A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran

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The warm hospitality of Polynesians

04 June 2008 | kauehi, Tuamotu
6/4/2008 The warm hospitality of Polynesians, Kauehi, Tuamotus , French Polynesia One thing that does not ceased to amaze me about French Polynesia is their hospitality and kindness. They are just always available with their time, ready to improvise a meal or just sit down with you and talk and talk for hours. We were just strolling to the end of the village at dusk when a man called me and began a conversation, he asked us where we were from and before I knew it invited us net fishing the next day That was going to be the best time we had on the island

We showed up at 10am, 4 families with kids, eager to witness this curious fishing operation. Riri Fatou and his companion Terai prepared the net and placed it around the boat house where a bunch of small fish were hanging out. In less than 5 minutes, the net was wiggling with fish! They taught us how to delicately untie them from the net and it was good that we were a bunch of us, it is probably the most time consuming phase of the net fishing deal, we then cleaned the fish and prepared the fire for cooking it. In the meantime, Riri, David and Steve went to get some coconuts for drink and coconut milk to make a delicious "poisson cru" (raw fish) but also to add to our coffee as we discovered later (it is awesome!) . So just like that, Riri and his wife invited about 20 people for an impromptu lunch, cooking rice, checking the fire, setting an outside table, of course everybody was doing something , speaking, laughing, and it was not a big deal, what a lesson of simplicity and generosity . I do not think you can find this type of hospitality anywhere else in the world. At the same time, Riri showed us his art (he does not sell anything, just does it for his pleasure and gifts), he cut the colorful nacre in pieces and make some beautiful design that he glues over a background of sand paper (actually real peach/pink sand spread over a rigid board that is framed by wood sticks also sculpted and colored), it was really beautiful! Around 3pm (we were there from 10am), we took off because it was his grand-niece 1 year birthday and he still had to put together one of his art picture as a present, but it was us who said it is time to go, although he had this big event at 6pm, he never said or we never felt that we were imposing in anyway! We invited them the next day for lunch on our catamaran (we were going to prepare a feast, a potluck with the 3 other boats) and it was a really fun time. Riri enjoyed the food very much and we gave them a bunch of little souvenir-gifts from all of us as a thank you (country music CDs, crystal bead ring for his wife, banana cake, and bubble kit for the little girl ). He had made for each kid (7) a very nice pendant in nacre; we will treasure it for its beauty and the fond memory of the artist .Maururu rua!!!(Thank you very much! in Tahitian). Ce qui est le plus surprenant lors de ce voyage est l'hospitalite des polynesiens, ils sont toujours disponibles, le temps ne semble pas avoir d'importance, toujours prêt a improviser un repas pour l'etranger qui passe, ou juste pour parler pendant des heures! Nous etions avec nos amis en train de marcher au crepuscule vers la fin du village quand un homme me fait signe et entame une conversation avec moi (je suis la seule qui parle francais), nous demandant d'ou nous venions, etc a la fin nous etions tous invites a une partie de peche au filet prevue le lendemain, cela a ete une de ces journees memorables en Polynesie

Nous sommes donc tous arrives a 10 heures, 4 bateaux (16 adults, 7 enfants) curieux de voir cette fameuse peche au filet. Riri Fatu et sa compagne ont donc prepare le filet puis le deploie tout autour du petit ponton ou de petits poissons se reposent a l'ombre du soleil, cela prend quelques minutes seulement et voile tous ces petits poissons prisoniers s'agitant dans les mailles, 5 minutes au plus et maintenant le vrai travaille commence, enlever chaque poisson sans abimer le filet, tout le monde s'y est mis et =BD heure après nous avions un cageot plain de poisons!!! Riri Fatu nous a montre comment les nettoyer et comme si il y avait rien de plus naturel, commence un feu et nous invitent tous a partager son repas .. Quelle lecon de generosite et gentillessse . Riri, David et Steve sont partis chercher des noix de coco dont le lait a de multiple usage: poisson cru au lait de coco et pour finir café au lait de coco (delicieux!). Riri nous aussi montre ses magnifiques tableaux de nacre: il coupe les coquilles de nacre en morceaux de couleurs differentes et fait des sortes de mozaiques collees sur un fond de gains de sable, splendide! Malheureusement, il ne vend pas ses oeuvres , ils les offrent pour des occasions comme les anniversaires, etc . Nous sommes partis vers trois heures de notre propre chef car sa famille fetait les un an de sa petite niece (en photo), a aucun moment nous n'avons senti qu'il etait presse par le temps, pourtant il devait finir un tableau pour la petite et l'anniversaire etait a 18h Nous avons invite Riri Fatu et sa compagne Terai sur notre bateau pour un bon repas le lendemain, chacun des quatre bateaux a prepare un plat et nous nous sommes tous retrouves sur O'Vive. Ils ont adores notre cuisine et nous avons passes un tres bon moment tous ensemble, nous avons ete heureux de leur offrir a notre tour de petits souvenirs de chaque bateau (des CD de country music, une bague de perles Swarovski cree par Nath, un kit a bulle pour la petite fille). Riri nous a offert a toute un collier avec un pendentif de sa creation en nacre que nous cherirons pour sa beaute mais surtout pour le souvenir que nous aura laisse l'artiste .. Maururu rua!!!(Merci beaucoup! En Tahitien)
Vessel Name: O'Vive
Vessel Make/Model: St Francis 50' catamaran
Hailing Port: Tavernier, Florida USA
Crew: David, Alec, Emilie, Nathalie
About: Captain David, 1st mate, Nathalie and the crew Alec (12) and Emilie (15)
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2009 Family Island Regatta
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We are finishing our 18 months sabatical where it all began, the Bahamas... still with O'Vive which has been shipped back from New Zealand on Dockwise.
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We flew back to the States while O'Vive is on her way back to Florida on Dockwise.
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Lampwork glass beads studio in Whangarei
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South island east coast and meeting in Murchinson with Orca 3 and Malachi
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Alec took the plunge!
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Te Anau, Milford sound,
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Franz Jose glacier, Hokitika,Kunakaiki,scenic road from Haast to Wanaka (near Queenstown),Queenstown, Arrowtown.
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Transfer from North to South island.
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THrough Kawau island, Mimiwhangata, Tutukaka, Great Barrier island, and an amazing dive at poor night.
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Nathalie went to visit her family in France.
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Boats we met during our Pacific Crossing
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En route pour la Nouvelle Zelande
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the two sister islands of Raiatea and Tahaa
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Les iles des Tuamotus Kauehi, Fakarava et Toau
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French polynesia first islands, the Marqueses
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From the San Blas to Las Perlas Crossing the Panama canal
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Chub Cay, Staniel Key, Georgetown
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Our first catamaran was a Manta 42. She was built in St Petersburg and we went to pick her up in November 2000. We spent every summer cruising the Beautiful Bahamas islands (700) from the busy Nassau harbor (We never stay more than 2 or 3 days)to the more remote islands like the crooked islands or the ragged islands (also known as the Jumentos and the friendliest of all , Long Island. We never got tired of the turquoise waters , the kindness of the Bahamians and all the fun we had with all the friends we made over the years.
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Created 1 October 2007
We picked up O'Vive end of May 2007 in Georgetown, Bahamas and after a few weeks ,we brought her back home to the Florida Keys in order to get her and us ready for the "Grand Voyage".
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Created 1 October 2007


Who: David, Alec, Emilie, Nathalie
Port: Tavernier, Florida USA