Eagle Heart Adventures

21 September 2019 | Waterloo, Alabama
19 September 2019 | Counce, Tennessee
17 September 2019 | Savannah, Tennessee.
16 September 2019 | Aqua Yacht Harbour
13 September 2019 | J P Coleman State park marina
12 September 2019 | Scottsboro, Alabama
11 September 2019 | Florence Harbour Marina, Al
10 September 2019 | Aqua Harbour Marina
08 September 2019 | Eagle Nest Island
07 September 2019 | Denson Island anchorage
06 September 2019 | Panther Bay
05 September 2019 | Nashville
04 September 2019 | Nashville Tn
03 September 2019 | Green Turtle Bay
01 September 2019 | Green Turtle Bay
31 August 2019 | Paducah
30 August 2019 | Little Diversion Bay
29 August 2019 | Kaskaskia Lock wall
28 August 2019 | Saint Louis
25 August 2019 | Alton Marina

Boats and Bikes

21 September 2019 | Waterloo, Alabama
John Robin | 85 degrees, 5 mph wind, nice
I wrote about the Cherokee Trail of Tears a few days ago. That was a massive displacement of natives to Colorado due to native leaders selling the land their people lived on.
The Cherokee nation is now quite vibrant in Tennessee, and one of the fund raisers they promote for their youth, is a sponsored motorcycle ride from Bridgeport to Waterloo, Alabama, which is a 200 mile ride through twisting farmland roads that motorcyclists love. Susan and I had heard about this ride, and planned to attend the event; albeit in a car. DARN! We arrived at 2:00 and around 3:00, approximately 4000 motorcycles arrived. It was quite an impressive show. They have to cross a bridge over the Tennessee lake to arrive at the fairground, and numerous boats are anchored near the bridge to view the spectacle.Many motorcycles towed trailers shaped like Conestoga wagons that the natives used to transport their food during the 3,500 kilometre trek. There was,of course many of the Cherokee dancers performing their dances during the arrival of the motorcycles. One of the notable things that Susan noticed; there were no alcoholic beverages being consumed on the grounds. Lemonade stands were around the area, and even in the campsites, no alcohol was being visibly consumed. Times are changing! I am sure that during the dance this evening that will change.
We would have liked to stay, but tomorrow Susan and I leave for Memphis to do a couple of days of sightseeing, before flying home.

Just plugging away

19 September 2019 | Counce, Tennessee
John Robin | 80 degrees, cooling down a bit! Yeah
As the last few days staying on Eagle Heart wind down, Susan and I are working away; getting her ready for a 4 month sleep. I have winterized the motors, although the locals say its not necessary. It is easy to do, and gives me peace of mind when I am away. When we left the boat in Mobile, it went down to freezing for two weeks, and I was having kittens, thinking that the boat would freeze up. Luckily, nothing broke.
Susan is digging into all the corners, cleaning out the gunk that builds up during cruising. The boat looks good enough to list: NOT happening!
I am doing a surface rebuild of the generator. Both main engines were done this spring, and now Genny gets new hoses, valve adjustment, injector tune up, and new belts. That should keep her happy for quite a few years!
Tomorrow is our last work day, then we are going to have some fun. I am picking up our rental car Saturday, and then we shall go to a local Motorcycle Rally. Then Sunday morning we head out to Memphis for two days, before flying home; and the rain.
The picture is of my “office” the last few days!

Trail of Tears

17 September 2019 | Savannah, Tennessee.
John Robin | 96 degrees, 85% humidity
During the mornings, Susan and I try to work our way through our list while the temperature is in the 80s. By 11:00 it starts climbing past the 90s and you really dont want to be working outside. So early afternoons are dedicated to inside stuff, and then we knock off at about 2:00 for a nap. Just finding that the heat really drains you.
We are fortunate to be the only transient boaters here, so can take the courtesey van whenever we want.
Today was a trip into Savannah, Tennessee. We went into a museum there that was mostly about the Civil war, and the local Cherokee Natives.
Trail of Tears - In 1838 a small number of high ranking Cherokee elders sold all the Cherokee lands to the U S Government, for cash, and a new section of land in a different state. When the rest of the natives heard of this, there was a revolt, but the Union held the position that they now owned the land. The army was sent in and around 16,000 Cherokee were forced to walk to Oklahoma, where the new reserve was. The group with the money, meanwhile stayed back and lived a pretty plush life! Around 4000 natives died during this transition. Now there are signs along the road that they marched on in recognition of the injustice of the times.
After the museum we went for dinner at the Catfish Hotel. It is one of the longest running restaurants in the country, dating back to before the Civil War. Indeed the restaurant was used as a headquarters for the Union Army during the battle of Shilo (1 mile away) They of course are known for their Catfish Fry, massive sweet potatoes, and soup bowls of Cole Slaw with their secret sauce.
For $14.69 it was a heck of a dinner!
The photo is of a display about the trail of tears at the museum.

Maintenance and sightseeing

16 September 2019 | Aqua Yacht Harbour
John Robin | 95 degrees, getting hot!
Since we arrived at Aqua a couple of days ago, Susan and I have been working on our "Honey Do" lists. She has been scrubbing the hull and waxing the topsides. I have been in the engine doing routine maintenance on the motors. One "find" was that I had never removed the generator heat exchanger, because it finicky to get at. Because of the overheating problem the last few days at anchor, I bit the bullet and pulled it out. It was soaked in CLR overnight, then flushed with a water hose. As I flushed it out, pieces of rubber were spit out! Turns out the previous owner had an impeller disintegrate in the water pump and the bits found their way to the heat exchanger, partially blocking it.
Last night we had dinner with two looper couples that had just completed the trip. Charlie and Robin Mcvey, on "The Lower Place" finished for the second time, getting a Platinum flag, after cruising over 13,000 miles. Milton and Julie Schaefer on "Here's an idea!" received their golden flag, signifying one trip around.
We went to a local hardware store today, and it turned into an interesting outing. It was called Old Time Hardware, and when you arrived, it was as if you had found a museum. The outside was ramshackle, with old gas pumps and signs plastered on the walls. As you walked in, there was a 1950s barbershop chair waiting for a client. Every isle in the store had old school hardware displayed. However, they were quite up to date on their product selection, just like an Ace hardware. Good marketing!

Spider Heaven

13 September 2019 | J P Coleman State park marina
John Robin | 98. 🥵
Whenever we pull into a port in fresh water lakes or rivers, you have to deal with our Arachnid friends. They typically love being under the lids of power boxes that you hook into for shore power. This is always MY job in spider territory. First I spray the area with insect spray, then follow up with a vinegar - peppermint concoction that they hate. Keeps the buddies away after I kill the original group. Then- all lines and power cords are wrapped in Bounce dryer sheets, so they will not get on boat. Sounds like a lot of work, but the alternative is to get up in the morning to a face full of spider webs!
Oddly enough, as soon as the boat gets to salt water, they all disappear.

We had a leisurely cruise down the Tennessee River towards our
chosen marina at Aqua Yacht harbour. Because of our changed plans, I will start doing some maintenance planned for January; now. Hopefully that means when we get back, turn the keys and start making some wake.
There are a few more sightseeing and exploring plans in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Unclaimed Baggage

12 September 2019 | Scottsboro, Alabama
Susan Robin | 97 degrees 🥵 🌞
Its no secret that I love to shop for great deals, aka treasure hunting. And Captain John is such a good sport, driving me around the countryside and patiently waiting while I hunt. So today he rented a car and drove 2 hours to the city of Scottsboro Alabama the home of The Unclaimed Baggage Outlet of America. I heard about this store from our Swedish looper friends, and decided I wanted to see it for myself. Apparently its a popular tourist attraction, there was even a couple of tour buses in the parking lot. Its about the same size Value village with a coffee shop and a separate building for mens wear. After browsing around for 1 1/2 hours I found a brand new pair of my favourite Clarks sandals, a Pandora charm & a packable puffy jacket to wear cruising on chilly days. John also found the same type of jacket for him. I did look for grand kid things, but no luck in that department. Needless to say I have already bought a few cute things to bring home for them. Our next stop was The Docks restaurant at Goose Pond Marina. A fellow looper recommended the shrimp & grits. Unfortunately the restaurant was only open for dinner so no S & G for us. We remembered passing Captain D’s seafood and decided thats where we would have our lunch. And yes they were open. After lunch we headed back to Florence and made our usual stop at the Walmart Superstore to top up our food supply and now we are back on board relaxing with our feet up and noses in our iPads.

Rented a car, drove 6 hours, bought a jacket and bottle opener. Good day.
Vessel Name: Eagle Heart
Vessel Make/Model: Kha Shing 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, British Columbia
Crew: John Robin, Susan Robin
John is a retired Power Systems electrician and worked in the pulp and paper industry for 40 years. Susan worked in the health care system, primarily at the Cowichan hospital as a Unit Clerk for 36 years. [...]
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