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01 January 2010
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21 June 2009 | Khutzeymateen
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On the road

01 January 2010
We've created a new blog for our RVing adventures on -- guess what? -- an RVing blog site. Please join us at:

for our winter 2010 road trip to the Baja!

Blurry? Who's blurry?

25 November 2009 | Vancouver BC
Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain...
Yup. That's Ron on the right.

Yup. That's our NEW (2006, but who's counting?) RV!!!!

This picture may look blurry, but it isn't really. That's Cameron, from Traveland in Langley, beside Ron. We've just finished a day and a half of going through all the systems: water, propane, water heater, furnace, fridge, plumbing, awning, generator, refrigerator, 12-volt, 110, etc., etc., etc. So it's actually us who is blurry. We had to go through some things twice. Cameron is very knowledgeable. And patient!

Yup. We're still sailors, but in the West Coast summers. In the West Coast winters, we're outta here (did I mention the rain?), but via road this time. So now, La Contessa Salsa gets to come along and check out the beaches. And we avoid plague and pestilence on airlines, busses, and seedy hotels. That's the theory. Plus, we just wanted to.

We've been talking about this for a while. Then last year in Oaxaca we met some folks from Quebec who, with much enthusiasm, showed us around their van-conversion campers and their campground high in the hills above the city. At the same time, we were getting emails from John and Tammy, who were off-roading it in Guatemala. The folks from Quebec are now in South America. John & Tammy have just acquired a new Very Serious vehicle for even more off-roading. We're just peeking over the edge, still in Vancouver, but it is raining incessantly and in early January plan to hit the road and find out what these guys are raving about. That is, if we're not snow-bound. The Baja has a certain je-ne-sais-quois appeal. Mulegé, here we come!

Vessel Name: Erramus
Vessel Make/Model: 1975 Valiant 40
Hailing Port: Vancouver BC
Crew: Ron & Meredith
We've been cruising the BC Coast and SE Alaska on Erramus since we bought her in 2001. Check out our book, "Along the Inside Passage", (Altitude, 2004). [...]

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