Elan - Express 37 - 87700

2016 Pacific Cup Race

20 July 2016 | ~600 nm from HI
18 July 2016 | ~800nm from HI
16 July 2016 | the ocean, duh
14 July 2016
14 July 2016
13 July 2016
13 July 2016 | somewhere
11 July 2016
10 July 2016 | RYC Bon Voyage Party
09 July 2016 | 37 49.179'N:122 28.017'W, central bay
08 July 2016 | South Beach
08 July 2016 | 38 000.00'N:120 000.00'W, home

Day 2- noon

13 July 2016
jack p
OK. Settling into a routine. Sunny and windy today, which is allowing us to dry out a bit. Also, waves a lot more favorable, so queaziness has gone away for everyone.

Just got first position reports. Seem to be doing ok. Sweet Okole is about 1/2 mile to weather and 1/4 mile behind us. Seems like we both have the same plan. Bullet just a few miles behind, which in this wind is < 30 minutes.

A few boats had a tough night last night, losing their rigs. Also, just heard that Velocity (J-42 from div B) dropped out and returning home.

We seem pretty dialed in right now. Wind starting to move back, target setting a kite at dawn tomorrow, assuming tonight is as much of a sh#$show as last night. We'll see. Boat also holding up. Lost our windvane last night somehow, but that's the only thing broken so far. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Hope to be out of site of other boats soon, esecially Sweet Okole. more later. Will try to get pic working.
Vessel Name: Elan
Vessel Make/Model: Express 37
Hailing Port: San Francisco
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Port: San Francisco