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18 February 2015 | Hampshire
21 September 2014 | Mitika
26 August 2014 | Killini
14 August 2014 | Zakynthos
14 August 2014 | Katakalon
14 August 2014 | Katakalon
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04 April 2014 | Oreoi, Evia, Greece
12 November 2013 | Orei, island of Evia, Greece
08 October 2013 | Loutra Edipsou
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26 August 2013 | Leonidion Plaka
24 August 2013 | Gerakas, Pelopenese.
22 August 2013

Sailing Today article

31 December 2012 | Portsmouth, England
George. It's cold in Englanf
Well, it's been an amazing year. This time 365 days ago we were in Beaucaire in the south of France, on Fandancer. We stayed there for five months over the winter before living on April 30th this year to start our journey to Greece. We sailed via Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, the foot of Italy, and then over to Corfu, arriving on June 14th.
On arrival in Kassiopi, Corfu, we encountered an unseasonal heat wave for June, with temperatures about ten degrees warmer than average, which lasted the whole of the summer. With apologies to those of you in England, we didnt see any rain last summer from before we left the south of France at the end of April until one day in early August when we had a ten minute rain shower while in Lefkas, resulting in even warmer weather for the rest of August and the whole of September.
We had various friends and relatives visit us on board Fandancer while in Corfu over the summer, and we hope more will come to see us in 2013. After the Ionian we reached the Argo-Saronic via the Corinth canal on 27 August, and during the first week of October we left Poros for the Cyclades, reaching our eventual winter home in Syros via Kithnos and Serifos.
Fandancer is now out of the water in the boatyard in Syros. We have rented a small apartment within easy walking distance of the boat and the town centre and we expect to be there until April.
Tim and I were both in the UK over Christmas, he has returned to Syros but I am staying on for a while due to the arrival of grandchildren!
During late summer I wrote an article for Sailing Today about our trip through the french canals which has just been published in the February issue. So I am basking in the glory of being a magazine writer and photographer for a short while, until the recycling lorry takes away all the copies. I mentioned this blogsite in the article, so I would like to welcome any new readers who made the effort to read my ramblings and find this blog! Let me know who you are.
More news soon ....
Vessel Name: Fandancer
Vessel Make/Model: Northstar 40
Hailing Port: Gosport
Crew: Georgina and Tim Moon
About: We bought Fandancer in March 2009 with a view to living aboard permanently in the Med.
Our fourth year of living aboard in Greece. We have overwintered in Syros, Oreoi on Evia, and this year we have been in Ionion Marine, Preveza. We will be sailing in the Ionian Sea this summer, hoping to discover some more new places to visit.... We also have a new crew member - Artemis the [...]
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Fandancer's Photos - Main
Photos of boatlift, and the yard.
38 Photos
Created 12 November 2013
Some recent photos, July and August 2013
34 Photos
Created 26 August 2013
Our bus trip from Paroikia.
10 Photos
Created 12 May 2013
some photos taken in the last couple of weeks, October 2012
36 Photos
Created 14 October 2012
some photos of Greek shops etc. Some you may have seen before.
17 Photos
Created 24 September 2012
Some photos around Hydra
29 Photos
Created 13 September 2012
various random photos for your perusal ...
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Created 3 September 2012
Some recent photos for your perusal ...
25 Photos
Created 14 August 2012
10 Photos
Created 5 August 2012
more of my favourite photos
32 Photos
Created 27 July 2012
six weeks in Corfu area, some of my favourite photos
20 Photos
Created 27 July 2012
Photos in and around Corfu, and a cat comes aboard .....
15 Photos
Created 21 June 2012
Fandancer moored at the marina in Sciacca
13 Photos
Created 2 June 2012
Favignana and beyond
26 Photos
Created 2 June 2012
Fandancer moored in Bonifacio for two nights
20 Photos
Created 17 May 2012
Fandancer sailing from Toulon to Corsica
30 Photos
Created 12 May 2012
Fandancer in Port St Louis, masts lifted in
21 Photos
Created 9 May 2012
Ice, Pont du Gard, Les Baux
35 Photos
Created 25 February 2012
Photos from our bus trip to St Remy
28 Photos
Created 5 January 2012
Our day out in Avignon.
20 Photos
Created 28 December 2011
Lovely town of Nimes
20 Photos
Created 18 December 2011
More photos from trip down the Rhone
36 Photos
Created 4 December 2011
Some photos of Fandancer on the Rhone
32 Photos
Created 29 November 2011
Canal from St Dizier, and day out in Joinville
29 Photos
Created 11 November 2011
Out and about between Rouen and Vitry le Francois
20 Photos
Created 4 November 2011
Some pics taken in this lovely village, 27 October.
20 Photos
Created 28 October 2011
Some photos from our river trip from Paris to Epernay.
29 Photos
Created 28 October 2011
out and about in gay Paree!
19 Photos
Created 27 October 2011
George and Tim explore the city.
21 Photos
Created 7 October 2011
Maiden voyage, after 18 months out of the water!
7 Photos
Created 29 September 2011