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Building a 17 meter aluminum cutter

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Back to Work

08 November 2012
We've been away for a month and now we're back! I dare say we missed her. It is good to step back from a project of this magnitude to reassess and get the big picture again. With our renewed enthusiasm we've tackled the steering, (it's nearly complete) and with the 2 helms it turned out to be less of a 'spaghetti factory' than we anticipated. We're working on getting on the last 4 portlights (in the hull). We've finalized a lot of our electronics purchasing (radar etc etc), decided on and bought our fridge, and the kid's cabin has seen lots of progress. I think we're back in the groove.
Vessel Name: Eva
Vessel Make/Model: Ed Joy design 56' lifting keel & rudder, Jacobs Brothers Built
Crew: Claude, Julie, Noah, Lilo, & Finn
Claude: 32 yrs old, circumnavigator, surfer, husband, daddy-O, buddha-like. Julie: 33 yrs old, loves to be on the water, bookworm, wife, momma, Eeyore-like. Noah: 7 yrs old, really into reptiles and surfing. Lilo: 4 yrs old, comedian, thinks helicopters (and anything very very loud... [...]
Well... we started a family and now the normal thing would be to buy a house. But the problem with a house is that you can't travel with it and you rarely have adventures with it. So the plan is : build dream boat: EVA (dream boat definition: Aluminium, tough, low maintenance meaning minimum [...]
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Who: Claude, Julie, Noah, Lilo, & Finn