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17 March 2012 | West Palm Beach, FL
16 March 2012 | Hawksbill Cay
13 March 2012 | Staniel Cay
11 March 2012 | Black Point, Exumas
10 March 2012 | Black Point, Exumas
05 March 2012 | Fernandez Bay, Cat Isand
22 February 2012 | Old Bight, Cat Island
21 February 2012
20 February 2012
17 February 2012
15 February 2012
14 February 2012
13 February 2012 | Current Cut
13 February 2012 | Glass Window, Eleuthera
12 February 2012 | Spanish Wells
11 February 2012 | Spanish Wells
09 February 2012 | Royal Island
08 February 2012 | Lynyard Cay
07 February 2012 | Hope Town, Abacos

Clarence Town, LI to Old Bight, Cat Island

21 February 2012
We knew the “weather event of the winter” was coming and needed a place to hide. Forecast for 30+ knot winds and squalls to 40 knots for more than a week. With that kind of forecast, our goal of getting to the Crooked and Acklins this winter was out the window. There are not really any good places to hide from a blow like that. There were several obvious places we could go hide like Georgetown, Thompson Bay and Big Major Spot in the Exumas but everyone else was going there as well and we knew it would be crowded. So when Dave and Mary came up with the idea to go to Cat Island we thought that was a good one. A little bit of risk with very little protection from the west but there was not any significant west in the forecast.

We still had the rental car from the day before so we needed to go in and return it and get some groceries since the Mail Boat just came in the day before with fresh fruit and veggies. Once we took care of everything we headed North for Cat Island.

We started off heading for Calabash Bay on the North end of Long Island but we weren't making good enough time to get in before day light. Since there are a few reefs guarding the anchorage we changed our course for Old Bight, Cat Island. We wouldn't get in until after midnight but it is a wide open bay with no reefs to worry about and we could safely approach and anchor in the dark. The wind cooperated and we had a nice sail almost all the way to the anchorage.
Vessel Name: Ealy Out
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 40LRC
Hailing Port: Cincinnati, Ohio
Crew: Debbie and Fred
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Who: Debbie and Fred
Port: Cincinnati, Ohio