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21 June 2009 | Khutzeymateen
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12 July 2002 | Kake, AK
Photo by Ron
Kake is a not-often visited town on Frederick Sound. The area it's in is often called the banana belt of SE Alaska, because of the micro climate: sunnier and drier than the rest of SE. The boat harbour is a ways out of town, but people are great about picking up hitch hikers!

Dolphins galore

11 July 2002 | Frederick Sound, AK
If you go to Alaska to see wildlife you won't be disappointed. This group of dolphins accompanied us for quite a while along Frederick Sound on our way in to Kake. Lots of whales in Frederick Sound, too.

Warm bath in the wild

05 July 2002 | Warm Springs, AK
After a trek through the woods, singing loudly to alert the bears, we found this lovely hot springs pool, right on the edge of a roaring mountain creek. One of those times you'll remember forever.

Main Street

02 July 2002 | Tenakee Springs, AK
We were a day late for the Fourth of July celebrations, but apparently they were really something. A great community feast and a parade and special events like "The Slow Bike Race". Gives you an idea of the feel of this place.

Holy cow!

30 June 2002 | Lynn Canal, AK
Who knew it was so stunningly beautiful? We were lucky to have a gorgeous day. When we returned down the canal three days later, it was snowing. Gotta love it.


30 June 2002 | Haines, AK
We were absolutely taken with Haines, one of only three communities in SE Alaska, accessible by road. The weather was great, which made the mountains stand out even more.

Mount Fairweather

28 June 2002 | Glacier Bay, AK
Although we got our permit to visit Glacier Bay well in advance, none of the material mentioned that dogs were not allowed off the boat at anywhere, but Bartlett Cove, which disappointed us to no end. We were only able to spend a couple of days in Glacier Bay because of this. All regulations there are strictly enforced by gun totin' park rangers.


21 June 2002 | Wrangell, AK
It's a bit of a hike out of town, but this petroglyph park is really neat, with a nice combination of interpretive signs and undirected discovery. Quite a thing to see these ancient messages just lying on the beach as they have for millennia.

Wrangell Narrows

20 June 2002 | Petersburg, AK
Wrangell Narrows is an navigational experience unto itself. Something like 60 nav aids guide you throw a VERY shallow and sometimes VERY narrow channel. At the north end, Petersburg is a great town, inaccessible to large cruise ships, but on the Alaska Ferries route. Very photogenic. Great fishing. We enjoyed our time here.


18 June 2002 | Ketchikan, AK
The cruise ship industry is good for many towns in SE Alaska, but in some places, when the cruise ships aren't in, the town shuts down. They kind of dominate.


17 June 2002 | Foggy Bay, AK
This was our first stop in Alaska. We had a very rough crossing of Dixon Entrance, so we were very glad to be here. It's a very sheltered anchorage, with an entrance that's a bit hidden, but a welcome refuge. And whales come into the bay outside!
Vessel Name: Erramus
Vessel Make/Model: 1975 Valiant 40
Hailing Port: Vancouver BC
Crew: Ron & Meredith
We've been cruising the BC Coast and SE Alaska on Erramus since we bought her in 2001. Check out our book, "Along the Inside Passage", (Altitude, 2004). [...]

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