Evening Ebb

s/v evening ebb

Port: Washington, DC
22 May 2015 | 26 22.3'N:064 33.3'W, north atlantic 479 miles from the BVI
21 May 2015 | 24 14.1'N:064 35.4'W, north atlantic 350 miles from the BVI
20 May 2015 | 21 53.7'N:064 35.2'W, north atlantic 210 miles from the BVI
19 May 2015 | 19 46.7'N:064 34.6'W, north atlantic 84 miles from the BVI
18 May 2015 | nanny cay marina
17 May 2015 | cancel bay st johns USVI
16 May 2015 | BVI yacht charters road town tortola
15 May 2015 | 18 23.1'N:064 42.2'W, sopers hole west end tortola bvi
14 May 2015 | 20 49.1'N:064 43.6'W, north atlantic ocean heading south
13 May 2015 | 23 21.3'N:064 42.8'W, north atlantic ocean heading south
12 May 2015 | 25 36.0'N:064 40.8'W, north atlantic ocean heading south
11 May 2015 | 28 14.2'N:064 39.2'W, north atlantic ocean heading south
10 May 2015 | 30 40.9'N:064 37.8'W, north atlantic ocean heading south
09 May 2015 | st georges bermuda
08 May 2015 | 32 22.9'N:064 35.0'W, just off St George's
07 May 2015 | 32 48.2'N:066 41.9'W, north atlantic 118 miles to Bermuda
06 May 2015 | 33 23.5'N:068 56.8'W, north atlantic 223 miles from Bermuda
05 May 2015 | 34 29.9'N:071 41.1'W, north atlantic 370 miles from Bermuda
04 May 2015 | 35 42.2'N:074 10.3'W, in the gulf stream

friday september 21st

21 September 2018 | prickly bay grenada
hot and a bit rainy
The sun rising over Cape Cod a month ago.

Some whimsy to warm up the blog. Barefoot pics from the past year: the Pacific and the Atlantic; the desert and DC; and finally Massachusetts snow.

More to come.

tuesday july 11th

11 July 2017 | oaxaca mexico
cool and cloudy
Packed bags seem to be a fitting theme for the past two months.

Six flights on LIAT (three from Grenada to the BVI and three from Grenada to St Maarten -- all on time!!); four flights from Grenada to Oaxaca; a boat delivery from the BVI to Grenada by way of White House Bay St Kitts; and another from St Maarten to Grenada by way of Guadeloupe. Prepared for and rode out tropical storm Bret in Prickly Bay (top winds of 40 knots wind gusts of 48 knots).

This morning it's a lovely 19 degrees with clouds in Oaxaca Mexico. I'm sitting in long pants and a light sweatshirt since 19 degrees actually feels a bit chilly to this Caribbean boy.

Santo Domingo Guzmán

Oaxaca has been a pleasant surprise. Far from the water in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains at an elevation of 1555 meters or 5102 feet, it was founded in 1575 and is the largest city in the state of Oaxaca. In the month of the July the highs during the day are only in the mid 20s and the lows at night are in the mid teens. There's street art everywhere as well as museums, churches, and markets. There's been plenty to explore and that's only in the city, not the surrounding villages and archaeological sites.

Chile relleno with frijoles, salad, tortillas, and mole. The food is inexpensive: lunch with a fresh juice was about $4.

What's been most impressive about Oaxaca have been the people and the history. The central city is very old and the people have been friendly and welcoming. Everyone smiles and wishes you a good day.

And finally a sunset from Anse a la Barque, Guadeloupe.

thursday may 11th

11 May 2017 | prickly bay, grenada, west indies
sunny and hot
A shot from Savvy looking back at the pack during the third race of the West Indies regatta a week ago Sunday. While the trip to St Barths and back was wet and we hand-steered the boat for over sixty hours each way (with only a compass that had no night light), the trip was a blast and we had fun at the regatta. As a friend reminded me, it's a good thing sailors have such poor short term memory otherwise we'd never go back to sea.

Here's a shot of Savvy back in Grenada tied to her spot in Port Louis Marina

And a shot of the Spirit of Bermuda backing in next to us in Gustavia. The crew was great and they even hosted a Dark and Stormy party on Saturday night. It was fun to spend time on a boat I had walked past so many times when I was in Bermuda last year.

Here's a shot of Sweetheart leaving the quai in Gustavia heading back to Antigua. In 2013 I crewed on her during the Antigua Classics. We beat Savvy and won our class. Sweetheart was berthed next to Savvy at the yacht club in Falmouth harbour and that's where I met Danny and he talked me into bringing my boat to Grenada.

Evening Ebb returned to Prickly Bay on the 12th of March. Since then I logged my 500th dive, installed a television, and managed to lose the dinghy when I must have been tired and forgot to tie it to the boat. Went below and when I came up two hours later, there was no dinghy. As I was on the radio asking if anyone had seen it, Magnum, the boat behind me swung and I saw the dinghy on the beach. Carl was already on his way and he ran me to shore. I hopped out and retrieved it. It's hard to describe the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when your only method of dry transportation to shore is missing. I treated the dinghy to a servicing at Sea Safety Services, Donal and Sarah's life raft and dinghy servicing company at Prickly Bay Marina. I think they got it almost as clean as it was when I unpacked it the first time. They found some damage on the bottom of the starboard pontoon and patched it. Other than that, after five years of service, the Zodiac is still in great shape -- and clean!!

Heading to the BVI in two weeks to help friends take their schooner south to Grenada. Should be back in Grenada the middle of June. Then the end of June a quick trip to St Maarten to take a boat straight back to Grenada. After that, I'm still mulling over possibilities for the summer.

Kick 'em Jenny is an active submarine volcano just north of Grenada. It's been active again so we gave the exclusion zone a wide berth on the trip back. One of the most devastating eruptions in the windward islands was when Mt Pele on Martinique erupted. Here's an account of the devastation from that eruption.

And finally, on April 13 the sailboat Vamp was found drifting three miles south of Grenada. When they boarded the boat, the Coast Guard found the body of a 62 year old German sailor who had died during the passage from the Canary islands. The Coast Guard towed the boat to their base in Prickly Bay and it's still here on a mooring while the family and the German government sort out the details of its disposition.

thursday march 2nd

02 March 2017 | frigate island, union island, svg, wi
blustery and a bit squally
Well, we're not in Bequia. We are anchored behind Frigate Island just off Ashton, Union Island in St Vincent and the Grenadines. We're the fourth mast from the left (look for the shortest mast). We moved here Tuesday after watching the weather forecasts and deciding that an upwind bash to Bequia was not going to be any fun.

During December and January the Christmas winds never seemed to materialize. I'm not sure what one calls these winds, but they are howling (20s with gusts in the 30s) and it's been a bit squally. It looks as though the wind is in the forecast for at least the next week and a half to two weeks. So, we're adjusting our plans accordingly. This morning's plan is to check out of St Vincent on Saturday and head over to Tyrell bay and hang out there for awhile before heading back to Grenada and Prickly Bay.
Vessel Name: s/v Evening Ebb
Vessel Make/Model: 1979 Pearson 365 Ketch
Hailing Port: Washington, DC
The boat's name comes from a poem by Robinson Jeffers: Evening Ebb The ocean has not been so quiet for a long while; five nightherons Fly shorelong voiceless in the hush of the air Over the calm of an ebb that almost mirrors their wings. The sun has gone down, and the water has gone [...]
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s/v evening ebb

Port: Washington, DC