19 April 2018 | Marsden Cove Marina
15 April 2018 | Ruakaka
13 April 2018 | Waipu Caves
07 April 2018 | Whangarei
05 April 2018 | Marsden Cove Marina
04 April 2018 | Tutuaka
03 April 2018 | Whangamumu
01 April 2018 | Urupukapuka Island
30 March 2018 | Moturua
29 March 2018 | Bay of Islands
13 March 2018 | Marsden Cove
12 March 2018 | Taupo
11 March 2018 | Lake Taupo
10 March 2018 | Taupo
09 March 2018 | River Road Whanganui
08 March 2018 | Memorial Tower, Whanganui
07 March 2018 | Whanganui
06 March 2018 | Whanganui
03 March 2018 | Whangamona

'Another Adventure'

19 April 2018 | Marsden Cove Marina
Frank and Yvonne from 'Another Adventure' arrived in Marsden from Whangarei a couple of days ago. They are moving on to Opua prior to leaving for Vanuatu. We had a 'catch' up over wine on their boat and continued over a meal last night on L'Esprit. They are moving on today and we will probably meet up again somewhere in the islands

Ruakaka Beach

15 April 2018 | Ruakaka
Went to the beach as weather turned out nice. It was Spring Tides and so sea was right out and a bit shallow for swimming. Tried to read and sunbathe but there were plagues of flies so as it clouded over we took a long walk along the beach, a gentle breeze kept the flies away. On return Chris had a swim and I sat by the car I thought I would be safe from the flies on the grass but instead I was attacked by noseeums and have the bites to prove it

Waipu Caves

13 April 2018 | Waipu Caves
Went for a walk at Waipu Caves. The caves are at the bottom of the hill near the car park and about 200m deep with glowworms and the longest stalagmites in New Zealand. We stuck our noses in but did not fancy wading through the dark water (we know from previous visit that even when there is no water there is deep sticky mud) It was a steep muddy climb to the top of the hill and you pass may strange shape weathered rocks and sink holes (limestone area) and we were rewarded with clear views for miles Luckily I had not brought my camera as I slipped in the mud on the way up and was heavily coated in mud If I had been carrying the camera it would not have been much use. As it was could not get on my feet again (kept slipping) so another passing walker helped Chris put me back on my feet.

OCC BBQ at Riverside Drive

07 April 2018 | Whangarei
We bought a new electric oven as the gas one is very slow (3/4 hour for a small bread pudding). We will be trying it out Sunday night.
13.00h we met up at Riverside Drive for the OCC Bar B Q. Mary provided the lamb which was delicious and everyone attending brought a side dish to share. It was a good event again, some new faces and some returners. Nice to know what others are planning and getting information on possible future destinations.

Back 'Home'

05 April 2018 | Marsden Cove Marina
Motored all the way to Marsden into the wind. There was little wind (not enough to sail) but sea was a bit lumpy. We arrived early afternoon and made a hash of tying up as wind was blowing us off and we could not get at the ropes we had left as they had tangled on the roller on end of pontoon . Luckily Linda from Bright Angel came to our rescue and no damage was done. Chris went off to shop and have a swim and I stayed to clean heads x2 and prepare tonights food (curry and naan bread. Tomorrow more cleaning and sorting to start preparations for departure to Fiji and the 'Big Shop' to stock up.


04 April 2018 | Tutuaka
A windless start to the day, and we set off for Tutukaka under engine but were able to get the sails up after a while and continued under sail all the way arriving at around 17.00h. Chris deflated the dingy as tomorrow will be a beat to Marsden and we do not want to be trailing a dingy.
Vessel Name: Esprit de la mer
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau
Hailing Port: Milford Haven
Crew: Chris and Penny Bates
Chris Bates is a Haverfordwest GP retiring at the end of March after 28 years at Winch Lane Surgery. Penny is a nurse in outpatients at Withybush Hospital and retires at the end of June. [...]
Capt pictured here with his pet seagull says 'Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans: it is lovely to be silly at the right moment' and thinks it is far more important to find him a name so we are running a competition to find him a name and guess the miles he will have sailed by [...]
Esprit de la mer's Photos - La Gomera (Main)
Would like to have spent longer here perhaps we can return sometime
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