Planetary Exloration on Senta II

Vessel Name: Senta II
Vessel Make/Model: Ericson 39B
Crew: Nancy & Sven
Extra: This blog will temporarily pick up from where the blog left off after our Retina Mac suffered a memory failure. Don't ask where the "p" in exploration went but do tell me how to put it back in, if you know :-)
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12 April 2015

Still windy and we are staying, plus thanks to Dan

It has been a hectic few weeks. We had the issue with the exoneration paperwork and the National Car Reantal overcharge and then need for a survey for new insurance.

05 April 2015

Varnish and condo time !

The cabin sole has been beginning to show some real wear and the companionway door was looking like it should have used a lot more sun screen, so it was time to get ready to varnish.

02 April 2015

Mess -> hotel stay

Now that we know we are going to stay here in Papagayo Marina for the summer we went to work on some chores.

01 April 2015

We got the exoneration paperwork !

Yes, it is April Fools' Day, but we don't think it is a joke.

31 March 2015

No bad faith contract needed ?

We finally got our misappropriated Marina Papagayo National Car Rental refund. That only took almost a month and a lot of reminders and an angry complaint letter. Talk about substandard service !

26 March 2015

Cultural whiplash

This is another surprising turn of events. We're almost getting whiplash !

We got the Zarpe !

12 January 2015 | Puesta del Sol Marina
We have paid to get the pilot to follow us out at 8:00 tomorrow just in case the engine acts up.  Once we are outside we'll set doubly reefed sail and start south.

The plot below [which you can't see until I figure out how to get images into sailblogs using the iPad] is from NavX with an optimized sail route planned by Weather4D Pro which uses weather information and boat performance to lay out the optimal path based of a bunch of variables you define.  It predicts that our strongest gusts will be 29 knots at about Tuesday midnight and that we will get to our destination in about 24 hours.  Now we'll see how good the weather forecast is and how close the predict is if we sail as plotted.

We'll actually stay 3+ NM off shore to keep the fetch down but the program only allows 1, 2, 5 and larger increments so the predict is based on 2 NM.

This time we will have company by another boat much of the way.  He came in last night and decided to head back out with us for some company.
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