Project: EVA

Building a 17 meter aluminum cutter

01 September 2016
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Bottom Paint.. splashing soon!

01 September 2016
Best Gift wrapping EVER!

Deck paint nearly done

04 February 2015
The deck painting process is nearly finished. We did it one or two patches at a time, so it's been slow going. We choose light grey industrial single part polyurithane called protectakote UVR. The stuff is fantastic, super grip and tough as nails... I have dropped hammers on it with zero damage.. The hammer even bounced! We have a stair case that leads up to the boat... I used this as a testing ground for the paint. Super high wear for six months and it wa still in great condition. I primed with interprotect.

Galley looking good

14 June 2014
Here is a nice view of the stove on board along with the trim around the port lights. The drawers at not made yet hence the gaping holes.

Aft Cabin Drops

31 May 2014
This little project was finished a while ago. It as the foot of our bed in the aft cabin. The one photo shows the insulation covering what is our Lazarette. I used old scraps so not to waste. There is a space between that foam and the actual position of the wall, so we filled it with a couple drops for storing random little things that don't have anywhere else to go.
The whole this is epoxied together so no screws. That why there is boat hooks and clamps holding the one side in and the other being pulled by ratchet straps.
In the house J and I both have little spots were we keep silly little thing.... these will eventually be their home. If you wonder what the white pipe is going through the bottom is... its a conduit for our throttle control which passes under the bed and straight to the engine.

Sound insulation

22 April 2014
It's hard to show engine room sound insulation because of the space and mess in there at present, but here is some extra we put on the aft cabin aft bulkhead. The reasoning is that it might dampen autopilot noise and what ever other noises that would come from the steering. Thrown in there is the generator engine panel and tank tender, they are both mounted right next to where you get into the engine room. The main engine panel will be in the pilot house with alarms sent into the cockpit.


10 April 2014
This part of the boat has so much hidden technical work its crazy. As the fuel tanks are belowand on the othe side of the keel well we neede to sort all the fuel plumbing before tackleing any wood work. We'll post fuel plumbing in another entry. Suffice to say that we can transfer to the day tank from either tank, from tank to tank and in emergency run directly from a tank with no day tank involved. We have also setup a polishing system that can act as backup transfer system. I am quite chuffed about the polishing. I hate the idea of old dirty fuel. We can polish all the fuel in a day using hardly any energy. Thus on sunny days with extry juice we can polish just for fun ;) Did i mention i don't like dirty fuel...
Then there is the water plumbing of which most is in the galley. Water filters are here. We have three taps. One for normal hot and cold unfiltered. Filter water for drinking. And a salt water pump for bulk washing and water saving mode. There is foot pump that works one of the pumps when the pump is switched off.
These are not the best pics of the galley and we are varnishing the trim so everything is dustyand covered in 3m tape. We'll post more detail in coming entries. May be this a job for the gopro. Wow this catching up thing is going to take time!
Vessel Name: Eva
Vessel Make/Model: Ed Joy design 56' lifting keel & rudder, Jacobs Brothers Built
Crew: Claude, Julie, Noah, Lilo, & Finn
Claude: 32 yrs old, circumnavigator, surfer, husband, daddy-O, buddha-like. Julie: 33 yrs old, loves to be on the water, bookworm, wife, momma, Eeyore-like. Noah: 7 yrs old, really into reptiles and surfing. Lilo: 4 yrs old, comedian, thinks helicopters (and anything very very loud... [...]
Well... we started a family and now the normal thing would be to buy a house. But the problem with a house is that you can't travel with it and you rarely have adventures with it. So the plan is : build dream boat: EVA (dream boat definition: Aluminium, tough, low maintenance meaning minimum [...]

Who: Claude, Julie, Noah, Lilo, & Finn