Evening Ebb

s/v evening ebb

Port: Washington, DC
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thursday the 18th

18 August 2016 | prickly bay, grenada
patchy clouds
Even herons need a place to hang out (glad it wasn't my dinghy). It's overcast this morning with very light winds. We've had quite a bit of rain over the past week with light winds and high humidity which have made sleeping a bit of a challenge. Last Thursday night, it was cloudy at sunset looking from the Whisper Cove marina toward Hog Island.

Hard to believe it's been a week and a half since carnival. After two nights sleeping in a bed at my friend's house, I returned to the boat last Tuesday to find that both the frig and battery charger weren't working. Called Stuart and Jimmy from Palm Tree Marine to take a look at the frig. They made it out on Thursday and felt reasonably confident that they'd found and fixed a leak and started the process of recharging the system. I added quite a bit of refrigerant on Friday and the frig has been cycling ever since although the power usage still seems a bit high. It's nice to have cool water to drink on these hot afternoons, but I'd like to figure out why it's not running as efficiently as it has in the past.

The battery charger just stopped working. There were no reports of lightning and all of my other electronics seem to be working properly. Checked the charger in place; called tech support; and finally pulled it and had a local tech take a look, but all agreed that it had just stopped. Since it was still under warranty, called the company I'd bought it from and they offered to send me a new charger and a larger one at that: 50 amp instead of a 40 amp. The charger arrived at FedEx on Tuesday and after about four hours of waiting and visiting immigration and customs officers, I had the charger in hand and installed it last night. Ran my small Honda generator this morning and put about 75 amp-hours into the batteries in an hour and a half. The solar panels should finish topping up the batteries today.

Great dives this weekend with my dive buddy Glynn. On the second dive Sunday morning we saw the largest green moray eel I think I've ever seen. It was over 2 meters long and was a bit agitated swimming about rather than tucked into a hole. During the dive I looked over and there was a round white object on the sea floor at about 65 feet. Swam down and found a plate someone must have dropped from a sailboat. Held onto it for the rest of the dive and now it's here on the boat. It's been fun eating off a found plate. My first tangible treasure from the deep.

It's been quiet on the island and everyone is keeping an eye on the fronts exiting the African coast. Enjoy the full moon tonight!

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Vessel Name: s/v Evening Ebb
Vessel Make/Model: 1979 Pearson 365 Ketch
Hailing Port: Washington, DC
The boat's name comes from a poem by Robinson Jeffers: Evening Ebb The ocean has not been so quiet for a long while; five nightherons Fly shorelong voiceless in the hush of the air Over the calm of an ebb that almost mirrors their wings. The sun has gone down, and the water has gone [...]
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s/v evening ebb

Port: Washington, DC