A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran

31 July 2011 | 17 30S 155 03W
27 July 2011 | Between Tahaa and Bora Bora
24 July 2011 | Moorea
10 July 2011 | Moorea
10 July 2011 | Papeete, Tahiti
03 July 2011 | Papeete, Tahiti
29 June 2011 | Manihi Atoll
26 June 2011 | Manihi Atoll
25 June 2011 | 10 42S 142 10W
24 June 2011 | 10 42S 142 10W
22 June 2011 | Hakatea Bay, Daniels Bay
19 June 2011 | Taiohae Bay
18 June 2011 | Tahuata
15 June 2011 | Faru-Hiva
14 June 2011 | 10 20S 137 16W
13 June 2011 | 09 52S 134 14W
12 June 2011 | 09 51S 131 08W
11 June 2011 | 09 24S 127 41W
10 June 2011 | 09 10S 124 01W
09 June 2011 | 08 43S 120 37W

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08 May 2013
We have purchased a new catamaran, please visit us at http://www.sailblogs.com/member/cheval/ to see what we are up to now. We will keep this blog online for the time being but new adventures entries will be on our new blog. You can also click on the link "Cheval" to the right under Favorites.

Day 4 to Australia

06 September 2011 | Brisbane
Arrived up the river in Brisbane at 1pm yesterday after a four day sail from Noumea. Did customs etc and then continued another hour up the river to downtown Brisbane at dockside marina. Will try and post some pictures now that I am in the land of fast internet.

Day 3 to Australia

04 September 2011 | 26 02S 155 59E
More of the same. Blew a hole in the mainsail while it had 2 reefs in so now only able to use with the 3rd reef in, so going a bit slower. Quite rough last night but much better today. 181 miles to go, 205 miles this 24 hour period.

Day 2 to Australia

03 September 2011 | 24 35S 159 23E
The past 24 hours have been on the rough side as we are taking the waves from the side and even slightly ahead. Wind has been close to 25 now for a while. We have two reefs in the main and still moving along nicely. Forecast shows the weather window should last until we reach the coast. Weather can still be a bit winter like here at this time of year. 386 miles to go, 210 miles this 24 hour period.

On to Australia

02 September 2011 | 23 21S 162 56E
So we spent a little over 24 hours in Noumea, defiantly a place that needs returning to. If we had not left yesterday the next possible weather window was on the 12th and that would not be a sure bet. We docked right next to our sister ship "Tahina" with Frank and Karen aboard and would like to have spent more time talking with them as well. The country was a pleasure to check in and out off with zero fees. The marina staff were super nice and the rates reasonable. We left at 1300 hr with a nice 17 to 20 knot breeze that lasted throughout the night. This morning it blew itself out so have had the screecher up since. This will be an 800 mile passage with 596 to go after 24 hours.
Vessel Name: O'Vive
Vessel Make/Model: St Francis 50' catamaran
Hailing Port: Tavernier, Florida USA
Crew: David, Alec, Emilie, Nathalie
About: Captain David, 1st mate, Nathalie and the crew Alec (12) and Emilie (15)


Who: David, Alec, Emilie, Nathalie
Port: Tavernier, Florida USA