Elan - Express 37 - 87700

2016 Pacific Cup Race

20 July 2016 | ~600 nm from HI
18 July 2016 | ~800nm from HI
16 July 2016 | the ocean, duh
14 July 2016
14 July 2016
13 July 2016
13 July 2016 | somewhere
11 July 2016
10 July 2016 | RYC Bon Voyage Party
09 July 2016 | 37 49.179'N:122 28.017'W, central bay
08 July 2016 | South Beach
08 July 2016 | 38 000.00'N:120 000.00'W, home

attention race fans

16 July 2016 | the ocean, duh
I'm new to blogosphere so bear with me. Jack said our fans were looking for a new voice--tired of the same old analysis--so I'm here to tell the story of when people stop being nice, and start getting real. Real World 52: Pac Cup 2016.

This team has the singular focus of a hungry pack of wolves galloping after a tiring deer. The deer starts fast but the wolves are smarter, better conditioned and have strength in numbers. They keep the intensity but are playing the long game with high confidence that sooner or later, that deer is just going to lay down and accept its fate.

This wolf pack is focused on Limitless. They had an impressive 1st 24 hours but there lead has dropped at a steady rate ever since. By tomorrow's position report we should be even.

This group of people is a natural team but to keep us humming at peak performance we have to remember a few things:

First and foremost, Jack needs sleep. Two things happen when he's tired: 1) he starts to question our ace navigator's tactics and 2) his driving performance suffers. Jack is our best driver and we have to make sure we are getting as much as we can from him when he's on the tiller. Keeping Jack rested means we go fast in the right direction. Jack tired means panicked consultations with the navigator at 3AM.

Second, John is only allowed to tell three jokes per shift. And none at all when Jack Duncan is on watch because it leads to an uncontrolled positive feedback loop, the result of which is driving 20 degrees in the wrong direction.

Third, Jack Duncan needs a BM reminder every two days.

Fourth, Rebecca is annoyingly good at sailing and pretty much always right about everything. But we have to make her think she's wrong about at least one thing a day or John's starts driving 20 degrees in the wrong direction again.

And finally, there's Zac. Despite the fact that he looks like he stepped out of a Helly Hanson catalog, he keeps checking his shirt for the slightlest odor and searching the boat high and low for a hand mirror to check his hair. Fortunately, Jack keeps us light so we have no primping supplies available to distract Zac from driving.

Vessel Name: Elan
Vessel Make/Model: Express 37
Hailing Port: San Francisco
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Port: San Francisco