A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran

08 May 2013
06 September 2011 | Brisbane
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31 August 2011 | New Caledonia
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03 August 2011 | Aitutaki
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The blue lagoon of the cook islands

28 August 2008 | Aitutaki, Cook Islands
8/28/08 Aitutaki Aitutaki entrance was not that easy! 40' wide and 6' deep at high tide. There is only one man made cut leading to a small harbor and because we are impatient by nature, we made our entry pretty stressful, coming in at low tide, it was very close!!!! But, we made it, slowly going through the narrow passage and the 3.5 lnots current then we had to anchor the Med way with our back line attached to a palm tree. It is a very cute but sleepy little island, not much happen, but we enjoyed renting a scooter and going around the island with the kids, they actually got to try the motorbike with shift gear and had a blast (only on very remote dirt path) but I think it was the highlight of their stay here. The lagoon is muddy near the shore but it is beautiful on the south motus of the island where the water is clear. People on Aitutaki are lovely. For weather reason, we are kind of stuck here for a week, but it is ok. A big german monohull called Upps (60ft!) came alongside O'Vive at high tide. Today another French boat came along the outer reef and was kind of hesitating to come through the pass, we went to see him to give him some info and he will wait for high tide tomorrow morning. For info, we draw 4.5ft (1.4 meter), Upps draw 1.7 m and the French boat 1.6 m, but remember wait for high tide! L'entrée du lagon de Aitutaki n'a pas ete tres facile! Il y a un seul passage assez etroit et peu profond surtout le derner tier, et comme nous sommes un peu impatients de nature, nous avons voulu passer juste après la maree basse, nous etions arrives depuis 1h et demi déjà. Nous sommes donc passes tres doucement, avec un courant contre nous de 3 noeuds et demi, cela a ete un peu stressant mais nous sommes arrives au petit port ou nous nous sommes amarres a la facon "Med", une ligne a l'arriere accroche au cocotier du rivage et l'ancre a l'avant . C'est une petite ile tres jolie et paisible. Nous avons loue des scooters et sommes partis a la decouverte de l'ile avec les enfants. Emilie et Alec ont essaye les scooters (en fait l'un des deux etait une moto avec changement de vitesse au pied) sur un petit chemin de terre loin de tout ou ils ne risquaient rien, ils se sont bien amuses. L'eau du lagon est trouble aux abords mais vers les motus au sud de l'ile, le lagon devient turquoise et transparent, c'est tres joli. Les gens sont tres sympas. Nous sommes coinces a Aitatuki pour une semaine en raison du mauvais temp a venir, mais c'est pas mal. Un monocoque allemand, Uups (60 pieds, 19 metres) s'est amarre le long d'O'Vive, ils sont arrives a maree haute! Aujourd'hui un autre monocoque francais est arrive pres du reef et n'etait pas sure de pouvoir entrer, nous sommes donc alles les voir en annexe pour leur donner un peu d'info et ils entreront demain a la premiere heure a maree haute. A titre d'information, notre tirant d'eau est de 4.5 pieds ou 1.4 m, le bateau Allemand, 1.7m, et le bateau Francais, 1.6m . En tout cas, attendez la mare haute, cela vous evitera des battements de coeur!!!!!
Vessel Name: O'Vive
Vessel Make/Model: St Francis 50' catamaran
Hailing Port: Tavernier, Florida USA
Crew: David, Alec, Emilie, Nathalie
About: Captain David, 1st mate, Nathalie and the crew Alec (12) and Emilie (15)
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Created 13 May 2009
2009 Family Island Regatta
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Created 26 April 2009
We are finishing our 18 months sabatical where it all began, the Bahamas... still with O'Vive which has been shipped back from New Zealand on Dockwise.
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Created 29 March 2009
We flew back to the States while O'Vive is on her way back to Florida on Dockwise.
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Created 25 February 2009
Lampwork glass beads studio in Whangarei
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Created 14 February 2009
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Created 9 February 2009
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Created 9 February 2009
On our way back, Nelson and the famous Abel Tasman trail.
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Created 25 January 2009
South island east coast and meeting in Murchinson with Orca 3 and Malachi
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Created 24 January 2009
Alec took the plunge!
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Created 18 January 2009
Te Anau, Milford sound,
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Created 18 January 2009
Franz Jose glacier, Hokitika,Kunakaiki,scenic road from Haast to Wanaka (near Queenstown),Queenstown, Arrowtown.
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Created 10 January 2009
Transfer from North to South island.
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Created 10 January 2009
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Created 6 January 2009
THrough Kawau island, Mimiwhangata, Tutukaka, Great Barrier island, and an amazing dive at poor night.
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Created 29 December 2008
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Created 28 December 2008
Nathalie went to visit her family in France.
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Created 27 November 2008
Boats we met during our Pacific Crossing
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En route pour la Nouvelle Zelande
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Created 6 September 2008
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the two sister islands of Raiatea and Tahaa
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F, between Tahiti and Bora Bora
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Created 11 July 2008
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Created 4 July 2008
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Created 29 June 2008
Les iles des Tuamotus Kauehi, Fakarava et Toau
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Created 28 June 2008
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Created 16 May 2008
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Created 16 May 2008
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Created 16 May 2008
French polynesia first islands, the Marqueses
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Created 21 March 2008
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Created 18 March 2008
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Created 24 February 2008
From the San Blas to Las Perlas Crossing the Panama canal
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Created 21 February 2008
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Created 31 January 2008
Chub Cay, Staniel Key, Georgetown
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Created 31 January 2008
Our first catamaran was a Manta 42. She was built in St Petersburg and we went to pick her up in November 2000. We spent every summer cruising the Beautiful Bahamas islands (700) from the busy Nassau harbor (We never stay more than 2 or 3 days)to the more remote islands like the crooked islands or the ragged islands (also known as the Jumentos and the friendliest of all , Long Island. We never got tired of the turquoise waters , the kindness of the Bahamians and all the fun we had with all the friends we made over the years.
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Created 1 October 2007
We picked up O'Vive end of May 2007 in Georgetown, Bahamas and after a few weeks ,we brought her back home to the Florida Keys in order to get her and us ready for the "Grand Voyage".
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Created 1 October 2007


Who: David, Alec, Emilie, Nathalie
Port: Tavernier, Florida USA