Vessel Name: Echappée
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 40
Hailing Port: Rowayton, Connecticut (U.S.A.)
Crew: Valerie, Pierre, Frances and Charley
About: Two would-be sailors and two cats but it has never stopped us before...
21 November 2011
20 November 2011
19 November 2011
18 November 2011
17 November 2011
16 November 2011
15 November 2011
14 November 2011
12 November 2011
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21 November 2011

In the BVI

We went to the BVI to await our boat's arrival. She arrived finally. Suffice to say that we will limit our use of delivery crews to the minimum in the future. Many lessons were learned and if we use a delivery crew we will know what to ask to mitigate our risks and perform focused interviews of references.

20 November 2011

Final blog


19 November 2011

Last day at sea

The BVIs are now very close. The captain and her crew expect to arrive on Sunday. The speed has continued to pick up as they entered the trade belt at 6.4 knots average.

18 November 2011

7 knots now

The boat is moving very fast now, under reefed main (one reef), reefed jib and staysail. The ride is described as great by the captain... They are moving around 7.2 knots although the day average was around 6.4 knots. Not bad for Echappée.

17 November 2011

3.5 days left

Now the target is getting closer. As the crew let me know, 3 days to go. I believe they will arrive on Monday morning, likely in the wee hours. The speed is relatively constant around 5.5 k. The skipper is keeping Echappée pointed to her destination.

16 November 2011

Finally some wind

15 knots of easterly winds. The boat is moving faster again @5.5 k and most likely under sail. 130 miles today.

Still moving past the Gulf Stream

13 November 2011
We have just received a new location. The boat seems to be moving pretty fast, both East and South, 128nm in a 24 hour period. Apparently they are following the rhumbline to the BVIs. Motorsailing in light winds.

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