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11 March 2011 | Gold coast, QLD, Australia
06 March 2011 | Gold Coast, Queensland
14 December 2010 | Coral sea and the north
08 October 2010 | Raiatea, French Polynesia
08 September 2010 | Tahiti
31 August 2010 | Tahiti
28 August 2010 | Fatu Hiva
22 August 2010 | The Pacific ocean
19 August 2010 | The Pacific ocean
15 August 2010 | The Pacific ocean
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06 August 2010
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30 July 2010 | Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos
07 July 2010 | Ecuador, north coast, Sua
22 June 2010 | Panama City, Panama

Pacific crossing day 18

19 August 2010 | The Pacific ocean
Hej igen från världens största hav!!!

Our plotter shows 483Nm and 80 hours to our waypoint, we are slowly getting closer. It has been an other lovely day with clear blue skies, light winds and smooth seas. Our watermaker has been playing up again and the skipper and Marcus have been busy with it for most of the day. The watermaker has been causing so many problems that everyone is getting really sick of it, now the pressure is too low and the water that comes out is way too salty. Most of the crew has been experiencing dodgy stomachs for a few days.
I took the boys off the water and gave them bottled water instead and they have been fine, I think it is time for the rest of us to follow their example. Hopefully we will receive a new machine to Tahiti, one that would actually work.

yesterday we had a real treat, we caught an enormous Wahoo, it weighed about 20kg, it was bigger than the boys, a real giant of a fish. The incredible thing was that it caught a hook on a normal nylon line with no actual lure on it, I think we made fishing history. The captain had a very pleased smirk on his face while cutting up lovely medallions of the beautiful white meat. Now we have fish for many meals to come which is good because apparently there is cigatuera closer to many of the islands and you should be very careful of what sort of fish you eat.

Max and Felix were convinced that the fish was a gift from Neptune to them on account of all of the lovely pictures they had been drawing to him, who knows they just may be right. We enjoyed a meal of fish, potatoes and Sarahs special veggie sauce accompanied by a chilled bottle of portuguese white Douro wine, it would have satisfied even a true gourmand.

The sun just set behind the horizon and everyone is getting ready to retire to their cabins, life on board follows very much the schedule of the sun, when it sets its time for bed, only those on watch are awake. The nights are silent, more so than you can ever imagine, there is nothing here, nobody for hundreds of miles, it is us and the ocean. Our world is our yacht surrounded by the vast ocean and the everlasting sky, it is beautiful.

Vessel Name: Espumeru
Vessel Make/Model: North Wind 40 Catamaran
Crew: Niklas
About: Max 5 years (powerboat experience since 7 months old) Knows now how to start and turn off engines lower fenders etc... Felix 3 years (copying his brother in everything...) Mira born by the sea but no sailing experience!?! Niklas lots of experience with different boats power and sailing.
Extra: None of the crew has ever sailed a catamaran!!!! Are we mad???
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