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05 December 2021 | Lehigh Acres Resort
03 December 2021 | Lehigh Acres
02 December 2021 | LaBelle
29 November 2021 | LaBelle city marina
28 November 2021 | Edison Ford Museum
24 November 2021 | Fort Myers City Marina
22 November 2021 | Fort Myers
21 November 2021 | Fort Myers City marina
16 November 2021
15 November 2021
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09 November 2021 | Eiver Forest yacht center
09 November 2021 | LaBelle, River Forest Yacht Storage
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17 September 2021 | Cassis
13 September 2021 | Ch√Ęteau Renard
09 September 2021 | Arles France
05 April 2021 | Maple Bay
14 February 2021 | Duncan, BC

Covid tests

05 December 2021 | Lehigh Acres Resort
Susan Robin | 80
Its hard to believe we will be on our way back home in 2 days, time sure does fly when you are as busy as John and I have been getting Eagle Heart ship shape again. Thankfully we did have some time to do a bit of cruising before we got hauled out yesterday. We are storing the boat at Glades boat storage near the town of Labelle.
The local motels had no vacancy, so we are staying at a time share golf resort at Lehigh Acres 45 min away. We have a lot of storage prep to do, so no golfing for us.
We were scheduled for our travel PCR covid test at a local pharmacy this morning.
Much to our surprise the test was free, but unfortunately they could not promise that the test result be ready before our Tuesday am departure. Luckily John had read about a company that does mobile testing, so he quickly gave them a call and thankfully they had time for us this afternoon. And once again there was no charge for the test and we will have the results tomorrow evening. If you are planning a trip anywhere, be sure to check out the Covid testing requirements, it will save you a lot of time and frustration!

Eagle Heart landed - Again

03 December 2021 | Lehigh Acres
John Robin | 55 morning, 75 afternoon
Leaving at the crack of dawn, we headed east on the Okeechobee Waterway, retracing our wake from 3 weeks ago. Boo hoo. Everything except the house batteries is now in tip top shape and ready to cruise. I held off on replacing the house batteries (runs the fridge and lights when not on shore power) until we return, so they will be brand new on the next leg of travelling. Side Note: I just did not feel like packing 200 kilos of batteries out of the engine room, and putting new ones in!
The trip up was magical, a few alligators swimming lazily along the shoreline, White Ibis birds along the trees and land, and smoky haze hanging over the water. Pretty hard to take. We arrived all too soon at the marina, where the lift was waiting to once again pluck Eagle Heart out of the water. I could just feel her saying; really, we just got going? I promised her that this time the sojourn will be much shorter!
Tomorrow we have to figure out the Covid PCR testing protocols. We are booked for tests in the morning, and fingers crossed that we do not run into more government regulation problems. The rule book is changing daily, it seems.
Once you arrive in the U S, or back in Canada, no problem. It is the flying regulations that make it onerous. Perhaps time for us to emulate my buddy, Bill Murphy, that loves to drive everywhere. Less hassels!

Busy days!

02 December 2021 | LaBelle
John Robin
We have arrived at the LaBelle City docks, which the city generously lets us stay for free. We are close to grocery, drug and hardware stores, so Perfect!
The first evening we met a couple of sailors heading down to the Keys, and then a 30 foot Boston Whaler pulled in with a couple on board. Brian and Jennifer had bombed down the east coast for 8 hours at 40 knots. Phew, almost 400 miles of travel in One day. Unimaginable to us! A huge day for us is 80!
We had our first "docktails" of this trip, having a few glasses of wine together, and then to our favourite restaurant for dinner. They were very intering to talk to. Brian hosts a large art festival every year, and Jennifer is a manager with a company that takes back expired drugs, and either repurposes them, or dispose if required. They have offices throughout the U S and Canada. A sidebar, is that her father was Joe Mauldin, the bass player in Buddy Holly and the Crickets. We had a delightful dinner together, and I am hoping that we can get together again when we return to Florida.
I taught Electrical safety for one day, online of course. Getting into the groove teaching on the boat.
Susan has been making lists of all the food items we need to replace upon our return. Quite sadly, we have thrown out over half our supplies that were purchased for the Bahama. Just did not survive 2 years in the heat, even though all the bags of crackers, chips etc were still sealed.
Susan is now loving the Florida colours. Tomorrow, haul out day. Boo hoo. More work

Cruising on the Calahoochie!

29 November 2021 | LaBelle city marina
John Robin | 60-70 degrees & clear
Woke up to some rather stif legs and a sore shoulder. Yesterday, While Susan was pursuing sone retail therapy in town, I rode my bike 3 miles over a bridge to a local marine store for parts. I returned, installed the parts, and then found I needed some more parts for the engine room. Back to the store!
The in the afternoon we rode to the Edison Ford museum - twice. That was about a mile each way. We stopped at a restaurant called Joes Crab Shack for dinner, and then rode home. There is one trick sidewalk that we know about, where the ramp is on the side, versus inline with the sidewalk. Darkness and a beer made me forget that trap. And over I went. Landed OK, except, used my right arm to stop the fall. The one I broke in the motorcycle accident. Ouch.

This morning we cast off our lines at 8:30, and started cruising up the Calahoochie River to Labelle. We have done this trip 8 times now, 7 on our boat, and once on Herb's Phanthom. Starting to know the twists and turns, as well as the Southern mansions.
Once we arrived at the City Marina, ( free for 3 days!) and were the only ones in, I started one of my big projects, sanding the aft cabin top. The previous owner had painted a clear coat on the fibreglass, and it is peeling off in sheets. Ugly. So now the top is sanded, and hopefully tomorrow I will apply a coat of marine paint to it. Currently, it makes us look kind of " ghetto" in marinas, with all the discoloured and flaking paint!
Susan made a delicious Turkey Cutlet & yam dinner this evening. May have to bring some back home if food shortages continue!
We went for a walk around the homes close to the marina, and many now have Christmas lights up. Sure does cheer up the neighbourhood!
Susan has been researching a location to get our pcr covid tests, for our flight home. Very hard to find. Everyone down here gets the antigen test, as we did to fly to the U S. Canada, for some reason insists on the pcr. If it is so great, why are mew strains showing up in Canada? We probably will have to go back to Fort Myers, or another city call Lehigh Acres to find a clinic. C'est la vie!

Edison Ford Estate tour

28 November 2021 | Edison Ford Museum
John Robin | 80 during the day, 60 at night
Just down the road from our marina is the Edison Ford Museum & estates. In 1894 Thomas Edison felt the need to get away from the winter weather in New Jersey. He packed up his wife and kids and went to Saint Augustine, Florida, which was a popular destination of the time. As luck would have it, that year was the coldest January and February on record! By February he had enough of the cold, and he and his crew went further south to a little coastal town called Fort Myers. They cruised down the Calahoosee River, and saw a "For Sale" sign on a piece of land that had bamboo growing at the waterfront. He was quite enamoured with bamboo, as he used it for the filaments in his original light bulbs! He went back to town and bought the 8 acres of waterfront the next day, for $20,000.00, a pretty food sum in those days!
He immediately drew up plans for a home, and had the existing home renovated, so his family could stay there the following year.
For the next couple of years, the family wintered in the original home, as the new one was being built. The third year, his good buddy, Henry Ford came down for his birthday in February. Henry loved the area, and purchased the neighboring property, also for $20,000.00. He also had a home built, but for the next 25 years, only came down for two weeks, to attend Edisons birthday, and go fishing with him! Just after WW 1, a third person joined the group, Harvey Firestone, the founder of the tire empire. They started a research company on the Edison property, to find a source of rubber on the American continent. They worked on this, because at that time, the British controlled all the rubber plantations in the world. Just as they found that the plant, Goldenrod, was a plant that could produce rubber in the US climate, Dunlop invented Synthetic rubber, and the rubber market changed overnight.
They all remained buddies, and continued to travel to Fort Myers until 1938, when Thomas Edison passed away. Myra Edison continued to winter there until 1947, when she donated the property to the city, as a memorial to her husband.
Henry Ford sold his property shortly after Thomas passed away, for the same price he had purchased it for. He said that he did not want to profit from his buddies death!
Fort Myers purchased the Ford Estate in 1988 to make it a museum.
Susan and I toured it during the day, and are touring again this evening, for the Christmas Light tour. Very interesting day!
Photo is of the Edison home. I will post more in the photo gallery

Oh oh, where is my cellphone?!

24 November 2021 | Fort Myers City Marina
John Robin | 60 degrees. Brrrrrrrr
Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you reach for your wallet, cellphone, or glasses that it has gone missing? Susan was riding her bicycle to go grocery shopping while I was teaching today. She arrived at the boat just as I was taking a lunch break. We talked for a bit, while she was putting away groceries, and then she reached in her pocket for her cellphone. Gone! It had fallen out while she was riding back. She jumped on her bike to retrace her route, and I could not go, as class started in 10 minutes. Just after she left I thought of the app, find your phone. We never had used it, but I turned it on, and lo and behold, I could see her phone 1 block from the marina. I quickly rode my bike to the location and saw it laying in the middle of the rode. Quick find! Unfortunately, I could not contact Susan, and she had an anxious hour looking for the phone. She was very happy to come back to the boat, and read my note about finding it!
I just finished three days of teaching, and it went quite well. A few little kinks to iron out teaching on the boat, but I am now in the groove. Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving. Family,Food, and Football! Not sure what our plans are.
Vessel Name: Eagle Heart
Vessel Make/Model: Kha Shing 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, British Columbia
Crew: John Robin, Susan Robin
John is a retired Power Systems electrician and worked in the pulp and paper industry for 40 years. Susan worked in the health care system, primarily at the Cowichan hospital as a Unit Clerk for 36 years. [...]
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