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19 July 2019 | Britt City, Byng Inlet
18 July 2019 | Rose Harbour/ Parry Sound
10 July 2019
07 July 2019 | Penetanguishene
06 July 2019 | Hindson Marina
05 July 2019 | Hindson Marina
03 July 2019 | Penetanguishene, Ontario
01 July 2019 | Penetanguishene, Ontario
07 March 2019 | Duncan, BC, Canada
05 March 2019 | Tampa Bay
04 March 2019 | Tampa
03 March 2019 | Marsh Harbour
02 March 2019 | Great Guana Cay
01 March 2019 | Treasure Cay
28 February 2019 | No Name Cay
27 February 2019 | New Plymouth town
26 February 2019 | Green Turtle Cay
25 February 2019 | Green Turtle Cay
24 February 2019 | Green Turtle Cay, Abacos Island
23 February 2019 | Green Turtle Cay

Rock cruising

19 July 2019 | Britt City, Byng Inlet
John Robin | Windy
From Parry Sound to Britt City( a village really) it was a real nail biters cruise. There are hundreds of buoys to weave your way through, and any mistake; bye bye propeller! Many times you are dancing through buoys 50 metres apart, with waves breaking on jagged rocks both sides of the boat. This all comes from the glaciers scouring the rock, and then melting around Lake Huron. You would Never do this in New Jersey, where the buoys are seemingly just dropped wherever! Canadian Coast Guard does a great job placing, and maintaining the buoyage system in Canada.
Eagle Heart is purring along, quite satisfied with all the maintenance performed on her the last 3 weeks. A couple of minor issues to be straightened out as we go forward.
It took us 8 hours to go 58 miles so we called it a day at a small vacation town. We have anchored, gone for a refreshing swim, and now are just chilling out!

On the Road (Water) Again!

18 July 2019 | Rose Harbour/ Parry Sound
John Robin | Windy
One of the nicest views, is when you are leaving a Marina to start on a trip. After 3 weeks of constant work, Eagle Heart is raring to go! I have not been blogging as Susan and I have been building, scrubbing and fixing things.
I did take a three day break, and went to Hastings, on the Trent Severn waterway to help my friend Kurt bring Festivus to Orillia, where he finished his second Loop.

While I was away, Susan took a morning off to go to the local museum, where they were having a tea and Tarts outing. She said there was interesting displays going back to the Jesuit missionaries in the 1600s.

From 1642 to 1649, 8 Jesuit missionaries were killed by Iroquois bands that were not Christians, and were foes of the Hurons. They were all ritually tortured to death. The 8 priests were later Canonized as Saints in the Catholic Church and called the North American Martyrs.
The Pope came to Penetanguishene in 1984 to pray at the Martyrs Shrine. When the local cathedral found out he was travelling to the city, they spent tens of thousands of dollars fixing up the church for the pope. Alas, he just went to the shrine, held a mass for 100,000 people, and headed back to Toronto, not even stopping at the cathedral built to honour the Jesuit Martyrs. Such is life!

Last night, we wrapped up at 6:00, and took the dingy to a restaurant called Dock Lunch. They have great meals, and Susan and I shared fish and chips, as it comes with a full bowl of Caesar salad, fries, at two large pieces of Lake Whitefish. Its going to be hard to beat that. Picture is of our meal.

This morning, we were up at 6:00, had our coffee, and starting taking in the power cord, and lines. A neighbour asked if we heading out for the weekend, and I smugly answered; that we heading out for good, on our trip down the rivers. Many in the marina are quite envious, as the barely travel 200 miles in the whole summer. As I said to them: A voyage of a thousand miles begins with releasing you lines. We have let go ours. Yeah!
Tonight we are anchored outside of Parry Sound, in front of our friends summer house. Unfortunately they are not here at this time. Nice anchorage though.

Getting some lock time

10 July 2019
John Robin | 40 degrees
My Friend Kurt, on Festivus has his engine controls fixed now and wanted to get up to Orillia. His wife, Leanne, had committed to looking after their granddaughter this week, so I was asked to crew for him on this last leg of his second loop. Susan jas stayed on Eagle Heart, and is getting things organized, waxing the upper cabin sides, and getting the boat looking fit and trim for cruising again. I have some engine parts coming in Thursday, and after that we should be raring to go.
Kurt and I left Hastings at 0600 as we had a 30 mile trip to the first lock. Once we hit the lake he opened her up to 30 mph. Quite impressive to have such a large boat zoom along like that! Alas, for 20 miles we traveled at a more sedate 8mph, as we are in narrow and winding canals.
We went through 9 locks for 85 miles of travel today. As it is 40 degrees out here, we were both pooped!
The picture is of our wake at 30 mph

A bit of Local History

07 July 2019 | Penetanguishene
John Robin
As Susan said today; we have been here 2 weekends, that's too long! Alas I think we may be here for a couple more.
Tomorrow the mechanics will look at why the transmission is still leaking, after they rebuilt it this winter. We shall also do an engine alignment to try and get rid of a vibration on the starboard (right) propeller shaft.
There is also a good possibility of me taking off for 3 days to give my friend, Kurt a hand with Festivus.
We went for a walk down the park where there are quite a few historical statues with stories attached. If you are interested, I have written a synopsis below.
Today the boat is finally put back together after all the items disassembled for winter. Thank goodness we wont be doing that again next year, as, hopefully we shall be out of the ice zone.

Penetanguishene is a Algonquin name devised by the Abenaki tribe meaning "place of the white rolling sands.",. The town of Penetanguishene is one of the oldest in Canada west of Quebec City. In 1615, the Governor of New France sent Etienne Brule, an 18-year-old coureur de bois, to Huronia to learn the ways of the Huron Nations and establish commercial fur trade contacts. Canoeing into Penetanguishene Bay, Brule landed in Toanche, and befriended the Hurons, living among them Huron until his death 1633.
Following the same canoe path and again landing at Toanche, Samuel de Champlain, the Governor of New France, arrived in Huronia two years after Brule on August 1, 1615. Together with Father Joseph Le Caron, they held the first mass in Canada west of Quebec City at the Carhagouha Indian village on August 12, 1615.
Two months later with several hundred Huron warriors, Champlain set out to wage war on the Iroquois who were allied with the English and were vying for the same wealth of Canadian furs for export to Europe.
A twenty-five foot cross now resides on Penetanguishene Bay near the North-west Basin to commemorate Champlain's landing. He is called "the Father of Huronia."

The picture is of a statue of Champlain and the Chief of the Huron-Wendat people. Chief Aenon is handing a Wampum belt to the French governor. There is a flow row of 400 maple leafs signifying the 400 years of peaceful coexistence between the Huron and the European settlers.

The Magic Box- Christmas in July

06 July 2019 | Hindson Marina
John Robin
We drove to Elmira to day to visit Leanne from Festivus and retrieve a tote. Kirt and Leanne generously offered to bring some of our gear back from the Bahamas to Midland, where they usually keep their boat. Alas, engine problems have stopped Festivus just 150 miles from completing their second 6000 mile Loop. Boating can be frustrating!
This tote had grown to contain everything that we could not find at home or the Eagle Heart!
When opened, a treasure trove of riches spilled out. Susans favorite Jean Jacket was there, as well as a Lulu Lemon and a rain jacket that she had forgotten about! A pair of new deck shoes I had not remembered purchasing was there. Tubes of special Olive skin Oil from Tarpon springs packaged in a ziplock bag. It really was fun delving into this tote we had not seen for 4 months. Should do this at home!
Now back to the boat, and where do we put this stuff? Because we had forgotten most of the tote contents, we have doubles, and triples of a lot of clothing. Our loss, a second hand clothing stores gain!
The picture today is of Leanne, Avery, and Susan checking out " The Magic Box". Avery was fascinated with a couple of bungee cords in the box! Why did they end up in being packed?Who knows?
Thank you, Kurt and Leanne!

Launch Day 2019!

05 July 2019 | Hindson Marina
Susan Robin | 90 degrees, 80% humidity
After a week of fibre glassing, painting, polishing, and lots of engine room prep., We are happy to have Eagle Heart back in water. Before moving her over to our assigned dock, we decided to take her out on a test run. The engines purred like kittens but there is still a leak in the transmission bearing, (after having it rebuilt here)so the marina mechanic will have to fix that for us before we start cruising. Once we were securely alongside our dock the first thing we did was hook up our power & water. The temp rose to 90 degrees with approximately 80 percent humidity, so we were anxious to start up the air conditioner. After lunch we took a trip to Midland to buy a few more boat supplies;we do very well supporting the local economy when we are preparing to go cruising. Tomorrow we will take a day off and drive 3 hours to Elmira. Our looper friends Kurt & Leanne live there. They were kind enough to bring a large tote full of our boat stuff back from the Bahamas. So we will pick up our tote and have a visit.
Todays picture is Susan chewing her fingernails during launch. The sling on the stern slipped off the transom, and the boat dropped two feet. Luckily. Stopped just before hitting shafts or could have been a bad day!
Vessel Name: Eagle Heart
Vessel Make/Model: Kha Shing 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, British Columbia
Crew: John Robin, Susan Robin
John is a retired Power Systems electrician and worked in the pulp and paper industry for 40 years. Susan worked in the health care system, primarily at the Cowichan hospital as a Unit Clerk for 36 years. [...]
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