Project: EVA

Building a 17 meter aluminum cutter

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Where to begin!?

08 April 2014
We are officially the worst bloggers ever. I don't think letting a year pass without a single post is normal by anyones standards. Any way lets start with some deck gear and in the nextpost we'll move inside. Here you can see the maxwell 3500 with the deck wash spigots along side. One is for fresh wash down and the other is salt for the super dirty jobs. you can also see the deck paint we've chosen. Only some of the deck has been painted. Weather permitting we'll do the rest in a week or two. You can also see the rollers we designed and made. They each have an inch ID 316 tube pressed in and sit on an inch 316 shaft. The whole system works like magic with 1/2 inch chain. Still to add is a bar to stop the chain jumping under extreme conditions. Thats it for now. Next inside. Galley maybe?
Vessel Name: Eva
Vessel Make/Model: Ed Joy design 56' lifting keel & rudder, Jacobs Brothers Built
Crew: Claude, Julie, Noah, Lilo, & Finn
Claude: 32 yrs old, circumnavigator, surfer, husband, daddy-O, buddha-like. Julie: 33 yrs old, loves to be on the water, bookworm, wife, momma, Eeyore-like. Noah: 7 yrs old, really into reptiles and surfing. Lilo: 4 yrs old, comedian, thinks helicopters (and anything very very loud... [...]
Well... we started a family and now the normal thing would be to buy a house. But the problem with a house is that you can't travel with it and you rarely have adventures with it. So the plan is : build dream boat: EVA (dream boat definition: Aluminium, tough, low maintenance meaning minimum [...]

Who: Claude, Julie, Noah, Lilo, & Finn