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10 December 2014 | New Haven, Ct
08 December 2014 | New Haven, Ct
03 December 2014 | New Haven, Ct
27 November 2014
14 November 2014 | Eau Gallle, Fl
13 November 2014 | Melbourn, Fl
11 October 2014 | Key West
10 September 2014 | West Haven Ct
06 September 2014 | Ft Lauderdale, FL
05 June 2014 | Turks and Caicos
01 June 2014 | Atlantic
31 May 2014 | Miami Fl
08 February 2014 | Marathon Airport
01 January 2014 | Bethany, Ct
31 December 2013 | Brattlevile , VT
21 December 2013 | Connecticut
15 December 2013 | Marthon, Fl
14 December 2013 | Marathon , Fl
28 November 2013 | Seven Mile Grill, Marathon, Fl
27 November 2013 | Big Pine Key


10 December 2014 | New Haven, Ct
very Cold
Lions, tigers and dinosaurs oh my!!! Had the unique opportunity to visit the Yale Peabody Museum. It was a science museum so it contained all the element s found on earth.

Enjoyed the crystals most of all . The giant dinosaurs did not thrill me. The bird displays were well done in that they showed the same bird in many stages of life. No wonder they are so hard to identify!

Gift store turned up a great assortment of pop up cards and wonderful pieces of jewelry. Yeah.. that is very female. The stores.....

Followed up by a late lunch at FIVE GUYS.... burgers and peanuts. Not to mention all the cherry Mr Pib you care to drink!!!

Guess I am easy to please.
Cost : $8.00 for seniors and $9.00 for the rest of you all.

Phone 203-298-9336
Address: 170 Whitney Ave. Box 20811
New Haven, Ct 06520

Nest the Shubert Theater

Grocery @ Yale

08 December 2014 | New Haven, Ct
very Cold
FERRARO'S is a ethnic grocery store in the heart of Yales Italian district. Bought yummy H@G Head cheese, veal and Pine nuts at a saving along with almond paste by the pound.

664 Grand Ave, New Haven, Ct 06511

Ed's Aunt made wonderful cookies and veal parm


03 December 2014 | New Haven, Ct
Where are the best Almond cookies?

Lucibellos Pastry Shop, 935 Grand Ave. New Haven, Ct 06511

Death in the family

27 November 2014
very cold
The evening of Theresa Bortree's death , Ed's mother, put a long list of activities in motion.

Contact the funeral Home.
Celentano, Inc on 424 Elm Street new Haven, Ct

Change our airplane tickets, shuttle tickets, rental car. Pay double because it was last minute. It all happened and we arrived in Connecticut in 48 hours. Frazzled and freezing.

Seven Seas Cruising Association

14 November 2014 | Eau Gallle, Fl
cool/ comfortable
The conference was informative and full of fellow sailors.

Birthday time

13 November 2014 | Melbourn, Fl
Shirl/ clear
This birthday was more calm ..... I did not find any exciting event. Last year it was jumping out of an air plane form 10,000 feet. This year a seven seas cruising association conference.
The day was calm and restful. Picked up an nice rental car and stopped at Homestead for lunch. Ended up at Stover's Bar B Q , on Dixie Hwy, 33033.
Pulled pork was good along with wonderful sweat corn bread souffle.

Arrived at the Hotel after a slight detour. Did you know there are three Hiltons in Melbourne? We finally found the one we were registered at.

Strange event were stayed in the same room that we had two years ago. What is the chance of that????? It was a corner room facing the ocean with a lovely balcony.

Sleeping with the doors open to the ocean , with the sound of ocean waves was a real pleasure.


11 October 2014 | Key West
What to do..... well we decided to make the long drive to Key West. Most people from the north think 50 miles is nothing... averaging 60 mph ....not a long drive. But at 35 miles an hour with traffic jams , construction delays and people continually turning left across traffic (with no turning lane) it takes always over two hours. Yet the water is beautiful and there is always a coffee/ bakery stop along the way.

It is fun when you finally got to the big city. After driving through quaint neighborhoods looking for a parking spot. We finally landed on a spot just off Duval Street.

After some wondering around the shops. We purchased visors for relatives up North. Stopped in at an art gallery that features local art. Visited with the manager. It always pleases me to experience the opportunity to start up a conversation with the friendly the keys people . If you take the time you can always start a conversation. We had a good talk about the season and how it was progressing. Business was slow because the tourist were still up North.... yata yata yata. It makes a body feel good to connect.

Where to

Sea Food Restaurant

10 September 2014 | West Haven Ct
Memories..... Ed took me to one of his favorite places. Chicks seafood restaurant, established 1950, open year around.. free beach parking..... 203-934-4510.

I had the lobster and butter sandwich in a hot dog like bun. Ed opted for his favorite the foot long hot dog.

I believe it is located in West Haven, Ct.... may be North Haven?????/
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The boat name has the astrological correspondence of Venus. (What else with a female captain!?) As a Taro card the keywords are: creative, intellect, good fortune, love of life. She signifies life, and a connection to earths natural rhythms. Remember if your are gentle, patient & caring you reap [...]
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