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29 March 2020 | Duncan, BC
27 March 2020 | River Forest Yacht Center
25 March 2020 | Moore Haven
23 March 2020 | Moore Head, Okeechobee Canal
22 March 2020 | Franklin Lock anchorage
21 March 2020 | Naples Harbour
19 March 2020 | Marathom
18 March 2020 | Sombrero Marina, Marathon
17 March 2020 | Marathon Florida
15 March 2020 | Marathon
13 March 2020 | Marathon, Sombrero Marina
12 March 2020 | Shark River
11 March 2020 | Everglades city
08 March 2020
06 March 2020 | Fort Myers Yacht Basin
02 March 2020 | Fort Meuers
26 February 2020
25 February 2020 | Lovers Key
24 February 2020 | Fort Myers beach

Back to our “ dirt home”

29 March 2020 | Duncan, BC
John Robin | 55 degrees F, at home, 97 at our boat. Dang!
Susan and I arrived home in Duncan on Saturday. We rented a car from La Belle, Florida, and drove to the Fort Myers airport. It was strange being at the airport. There were around 200 people waiting for various flight, instead of thousands! Our 737 had about 30 passengers going to Atlanta. At Atlanta 40 flew in the 777 to Seattle, most of the passengers were young travellers heading home. From Seattle we had to fly in another empty plane to Vancover. Our Victoria flight was cancelled, as all returning Canadian travellers have to fly into Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Montreal for virus assessment. We went through customs, and then drove our rented car to the ferry. Again a strange experience. All passengers were requested to stay in their cars. You were allowed to go to the toilets, but not to stay on deck. All food service was cancelled. As of Monday, BC Ferries will be cancelling 1/2 the sailings, and concentrating on keeping the food delivery and essential service trucks moving.
Last night we slept in our " dirt home" bed. After a 30 hour day it sure felt good!
Now we are under quarantine orders for 14 days. Lots to do at home, but sad we can not visit and see how the grandchildren have grown.
Noel turns 31 on March 30. What should have been a big party will now be a facetime visit with his friends.
The plus side to these draconian social measures is that the cases of Covid viruses in BC has started to flatten because of the lack of social contact. We are hopeful that soon the case loads will start to drop.
The other plus side is that companies that normally make Vodka and Gin are now making hand sanitizers. One of the byproducts of distilleries is 80 % alcohol. They are mixing this with Aloe Vera cream to produce a hand sanitizer approved by the health professionals. Another formula is alcohol with glycerine and hydrogen peroxide, again, approved for use in hospitals.
Also, many ladies have found online patterns for face masks, and are sewing them at home. Not as good as the N 95 mask, but good enough for the average person going on the street. There are many youtube videos with sewing instructions. We noticed that the airline stewardesses had a face mask matching their uniforms. Just think of the possibilities. Now ladies can have face masks matching their outfits. Style is not dead!
I expect that in the next year we may be having another baby boom! Young people have to do something with all this spare time!
Hugs to everyone.

Haul out day

27 March 2020 | River Forest Yacht Center
John Robin | 85
10:00 am
As usual, our day starts with a bang. All flights from Seattle to Victoria are cancelled. After talking to an agent, no wait at 6 in the morning, we were put on a flight to Vancouver. At that point, We have a car rented to get to Victoria. Who said travel is not exciting! As the day goes on, I will keep checking for further changes.
We will ne getting hauled out around noon, and then just have a few more chores to put Eagle Heart to bed; for who knows how long. I am kind of betting the fall at least. We leave jere at 2:00 am to get to Fort Myers airport for the 5:30 flight out. Lots of time to sleep on airplane.
I will try and post something this evening after the haul out.

7:00 pm
Boat is hauled out and blocked. They will strap it down to the concrete ties in May, before Hurricane season. Its been a busy day. Almost more work to get ready for 100 degree heat than -30 cold! We have covered all the windows with foil to reflect the suns intense rays, saving the curtains and upholstery, we hope. Of all the boats outside, we are the only one like this. Overkill, or do they redo curtains every couple of years? Find out when we come back. You can have your boat inside an air conditioned building, but it is 3 times the price of outside storage. In Canadian dollars that hurts, especially now.
I keep checking for plane cancellations, but so far it is a go for tomorrow morning. We are boarding at 0450 so a real early start to our day.
We are sad to have the cruising season end so abruptly, but looking forward to getting home, where hopefully some semblance of order will emerge in the following weeks. Susan and I both have long โ€œ honey doโ€ list for home during our 2 weeks of isolation. Looking forward to seeing our family and friends in a couple of when we can venture out.

Long day on the phone

25 March 2020 | Moore Haven
John Robin | 85
Opening this mornings email started with a notification from Delta Airlines that they had changed my flight from Vancouver to Victoria to a later flight 3 hours later. Dang, but we get home.
So worked on the boat getting ready for haul out and storage on Friday. Really different this time as we are not thinking of minus 20 weather! However, it gets to 100 here in the summer, as well as potentially high winds, so all canvas comes down, everything left on deck, like bicycles, have to be lashed down. You are also dealing with fairly high humidity so lots of desiccant required!
As we took a break at 11:00, I idly took a glance at my email. Delta informed me that our flight had been cancelled from Minneapolis to Vancouver. They suggested I go online and rebook. I tried, but the whole Delta system was overloaded, so there was no access. I then phoned Delta. It took over 10 tries to be be put on hold for 1 hour. Finally got through to an agent that said we could get to Seattle, but she could not book the leg to Victoria, as it was Horizon Air, an affiliated Airline. She said call back April 1. Ya sure, April fools day!
Then I tried Expedia, whom I had originally booked through. Again over an hour wait, and dropped 4 times before getting through to an agent. The first guy could not help, but passed me up to a supervisor. The Supervisor worked for another 45 minutes with Delta, and got them to OK the flight from Seattle to Victoria. Kudos to the Expedia supervisor that hung in and successfully argued with Delta.
My only other alternative was to cancel and pay an extra 800.00 each to go on another airline.
All that phone time, and working the rest of the day plum tuckered me out. We had to go ashore for a shower tonight as we have cleaned the shower, and drained the sump. Weird feeling with all that is going on!
Tomorrow, a bit of a break. We have rented a car to get to Fort Myers Saturday. Picking it up tomorrow and doing laundry at La Belle, the town 15 miles from here. We need a break!

Susan loves this tree, next to our boat. The Spanish Moss dances in the breeze.

We have arrived!

23 March 2020 | Moore Head, Okeechobee Canal
John Robin | 98. Phew! ๐Ÿ˜…
A beautiful 30 mile cruise up the river and 2 locks and now we are at River Forest Yacht Center. There is a reason for that name. We are surrounded by multi million yachts waiting to go into air conditioned storage. This location has top notch mechanics and hull technicians to work on your boat. A very impressive operation here. Being well inland, there is good protection from potential hurricane force winds on the gulf. Many owners are literally parking the boat, and jump off with a suitcase to a taxi to fly home. A number of delivery captains are also dropping off boats for clients that have gone home. There are no cases of Coro-virus in this or the next county. The most tense part, for us, will be the flight home. I happened to look in my tool locker for dusk masks to take on the plane in case I start coughing (dry plane air does that to me sometimes). Interestingly enough, it turns out that totally by chance, I purchased N95 masks to work on the boat. This mask is the type that is recommended to protect yourself from the virus. So between latex gloves and the masks, I believe we are in good shape. For the past 5 years I have religiously wiped down my airplane TV, tray table, headrest and armrest with disinfectant wipes. Turns out I have been ahead of the pack with that procedure!
Next few days will be taken up with oil changes, taking down all canvases and lashing everything down in case of high winds. Kind of anti climatic after all that had been planned. Today should have been our first day in the Bahamas. Boo hoo. Small potatoes compared to the upheavals worldwide.

The blog "comment section" is now fixed. It was a google ๐Ÿ•ท bug.

The picture is of the yacht basin and boats surrounding us.
We have now cruised 3825 miles since crossing our wake at Rideaux Ferry, Ontario; and covered 1525 miles since departing Aqua Yacht Harbour, Tennessee on January 25.

10 miles to go

22 March 2020 | Franklin Lock anchorage
John Robin | 85
We have arrived at Franklin Lock, which is the first lock on the Caloosahatchee River. ( not in spell check, took me 3 tries to get it right!)
Tomorrow we shall ne at the yacht storage basin. Sure hope it is still open. I plan to ready the boat for storage up to next January. Sure hope I am wrong! It was a pleasant ride up from Naples to the Fort Myers entrance. Then everything gets crazy. Its a nice day, so everyone with something that floats is going in, or heading out. At any instant, we are surround by no less than 30 boats travelling east or west. Then there are the ....................x#x#.
50 plus foot boats passing us at 25 miles an hour on both sides. Where is the Sheriff boat when you need him. The 4 foot wakes slam us side to side and the boat rolls up to 30 degrees. Yuk.
Entering the river, everything calms down. Now you can relax. Serene modular home parks are on the river banks and the houses are nice, but more modest. I could easily vacation here. Fishing seems good also.
Well, we shall enjoy our last night at anchor, and tomorrow get preparing the boat for storage.

Sidebar: We were cruising by a nice waterfront home, when I noticed a crowd on the lawn. A wedding was taking place with 40+ smiling guests......What can I say. A lot of folks down here just donโ€™t believe the news.

Last quiet day

21 March 2020 | Naples Harbour
John Robin | 80
Yesterday we anchored in the Everglades Park. No phone, No Wifi - just a peaceful bay with birds chirping, and Manatee and dolphins swimming around the Eagle Heart. It was really easy to "turn off" for an evening. Now back to reality; kind of sad.
We are anchored at Naples today in a bay surrounded by Billionaires mansions. They probably invested in toilet paper and hand sanitizer last month. I am surprised we are allowed to anchor here. We are waiting for someone to come out and give us money to move on and stop spoiling their view!
The plan is to continue to Fort Myers tomorrow, and Labelle on Monday. There we shall be on the Okeechobee Canal, and at a hurricane proof marina that I have booked into. Never know how long before we can come back. I can pretty well assure you that travel will never be the same again.
Looking back at our wake today, turning the azure water white on a beautiful cruise, makes you realize how fortunate we have been on this boat trip. Now Marinas are closing in every state, the Florida Keys won't allow anyone in after midnight tonight, and is starting to eject campers, boaters, and closing all hotels and condos.
We have booked flights home this Saturday, so have a Very busy week ahead preparing for hurricane storage. Hopefully it will not come to pass.
Stay safe.
Air hugs to everyone!

Note: I have written to sailblogs regarding the problems with comment section. It has something to do with the captcha, I am not a robot!
Vessel Name: Eagle Heart
Vessel Make/Model: Kha Shing 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, British Columbia
Crew: John Robin, Susan Robin
John is a retired Power Systems electrician and worked in the pulp and paper industry for 40 years. Susan worked in the health care system, primarily at the Cowichan hospital as a Unit Clerk for 36 years. [...]
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