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22 March 2013 | Ottawa
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Greece in only 3 months!

22 March 2013 | Ottawa
Wow, time is flying; our flotilla in Greece is only 3 months away...people are starting to get excited now.

I went and ordered the Greek Waters Pilot by Rod Heikell (9th ed). It is supposed to be on the boat, but I wanted to look through it before the trip & it was only $30, what the heck. I also got my VHF license card in the mail, all official now. I'm still debating if I should buy my own hand held VHF or borrow Tom's from the boat.

Speak of Tom and the boat, we should be getting together in the next couple weeks to decide what to do on the boat, I have suggested the thru-hulls, so we might end up doing them after all.

I've been doing some reading on Cruisers Forum of late and I noticed that alot of people seem to get analysis paralysis when it comes to sailing away for an extended period. I can totally see why this happens, trying to get everything organized, deciding where/when to go, what equipment is required/needed, what type (make/model) of boat to get, wondering if there is enough experience to do it...the list goes on and on...Then there are the people who seem to just get up and go, learning along the way and adjusting to things.

I'm guessing that this is due to personality traits, doers versus talkers, or as some say, arm chair sailors, I definately hope that we fall into the first group. Although, I must admit there are certain things that worry me along the way, mainly the experience factor of all the equipment on a boat. The make/model doesn't concern me too much, as long as the Admiral is happy with it. I hope that we'll get some good experince this summer and that we can start making plans to look at some boats at the Annapolis show next fall.

I have downloaded OpenCPN on the laptop we are taking to Greece and also have MXMariner and Navionics Europe on my Nexus. I guess I'll invest in a GPS dongle for the laptop to take along as well.

Where does time go...

26 February 2013 | Ottawa
Well, it's been another long break in the blog action, but it should get better now that spring is approaching.

Tom & I hauled the boat in October as planned; it went quite well, up and covered in about a half a day, not too shabby. There were no real projects to work on this winter (last winter was the companion way cover). I still think we should replace all the thru-hulls, but hey, not my boat. There was one that cracked several years ago; I fixed that up, temporarily, with epoxy and leak stop tape. Then last year when we splashed, there was a leak near the battery compartment, it was slow and stopped after some fiddling. Then there is a mystery leak from behind the galley counter, possibly the sink drain. We SHOULD look at them all and replace them; after all they are only 35 years old!

In January Tom & I both signed up for, and passed, our VHF license. The course was quite interesting, as was the instructor. He was an older gent that was very knowledgeable about a good many things, the best kind of instructor to have.

I've also signed up the family for a flotilla holiday in Greece for the beginning of July. There will be Jen, Cam & I along with Cathy (mother-in-law), John (her husband) and Eric (brother-in-law). We thought we had a 2007 40 foot cat but by the time we decided, that was gone. We ended up on a 2003 Lagoon 38. It'll be a little squishy, but should be fine for a week. The company we went with was Poseidon Charters in Quebec, I can't remember how I found them, but Steve and Sharron seem to be great. The itinerary is also great, a one way from Athens to Paros (we took the 7 day flotilla), then we are going to ferry to Santorini for 3 nights before heading home. It should be a great time, can't wait.

I guess that is it until the boat gets splashed...updates to come.

Been a while

14 September 2012 | Ottawa
Well, I can certainly see what blogs get started and then forgotten about...My wife & I had 6 weeks off this summer, so there wasn't too much in the blog updating.

As far as the boating scene, Tom & I got out a few times which was nice. The water was quite low for a while, they even had to put a caution marker in the middle of the marina! One day I managed to get our son to come along, it was quite hot out and we were looking forward to a dip in the river. He was quite helpful in getting the boat ready, even remembering how to tie a bowline (he took a 1 week camp this summer). The engine was sputtering a bit in the slip so we checked the gas, the needle was bouncing just above 'E'. So we stopped by on the way out to refuel. Well, that turned out to be a mistake, I guess filling the tank stirred up God knows what and ended up clogging the fuel filter and the carb. Of course this all started in the narrow channel exiting the marina. We managed to get a tow form someone coming in and made it back to the slip. I asked Tom if he had any instruction on the fuel filter from the guy who recently replaced it...'nope'. I messed with the engine a bit (one of the plugs was really wet so I think it was flooded as well). Anyway Tom called his mechanic guy and he changed the fuel filter and said there was something in the carb jet (how did that get past the new filter?). Anyway it all got fixed after a couple days. Needless to say, we didn't get to go for a nice cool dip in the river, but spent an hour looking at the engine in the very warm cabin.

There were other outings that were not so 'memorable', mostly without much wind. It is quite funny to see about 10 boats all close by sitting there and 50 boats further up river with lots of wind.

I talked with Jen about the possibility of a flotilla sail. I've seen some advertised in Croatia/Greece/Turkey. She is up for that next summer possibly. I sent for some information from Sunsail, which hasn't arrived yet.

Supposed to go out sailing tomorrow, but the weather looks quite iffy. It is going to be a short season this year, Tom wants to pull the stick on Sept 30th and pull the boat on Oct 15th...boo.

Water Fun Weekend

09 July 2012 | Lac Deschenes, Ottawa
Well, it was a watery weekend.

First, Jen, Cam & I went up to the Mother in Laws cottage on Friday. We managed to go out a couple times on the power boat, it was nice to jump in the river to cool off. We were there on Friday and Saturday, stinking hot both days.

On Sunday I managed to meet up with Tom and we went out on his boat for a nice 4 hour sail. There were quite a few boats out, some small boat races, and some good waves. We aren't sure what to make of the waves and wind this year, quite a bit stronger then normal, good for sailing though.

This time we tried just the #2 jib. Quite the difference in handling from just the main. When we tacked, the bow just kept going until the speed picked up. We were much better by the end, just had to adjust how we tacked. I also had to get Tom to put his back into the jib sheet a couple times, what a slacker. I think we have decided that, for his boat at least, the best thing to sail with is the storm jib and reefed main if the wind is up, it balances better.

We didn't try the COB drill; this was just a relaxing day on the water. Stupid me though, I forgot the sun screen, a little sunburnt, but not too bad.

A brisk Windy sail

04 July 2012 | Lac Deschenes Ottawa
Well, Tom & I went out again this past weekend, rock & roll. The winds must have been close to 20 knots. We had just the main up and had the boat up to 5.9 knots, quite a day out, loads of fun, I'm just glad Jen didn't decide to come out.

We also decided to practice Crew Over Board (COB) drills, we had Tom's nephew on board, but we couldn't persuade him to jump, so we settled for Mr. Life Jacket.

It took a couple tries to get the technique down, but we both managed to pick him up. What we found interesting is that during our courses they teach COB and all goes well, but it is usually in the extreme conditions that someone might go over. We had quite the difficult time in the conditions. With just the main up it was difficult to tack in a circle (we used the triangle method) to go downwind. Then it was hard to slow the boat down enough to be able to recover the COB without ripping an arm out of the socket, timing is everything.

This is something everyone should practice many times over.

First sail of the year

14 June 2012 | Ottawa
Well, I took the afternoon yesterday and went out with my friend on his boat, the first sail of the year. What a beautiful afternoon, sun, wind and sailing and to boot the engine was working much better (new fuel filter & carb).

We got off to a bit of a late start - we had to pressure wash all the grime off the boat - not a big deal, it feels better to sail a clean boat anyway. There was a bit more wind then we had thought, but we had the 100% jib up, a good call. There weren't too many boats out but we had a great 2 hour sail - hit 6.4 knots, not too shabby.

We still remembered how to sail, it's like riding a bike, even how to tie a bowline, the brain still works.
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