearts. 💕 ♥️ 💗
Happy Mother's Day to all. Hugs!

Back to LaBelle

04 May 2022 | LaBelle
John Robin | 96 F 36 C
Suan on the hunt for Alligators. There are 3 in this photo.

This town has become our " home port". There is a really nice city dock that you can stay at for free. Within 6 blocks, there are 2 drug stores, 3 dollar stores, two grocery stores, 6 good restaurants, and to cap it off, an Ace Hardware. It is also 10 miles from our boat storage location. We are getting hauled out on Monday, May 9, so have returned here to do the preparations for storage. The dock also has free power, which is huge, considering it is 95 degrees ( 36 C) here! We need the air conditioner in the boat!!!
Today, Susan was on an Alligator hunt. She has been disappointed in not seeing many. It is an acquired skill seeing them. Somehow, I figured it out a while back. They lay just under the water, sometimes with their head out, but most of the time with just one or two eyes above the water. You look for circles in the water, and once you focus on that, you can see a bit of their backs and tails gliding along, without a ripple. Yesterday, Susan Got It, and started spotting them more quickly than me. Today, the water was literally teaming with Alligators, from 1 foot long to 8 ft.+!
Well tomorrow, back into the engine room, getting ready for storage.

Crossing Lake Okachobee

01 May 2022 | Rolland Martin Bass fishing lodge marina
John Robin | 75
After leaving Port Macaya, I called the lock,aster for an opening. No problems he says, the lock is at lake level, so he opened the door and we cruised through. Sometimes it all works out. From there it is 22 miles of following buoys and your charts. The passage is about 150 meters wide, and 10 feet deep. It is dredged each year. If you stray out of the passage you are aground. Simple.!
I left Susan up top driving today, as I had a lot of electrical teaching stuff to prepare. She did an awesome job of keeping us on track. She pays more attention than me. I was able to sit in the galley for three hours and work. I went up top as we exited the lake. There the passage is about 50 meters. Mind you, it is simple: stay out of the grass! We are alongside at a very famous ( if you are a bass fisherman) marina. All in all a good, calm crossing.
Vessel Name: Eagle Heart
Vessel Make/Model: Kha Shing 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, British Columbia
Crew: John Robin, Susan Robin
John is a retired Power Systems electrician and worked in the pulp and paper industry for 40 years. Susan worked in the health care system, primarily at the Cowichan hospital as a Unit Clerk for 36 years. [...]
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