Sailmakers-in China

I am a sailmaker in china ,and I wish to know more friends here .If you like me ,leave your footprint here.

03 May 2010 | Jilin,Jilin
22 April 2010 | china
14 April 2010 | China

Sailmaking---in China

03 May 2010 | Jilin,Jilin
NOW I have worked nearly for a month,and I learn more about sails.I saw many stoies about sailors,sailiing, making sails .It is really exciting!In these days I knew many friends,I share their happy and amazing times.Although I still have no chance to go sailing ,when I saw the experiences of my friends' just like I go with them .
Here I am appreciated for my friends and my manager, my friends give me a lot of help,they are very enthusiastic.My manager give me chance to step into sailing bussiness.
Now my company still small,but we have confidence to make it big and strong,and we give the best quality sails to our customer.
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