06 September 2018 | Noumia
31 August 2018 | Vuda
25 August 2018 | Vuda
23 August 2018 | Musket Cove
21 August 2018 | Musket Cove
17 August 2018 | Denerau
14 August 2018 | Near Ba
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Passage Fiji to Nouvelle Caledonie

06 September 2018 | Noumia
We spent Friday night anchored off Denarau waiting for better wind next day. Left the Malolu pass at 10.00h on Saturday and picked up a light southeasterly wind that put us on a direct course for New Caledonia at a respectable speed of 6.6knts. The wind faded away late Sunday and we motorsailed for 24hrs untill the wind returned and gradually increased to 20knt. Overnight the wind rose to a gusty 30knt with heavy rain showers and visability 200m, a bit roly and uncomfortable. In these conditions we entered the Havanah Pass on Wednesday and found a sheltered anchorage in Bay du Prony for the night before continuing along the coast within the lagoon to Noumea where I had booked the last available Marina berth. Biosecurity arrived promptly so we were free to leave the boat and enjoy ' Le pain, le vin et le Boursin' (only we had Roquefort instead)
It is nice to be in Noumea with French food ,wines and hospitality for an unlimited time because we are Europeans, and sad to think that next visit will be time limited because of Brexit and maybe unaffordable because of the pound.

Leaving again

31 August 2018 | Vuda
All ready to go, customs clearance completed, water tanks full and batteries charged and then just had to wait for a tow out of our berth. You do not have to wait for tow but with the cats cradle of underwater mooring ropes it is the safest option. One of the boats ahead of us in the queue decided to go it alone and gave the perfect demo of why you wait for help even if it does take a time. The photo shows him in the process of pranging another boat who was waiting for a berth.


25 August 2018 | Vuda
Back in Vuda for a good wash and brushup prior to departure. Not only do we want boat to look and smell clean but have to eradicate all traces of insects ready for the biosecurity at our next destination. It means that we will have to say goodbye to our pet spider, who has been with us for some weeks. He comes out at night and spins a web above the cockpit table while we are eating, catches a few flies and then tidily removes all traces before we are up in the morning. He has grown quite a bit while he has been with us so our flies must be quite nutritious. We will find him a new home in the bushes at the back of the marina

Leaving Musket Cove

23 August 2018 | Musket Cove
We left Musket Cove this morning for the last time this year (maybe ever) A lovely sunny day, although traces of the smoke from the mainland remain. We will be leaving Fiji sometime next week and have to stock up in Nadi for the next few days and the passage. Arrived in Denarau late afternoon, it was a bit late to shop and rather roly so the shopping would have got wet but Chris went on his own for a box of beer (have to get the priorities right) although I was right about the too wet bit as the cardboard box disintigrated on the way back. Lucky the beer is in glass bottles not cartons! although it was quite difficult retrieving them from the bottom of dingy and transfering to boat as both were rolling all over the place


21 August 2018 | Musket Cove
Last night was woken by strong whiffs of smoke I could not find anything burning on the boat and there was no sign of fire on any of neighbouring boats so went back to bed, but this morning the smell persisted and I could see that the nearby mainland was hidden under a blanket of smoke. Do not know if it is cane burning or wild fires but on the internet boats say they are leaving Denerau because of the smoke. The strong winds are keeping the smoke away from us at Musket and it is too windy to have a go at SUP again. Is still lovely sunny day so will have to be content with sunbathing and a swim

Meat supplies

17 August 2018 | Denerau
Shopped in Nandi on the bus only went to butcher as we still had plenty of veggies intended bussing back but it was hot waiting with no shade so when a taxi stopped we jumped at it. It was a nice new Hybrid with an out of date taxi licence The driver said he had a new one but we did not enquire too closely. Anchored overnight outside Denerau as there was no room in the marina. Love the sign in the butchers window
BECOMING A VEGETARIAN IS A BIG MISSED STEAK must remember to bring camera next time
Vessel Name: Esprit de la mer
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau
Hailing Port: Milford Haven
Crew: Chris and Penny Bates
Chris Bates is a Haverfordwest GP retiring at the end of March after 28 years at Winch Lane Surgery. Penny is a nurse in outpatients at Withybush Hospital and retires at the end of June. [...]
Capt pictured here with his pet seagull says 'Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans: it is lovely to be silly at the right moment' and thinks it is far more important to find him a name so we are running a competition to find him a name and guess the miles he will have sailed by [...]
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Would like to have spent longer here perhaps we can return sometime
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