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Port: Washington, DC
21 September 2018 | prickly bay grenada
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27 February 2017 | tobago cays, svg, wi
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23 February 2017
19 February 2017 | Tyrell Bay, Carriacou, Grenada
17 February 2017 | prickly bay, grenada, wi
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16 June 2016 | pier 41 marina, the dockyards, bermuda

Friday the 17th of February

17 February 2017 | prickly bay, grenada, wi
sunny with some clouds
A shot of the beach in front of the tiki bar at Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, BVI, on Monday the 6th of February. I delivered an Oyster 68 from Grenada to the BVI with my friend Danny and had a chance to catch up with all my friends in Nanny Cay Monday afternoon.

We left late Thursday afternoon, the 2nd, and tied up at the ferry dock in Road Town at nine am Sunday morning, the 5th. It was a brilliant sail and the only difficulties were first, surviving an intense squall in Port Louis marina that hit just as the dockhands dropped the lines (fun learning to drive the 68 in the wind and sheeting rain), and second, trying to slow the boat down enough so we didn't arrive too early in the BVI. It was a bit bumpy Thursday night, but the Oyster was a joy to sail. Here's a shot of the sun setting on the trip's first night.

I'm feeling much better. Five days of diving the past week. The big news is that Evening Ebb is ready to go to sea. This afternoon, I'm heading to customs and checking the boat out of Grenada. Hard to believe she's been checked in here since June of 2013. The current plan is to run around to St George's or the sculpture park later this afternoon and spend the night. Then leave for Martinique around four or five am. Should arrive around the mid-day on Sunday. The "Where's Dirk" link at the bottom of the page will have current locations. After Martinique the plan is to work back through the Grenadines to Grenada around the middle of March.

Here are a couple of links for your reading and viewing pleasure:

Lisa Blair is attempting to become the first female to circumnavigate the Antarctic solo. She's 25 days into her voyage. You can follow along at her blog and website.

After reading this story, I may never throw cans or bottles off the boat again.

Someone (apologies) posted the link to this story about the people you meet while traveling.

And finally, a cool short movie: The Man and the Sea.
Vessel Name: s/v Evening Ebb
Vessel Make/Model: 1979 Pearson 365 Ketch
Hailing Port: Washington, DC
The boat's name comes from a poem by Robinson Jeffers: Evening Ebb The ocean has not been so quiet for a long while; five nightherons Fly shorelong voiceless in the hush of the air Over the calm of an ebb that almost mirrors their wings. The sun has gone down, and the water has gone [...]
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s/v evening ebb

Port: Washington, DC