Adventures of Eowyn of Hamble

Log of Eowyn's sailing adventures. Plan for 2021 is sail around Great Britain, if COVID allows enough ports to open!

14 September 2021 | Hamble
12 September 2021 | Port Hamble
11 September 2021 | Beaulieu River
10 September 2021 | Portland
09 September 2021 | Dittisham
02 September 2021 | Plymouth
01 September 2021 | Fowey
31 August 2021 | Falmouth
30 August 2021 | Penzance
26 August 2021 | Padstow
25 August 2021 | Lundy (Jenny's Cove)
24 August 2021 | Milford Haven (Sandy Haven Bay)
23 August 2021 | Milford Haven (Dale)
22 August 2021 | Fishguard
21 August 2021 | Arklow
19 August 2021 | Greystones
18 August 2021 | Malahide and Dublin
15 August 2021 | Malahide Marina
15 August 2021 | Carlingford Marina
14 August 2021 | Ardglass

After an uncomfortable night, a cracking sail!

15 August 2021 | Malahide Marina
Martin Crick | NW - WSW; 15-20kts
Well, I thought it would be an uncomfortable night in Carlingford Marina, and it certainly was! The first disappointment was that the restaurant was not serving food: I've joked about liquid meals, but however much I like Guinness that wasn't enough. So after one pint, back on board and cooked my own supper. Then, from about 3am - when the tide turned - the swell built up and the boat shook and shuddered. Little sleep. I won't be rushing back to Carlingford Marina.

In the morning, I was up and organising my departure earlier than I'd planned. With 20kts of wind blowing, I expected it to be tricky, but actually it was pretty much on the bows so I came out quite easily! Once out in the lough, I had the wind behind me, and a strong ebb tide, so shot out of the Lough like a cork out of a bottle under headsail alone. Most of the way down the lough I was escorted by a lone dolphin that has take up residence there. Dolphins have been few and far between this trip, so that was very welcome.

Once out of the lough, the wind was no longer funnelled by the mountains, so of course dropped somewhat. I therefore set the mainsail as well, and headed south on a broad reach sailing well. Looking back, I could see rain clouds also funnelling down the lough (see photo above). As the day progressed, the wind freshened until I was doing 8kts over the ground. That would have got me to Malahide uncomfortably early to have enough water to get in, and the boat was yawing around with the self steering beginning to struggle. I dropped the mainsail again, and was soon doing 5-6kts under just the headsail - great!

The entrance to Malahide is narrow and shallow, so I was glad not to be early for the tide. The wind was still pretty fresh, so assistance in mooring from a neighbouring boat was most welcome.

Log of this passage
Vessel Name: Eowyn of Hamble
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg-Rassy 36 Mk1 1993
Hailing Port: Hamble
Crew: Martin Crick
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