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21 February 2020 | Matanza mooring field, Fort Myers beach
19 February 2020 | Englewood Beach
18 February 2020 | Marina Jack, Sarasota
14 February 2020 | Clearwater anchorage
12 February 2020 | Clearwater, Madiera Beach
10 February 2020 | Carabelle
08 February 2020 | Appalchicola, Florida
07 February 2020 | Parker Bayou anchorage
05 February 2020 | Fort Walton Beach dock
04 February 2020 | Fort Walton Beach
04 February 2020 | Lulu’s at Orange Beach
02 February 2020 | Dog River, Mobile Al.
01 February 2020 | Alabama River Cutoff
29 January 2020 | Kingfisher Marina, Demopolis Alabama
27 January 2020 | Lower Cooks Oxbow anchorage
25 January 2020 | Midway Harbour
18 January 2020 | Aqua Yacht Harbour Marina
27 September 2019 | Duncan, British Columbia
23 September 2019 | Memphis Tennessee
22 September 2019 | Memphis Tennessee

Pressing the Pause button

21 February 2020 | Matanza mooring field, Fort Myers beach
John Robin | 60s, north wind gusting to 40
We are now on a mooring buoy at Fort Myers Beach, just a few miles south of Fort Myers. This area is renown as a vacation mecca, and as much Canadian is spoken here as American. The area has been populated by the Calusa Indians for 2000 year, but around 1920 many Americans started coming here in the winter to escape the harsh northern climate. Hurricanes and floods destroyed the early homes, but changes were made to the building styles to weather the tempests. In 1950 shrimping was initiated in the gulf, and the " pink flood" started with many moving to the area to join the fishing fleets. At the same time many sports fishermen were hooking into record fish which also created a wave of fishing guides and sports stores opening in the area.
We are here for a few days as winds are in the 30-40 mph gusts with average of 15 mph. The bay we are in is called Hurricane Bay, for the excellent protection from waves and winds.
I passed the time today changing oil on the two main engines, and taking Susan to shore to do laundry. I had a chance to meet up with my friend, Bill Murphy for a coffee. He is undertaking a complete renovation on his winter home on the canal. Pretty tough having a reno done while you are living in the house. Constant turmoil moving things around, and dust and debris everywhere. It will be awesome when completed, I am sure!

The picture today is Susan and her pet dolphins. They seem to delight in entertaining her!

Whats up - Dock?

19 February 2020 | Englewood Beach
John Robin | 80 degrees
As we cruised South from Sarasota, once again we are getting into areas that are a mile wide, but only have safe passages about 30 yards wide. The rest is 2 feet or less in depth. It is very easy to get disoriented on your track, because there is so much water around. Down these passages are homes valued at around a dozen million. Soon we shall be getting into an area where homes get really expensive!! The odd thing is that the owners of these beautiful Villas have to have a dock 300 to 800 feet long to float their boats. Many of these homes have screened rooms ( Lanai's) that are bigger than my house. Totally essential in the summer is you want to be outside, without getting bitten by bugs. It is lovely terrain with Palms of many varieties on the shore as well as deciduous trees. Susan looked it up, and there are around 2000 varieties of Palm trees in the world. I guess thats why so many folks have winter houses in this area. Scenic, good weather, great beaches, and lots of fishing.
There is a storm brewing, so we are heading to Fort Myers Beach to weather it out. It is an area protected from the North winds. Hopefully we shall have an opportunity to hook up with my friend, Bill Murphy before he flies back to Ontario this weekend for some trade shows.
Today we were cruising with a following wind ( unusual for us) and 85 degree weather. First day we were actually sweating while cruising. No complaints. Time to pack away our winter clothes. Yeah!

Sarasota Cruisin

18 February 2020 | Marina Jack, Sarasota
John Robin | 80’s
Two days ago we came down from Clearwater to Sarasota. This was the home for the Ringling brothers Circus from 1926 to 2017 when the Circus closed forever. This was due to declining attendance, and animal rights activists picketing their shows.(probably the cause of dropping attendance!)There is a large museum here exhibiting much of the circus memorabilia.
I rented a Harley for a couple of days, so we could tour the area. We rode out to Lake Placid (Florida not New York!) and wound our way around the lake. Susan loves all the Orange groves, and the smell of Tangerines. There seemed to be a number of varieties being grown here. They are grown in sandy soil in the interior. Perhaps hotter there? Most of them seem to be destined to create juice in the many juice plants in the area.
We had lunch at a Mexican Cantina. First clue that it was food: there were dozens of Mexican tradesmen waiting to pick up takeout orders. If it's their favorite place; I'm in! We both had Chimichangas, and they were delicious! 😋
During the ride back, we saw a series of Correctional facilities (Prisons) There were 4 prisons in a row behind layers of razor wire. In the US there are 2.2 million prisoners! The population is 327 million. So about 1 in 7 Americans are in jail. 45 percent are in for some type of drug offence. You would think that somehow you could curb this ongoing waste of resources locking people up!
The Eagle Heart is on a mooring buoy for a couple of days. Not many good anchorages here. We are not to happy with this moorage, as many large fast boats go by in the Intercostal waterway throwing HUGE wakes. It is pretty bouncy. Tomorrow were will go find an anchorage further south.
Picture today: Susan in an Orange grove.

Happy Valentines Day

14 February 2020 | Clearwater anchorage
John Robin | Blustery, drizzly morning
We are staying at anchor for a few days, Recovering from the trip, and doing some sightseeing. Yesterday, we took the Jolly Trolley to Tarpon Springs. Susan loves Aphrodite hand cream that is sold at a Sea Sponge store there. It is made with Olive oil, and lasts a long time on your hands.
The Jolly Trolley is a shuttle that takes you anywhere on the Treasure Coast for 5.00 a day, or 30.00 for a one week pass. Good deal! In this area there are a lot of Ontario residents escaping the winter. You are as likely to hear "eh" as "y'all" in the stores and busses.
it is stormy this morning, so we shall do some boat chores. This afternoon, more sightseeing.


After all the miles we have travelled since we left Aqua Yacht Harbour, we are enjoying our stay here in Clearwater. We are anchored in a very nice bay surrounded by lovely homes and some condo’s. During the daytime it feels a bit like being in a fish bowl, but after dark we only see warm glowing lights. And when the wind is blowing it feels like we are dining in a revolving restaurant as the boat swings around.
We celebrated Valentines day exchanging gifts for each other and having a yummy brunch before another day of sight seeing. We hopped on one of the city buses with the plan of going to St. Petersburg. But the bus route went through Madeira beach and we spotted a cool tourist place called “The boardwalk at John’s passage”. So we decided to check it out and were glad we did. It was filled with interesting bars, restaurants & shops. We had tasty Captains seafood plate for lunch over looking the water. A few dolphins swam by as we were eating our lunch; that was cool.
After lunch we did some more browsing in a few shops before heading back to the boat. Tomorrow we may hop on the Jolly Trolley and head to the town of Dunedin for the arts & craft fair.

Crossing the Gulf

12 February 2020 | Clearwater, Madiera Beach
John Robin | Clear, 82 degrees
The US Coast Guard placed a notice on our comments section. Not to worry anyone. We lost contact with a buddy boat, and they became concerned and Asked for a transmission relay. We are currently 6 miles from Clearwater, after a 24 hour trip. All is good. More to follow , after we have a sleep!
After the nap:
When the Coast Guard found that our buddy boat " Quiet Company" could not contact us, there was concern that something had happened to us. What really happened was that we were at the appointed rendezvous at the correct time. The other vessel, leaving from a different marina, encountered problems with tide and current, and was an hour late. We had to make a " go, no go decision" and elected to move forward on this overnight trip. The weather window of low winds and small seas was closing with another storm approaching. The difficult part of this was that there is no radio, or cell communication in this area because of the distances offshore. The trip is 185 miles long, and took us 26 hours. We have talked to the coast guard and all is well now.
Note: We do appreciate the concern, and professionalism in the Coast Guard’s men and women. When everyone else is heading in for shelter; they are heading out on rescues!
Just 185 miles south and the temperature is now in the 80s. Yahoo!

Lazy day

10 February 2020 | Carabelle
John Robin
We were planning to depart on our 26 hour Gulf crossing today, but decided to wait one more night. As we shall be cruising in the dark for around 14 hours, a full moon, and lighter winds are available. This part of the trip is a right of passage, where you separate the cruisers from the boaters. Some owners hire Captains, or crew to help them on this portion of the trip. Whatever makes you feel safe!
I wont be posting for a few days as we head on south.
The picture is of our charted path to Clearwater Florida from Carabelle.
Vessel Name: Eagle Heart
Vessel Make/Model: Kha Shing 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, British Columbia
Crew: John Robin, Susan Robin
John is a retired Power Systems electrician and worked in the pulp and paper industry for 40 years. Susan worked in the health care system, primarily at the Cowichan hospital as a Unit Clerk for 36 years. [...]
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