21 May 2010 | Etobicoke Yaht Club, Toronto
16 May 2010 | Oswego
14 May 2010 | Erie Canal
12 May 2010 | Waterford, NY
10 May 2010 | Hop-O-Nose
06 May 2010
05 May 2010 | Atlantic Ocean
19 April 2010 | Key West, USA
08 April 2010
08 April 2010
24 March 2010
06 March 2010 | Isla Mujeres, Mexico
04 February 2010 | Utila
03 February 2010 | Melissa's Reef
30 January 2010 | West End, Roatan
26 January 2010 | Roatan, West End
26 January 2010

Peg leg pirate to fire the cannon

06 May 2010
From the relaxed mode waiting for weather in Isla Mujeres we really put some miles under the keel again.
We had to wait a week or so and took the time to bus over to Isla Holbox. The island is perfect for kiting but was completely rained out with no wind. We had fun between the rain bursts and would consider going back to visit on day.
The cruisers in Isla Mujeres talk about the nasty conditions of crossing the gulf stream to Florida and constantly discuss the upcoming weather. A lot to them want to travel in packs for reassurance and safety. We ended up leaving with an Amel 54 and stayed ahead of them for most of the trip (until they started their motor). I think they were amazed that our little 45 footer was sailing the same speed as us. We both left from Key West to Miami within an hour and they would call on the VHF to ask if our motor was on.

Key West was a haven for broken down boats and sailors. A lot of sailors have been there for years and don't have the money to leave. They make ends meet by working some of the many bars. We were befriended by a Canadian sailor named Ted who initiated us to the poor sailors method of partying. It is legal to drink from plastic cups on the streets so we would buy a six pack at a corner store pour three beers into cups and I would carry the other three in my purse. We would wander up and down all the streets checking out the bars and the sights including the old hanging tree and the skeleton that was dug up during the bar's expansion. It was the anniversary of the fight for independence of the Conch Republic and there was a mock battle which started off our little party. (you will notice that the pirate in the photo has a real peg leg, he is one of the liveaboards who lets tourists take pictures of him and his parrot for tips) We ended up a few six packs later at a cowboy bar where lucky for me they don't let you ride the mechanic bull unless you have proper ID (as you may fake your name on the waiver form).
We could have stayed there for quite a while but a bad storm was approaching and we did not want to be in the anchor with that many derelict boats.
Vessel Name: Excusme
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter Legend 45 1986
Hailing Port: Toronto, Canada
Crew: Lori and Scott
About: Left Toronto in May 2008 and sailed via New York City to the Azores, Portugal, Maderia, the Canaries, and have arrived in the Caribbean.
Extra: Met in a boat yard. Lori's C&C 27 was too small, bought Excusme, been making her blue water worthy. Got married have been living aboard saving our pennies.
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Who: Lori and Scott
Port: Toronto, Canada