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10 April 2008 | Urangan Boat Harbour

The pain begins.

10 April 2008 | Urangan Boat Harbour
So we've sold the house, all our worldly possesion minus 15 cartons, and travelled from the desert like confines of Canberra to the ridiculously beautiful Hervey Bay. The plan is to have the boat in sea going condition in 6 months. This might seem like a long time but every time you tighten a screw on a boat, five others fall out.

Here's what I've hit so far:


At some stage the good ship Eveready took part in what one could only guess as an attempt to board a freighter. The sturdy bowsprit has a ding on the end cap which looks fairly innocuous at first glance. However on further inspection it is revealed that the bolts holding the windlass in have shifted ever so slightly to starboard by about an inch. The you look on the port side of the bowsprit and notice that the bolts holding the pulpit in place have popped out.

Neither myself or the surveyor picked this up on first inspection but then again the surveyor didn't pick up much at all. So the end result of this is that the bowsprit has to be replaced. Luckily my good friend Mox has a piece of hardwood sitting around that almost exactly fits the bill. More to come on that one.

Chain Locker

The boat seems full of good ideas and bad or incomplete implementations. The chain locker is a stunning example of that. For a boat of Eveready's size the chain locker is quiet big, which is good, and the walls have been lined with marine ply and then the joins fibreglassed, fantastic, but the working part - the base has been forgotten. The chain sat on a couple of pieces of wood with no drainage (due to the thru-hull being shut off).

To remedy this I plumbed in new drainage, filled the bottom in with waterproof expanding foam, let it dry out then firbreglassed over the top. The end result seems quite strong but time will tell.

My sessions is about to expire. I shall post again later.
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