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Our journey on water

25 March 2018 | Victoria. British Columbia
05 October 2017 | Victoria BC
24 August 2017 | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
27 July 2017 | Reeds Bay, Hilo, Hawaii
10 July 2017 | Reeds Bay, Hilo, Hawaii
22 June 2017 | Bora Bora, French Polynesia
18 June 2017 | Bora Bora, French Polynesia
12 June 2017 | Humane, French Polynesia
05 June 2017 | Moorea, French Polynesia
05 June 2017 | Tahiti
07 May 2017 | Tahiti, French Polynesia
21 April 2017 | Fakarava, Tuamotu's, French Polynesia
05 April 2017 | Tahanea Atoll. Tuamotu's, French Polynesia
05 April 2017 | Makemo Atoll, Tuamotu's, French Polynesia
07 March 2017 | Rikitea, Mangareva, Gambier Islands, French Polynesia
20 February 2017 | Rikitea, Gambier Islands, French Polynesia
14 January 2017 | Playita, Panama City, Panama
02 January 2017 | La Plait, Panama City
17 December 2016 | Isla Nargana
16 December 2016 | San Blas, Panama

Iles Gambier

07 March 2017 | Rikitea, Mangareva, Gambier Islands, French Polynesia
Henderson & Pitcairn may have been out of reach due to weather constraints but we've certainly stepped into a piece of paradise here in the remote Gambier's. Magnificent Mangareva and it's surrounding islands are stunning beauties with lovely folk and lush green forests.

We entered the atoll at the SW passage on 19 Feb and made our way along the charted fairway/channel towards Mangareva and Rikitea. We encountered numerous pearl farm buoys with adjoining nets on the fairway that we needed to negotiate; sometimes just going slowly between them where we could see the nets some 2m below. Daylight passaging only from this direction!

the final entrance into Rikitea is well marked and we put our hook down in 12m at the Rikitea anchorage with excellent holding and later made our way to the Gendemarie for a straightforward inward clearance. This went smoothly as we are both Europeans and din't require any (extended) visas and bond issues. And then began our lovely time in the Gambiers.

We've had a good choice of activities here including hiking/climbing Mt Duff and other trails, visiting locals on surrounding islands (cant forget Iles Travaia), kite surfing, snorkeling and diving on the outer reefs however found the coral 80% sadly bleached and dying or completely dead. There's a reasonable assortment of reef fish where some have managed to get quite large i.e. groupers, having not been fished due to the ciguatera that exists in this atoll. The water vis was excellent which was good as it allowed us to spot the multitude of sharks that like to suddenly appear and give you a little fright. We met local and expat families on Ile Taravai who were most hospitable and showed us their lifestyle, massive garden and a glimpse into their lives. We also met fellow cruisers from Silverland, Kraken, Ednbal and Pitufa and shared good times with them.

We also arrive when Gambians were having their first cultural festival - a weekend event of traditional dancing, folklore stories, emotions and life. Impressive.

There are many pearl farms in the surrounding islands, some look like 5-star homes on water! It's seems a booming business for the Gambians. Of course we managed to procure some pearls after discovering what we were looking at. Pearl prices, we were told, are reasonable on the Gambiers. Not so for the groceries i.e. US$20 for 3 loafs of bread! We were here when the monthly supply vessel arrived with its cargo including fresh goods and managed to be at the shops the same afternoon to pick up some fresh items. The locally made baguettes are as tasty as they come!

I met Frances in Rikitea and after a few conversations he asked if I would put together a energy/procurement proposal for two 4kW solar energy systems for communities on NW side of Mangareva. I prepared a detailed plan for them which was finally accepted by Francis and the Gambier council for later procurement approval.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time here, such a fantastic place on earth, and now ready for the rest of the Tuamotu's!
Vessel Name: Emerald Sea
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 450
Hailing Port: Singapore
Crew: Steve P, Rosemarie P
This site charts the adventures and misadventures of our family and hopefully share some of the practical tips and tricks that we picked up along the way. As our experiences grows so will the site as we share with you our aroundoceans journey. [...]
We untied the ropes from Keppel Marina in Singapore in August 2014 and haven't looked back. Across the Indian and around South Africa into the South Atlantic Oceans, the leeward Caribbean and South Pacific....with many stops along the way. And now, perhaps finally for this chapter, British [...]
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Keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum! Solar array extending over cockpit.
Clean fuel is essential to a maintenance free engine. Racor Dual 500s with vacuum gauge. We use 5 and 10 micron filters.
Emerald from aft - offshore Singapore.
Axel with baracudda.
Axel installing the Ocean Safety life raft. This is an ISO Ocean series and one we hope never to use!
Axel underwater following turtles at Tioman.
Solar frame mount showing the upper supports.
Aft view during the solar system installation.
The storm jib being installed.  We will be seen!  Sail blogs took an upright photo and rotated it!
Hawaii was a stop over on our way to Canada however we were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed our 3 weeks in Big Hawaii.
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A selection from 1000's of photos from out 6 months in French Polynesia. But were missing the photos from Gambier, Makemo, Tahanea.....
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We transited the Panama Canal on 30-31st December 2016.
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Our first 2 weeks out in East Malaysia (Sept 14)
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Our Bon voyage party with our yachtie neighbors.
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In June 14 we sailed up to Pulau Tioman for our first journey of living on this new boat and trialing new equipment including the drogue system, storm jib, solar system and other vessel installations.
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