Adventures of Eowyn of Hamble

Log of Eowyn's sailing adventures. Plan for 2021 is sail around Great Britain, if COVID allows enough ports to open!

14 September 2021 | Hamble
12 September 2021 | Port Hamble
11 September 2021 | Beaulieu River
10 September 2021 | Portland
09 September 2021 | Dittisham
02 September 2021 | Plymouth
01 September 2021 | Fowey
31 August 2021 | Falmouth
30 August 2021 | Penzance
26 August 2021 | Padstow
25 August 2021 | Lundy (Jenny's Cove)
24 August 2021 | Milford Haven (Sandy Haven Bay)
23 August 2021 | Milford Haven (Dale)
22 August 2021 | Fishguard
21 August 2021 | Arklow
19 August 2021 | Greystones
18 August 2021 | Malahide and Dublin
15 August 2021 | Malahide Marina
15 August 2021 | Carlingford Marina
14 August 2021 | Ardglass

Round Land's End!

30 August 2021 | Penzance
Martin Crick | NE 5-15kts; Fair
After a few days in Padstow, which I spent enjoying the beautiful countryside (see photo album, link bottom right), I was joined by my friend Nick. Such luxury to have crew!

We filled up with water at high tide on Sunday night. Doing it at night meant we didn't have to negotiate the holiday making children crabbing on the quay when running the hose.

Monday morning we set off when the tide allowed. Out in Padstow Bay we found a nice breeze from the north east, and once round Trevose Head (see picture above) we set sail goose winged, with a preventer to keep the boom out and avoid a sudden gybe in the rolling swell. We made good progress down the coast as far as Cape Cornwall, where the wind died and the tide turned. For a while we motor sailed under main, but soon found the rolling motion of the swell simply made the sail slam even when sheeted in, so we dropped the main as well and motored.

As we rounded the Longships Rocks, we began to see other yachts coming up from the west, most likely from the Scillies. Opinions seemed to differ as to how close to Gwennap Head one could go: I kept us south of the Runnel Stone south cardinal buoy just to be safe. As daylight faded, we were motoring hard against a freshening wind and tide up into Penzance Bay.

We opted to pick up a buoy outside Penzance, to avoid being trapped in until high water the following day which would have made for a poor departure time for heading further east. The buoy proved very hard to first find, and then pick up. There was no pick up line on the buoy, and the loop on top was small, making it hard to pass a line through. Eventually, we lassoed the buoy, and were able to get close enough to reach down and pass a line through - but it took an hour in the dark!

Eventually at midnight we were able to get to bed.

Log of this passage
Vessel Name: Eowyn of Hamble
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg-Rassy 36 Mk1 1993
Hailing Port: Hamble
Crew: Martin Crick
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