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Stephen and Lynel Lemon no longer have an agenda...... There is a time to every purpose

21 February 2017 | Santa Barbara
13 September 2016 | Miles = 1215 Miles on Cruise = 805
12 September 2016 | Miles = 1190
11 September 2016 | Miles = 1170
10 September 2016
09 September 2016
06 September 2016 | Miles = 1100
04 September 2016 | Miles = 1077
01 September 2016 | Miles = 1062
31 August 2016 | Miles = 1040
29 August 2016
28 August 2016 | Miles = 961
27 August 2016
24 August 2016 | Miles = 883
22 August 2016 | Miles = 883
19 August 2016
15 August 2016 | Miles = 721
13 August 2016
11 August 2016

September 2016 to February 2017

21 February 2017 | Santa Barbara
This will be the last entry for the travels of Eos, our beautiful and beloved Selene 47. New owners will take possession on February 24. If they can experience even a small part of the remarkable times Lynel and I have enjoyed, then their future will truly be blessed.
This blog began in 2010, but the story really starts years before with what seemed at the time to be an impossible dream, supported by an incredibly understanding partner. Thousands of memories will live forever with Lynel and I.
We Did It !


13 September 2016 | Miles = 1215 Miles on Cruise = 805
The trip back from Soucia to our slip in Cap Sante Marina was quiet, uneventful and maybe a little sad. The views of Mt. Baker were extra special. We took on 300 gallons of fuel at Fidos, then tied up back in F-12, where we had left nearly 2 and a half months ago.
Eos has served us well.


12 September 2016 | Miles = 1190
The wind shifted north at 22 knots, so Echo Bay on Soucia was an ideal place to anchor. We took the dinghy over to Fossil Bay to hike the trails out to the point where the views east to the mountains and west to the San Juans were spectacular.
This was our last night anchored out on Eos and brought back thousands of memories spanning many years, and distances from the Gulf of Alaska to the Gulf of Maine. We are Blessed.

Reid on Stuart

11 September 2016 | Miles = 1170
A very short trip over to Stuart Island and our favorite location in Reid Harbor. We had the entire day to kayak, dinghy tour, and to walk the trail out to Turn Point. I especially wanted to walk out to the point since the last time we were here I could not make it due to losing leg function from severe cord compression. Major back surgery and a period of determined walking did the trick, so this time it was easy to visit the lighthouse at Turn Point. Mission Accomplished

Montague to Roche to Stuart

10 September 2016
We cleared back into the US through customs in Roche, a slow process, so we decided to anchor down in Roche Harbor. We were a little late in arrival because we spent some time watching orca in Haro Strait...time well spent. We had a good time walking the sculpture garden and visiting the shops at Roche. There was a Ranger Tug rally going on with about 160 boats and a multitude of "tug nuts".

Victoria to Montague

09 September 2016
We left Victoria in the fog and were most grateful for good radar coming around and up to Montague, another of our favorite places. We arrived early enough to walk the trails in the park and relax a little before taking the "Tommy Transit" bus to the Hummingbird Pub. This is an experience that needs to be done in person, not by reading about it, so I will not waste time with words. Come to Galiano for yourself.
Vessel Name: Eos
Vessel Make/Model: Selene 47 Trawler
Hailing Port: Santa Barbara, California
Crew: Stephen and Lynel Lemon
We call Santa Barbara our true home, but for this part of our life our home will be always changing. After surviving long careers in medicine we now look forward to a temporary career as boat people. [...]
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