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09 September 2016
26 July 2016 | Kaneohe Yacht Club
21 July 2016 | Pacific Ocean
20 July 2016 | Pacific Ocean
19 July 2016 | Half-Way there!
17 July 2016 | Somewhere Over The Rainbow
16 July 2016 | Somehere Over The Rainbow
15 July 2016 | In the Trades
14 July 2016 | 500 miles out
11 July 2016 | RYC Dock
06 July 2016
28 June 2016 | San Francisco (shoreside)
25 June 2016 | San Francisco (shoreside)
25 June 2016 | San Francisco (shoreside)
25 June 2016 | San Francisco (shoreside)
15 June 2016 | San Anselmo

284 Miles to go

21 July 2016 | Pacific Ocean
Wayne Koide
We have now been 9 days out to sea and the end is in sight. We are all looking forward to hot showers and clean clothes. It has been good to "drop out" of daily life and do this adventure. Our days are spent simply sailing the boat, eating and sleeping. Always a few projects like dumping the excess water off the boat. We have been plowing through 5-6 waves minimally so we have been taking in a fair amount of water.

Some thoughts to share is that is good to have no cell phones and all of the other electronics that distract us from being in the moment. It has been great to just to sit and watch the ocean mile after mile with few thoughts in my mind except it is exquisite. We have enjoyed a full moon for the last two nights...having a night flashlight makes it easier to sail.

Jim, our navigator, threw out a fishing line. We are hoping to having sashimi and fish tacos today..

Everyone is tired and in good spirits knowing the end is in sight.
Vessel Name: Encore
Vessel Make/Model: Sydney 36
Crew: Wayne Koide, Suzie Koide, Jim Quanci, Julia Paxton and Ben Burbridge
About: My first time doing the PacCup. This is my husband's Wayne 5th time sailing to Hawaii. 2nd time on our boat. Jim has done this about 20 times. Julia and Ben have done the race one time before
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