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Spring 2015 - The Florida Keys

11 March 2015 | Marathon, FL
19 February 2015 | Marathon, FL
09 January 2015 | Vaca Key - Marathon, FL
10 December 2014 | West Palm Beach, FL
01 December 2014 | West Palm Beach
20 November 2014 | West Palm Beach, FL
05 October 2014 | Port Royal, SC
24 February 2014
17 February 2014 | South Carolina
01 June 2013 | Port Royal Landing Marina
16 May 2013 | Anchored Cocoa, FL
26 April 2013 | Marathon, FL
21 December 2012 | Harbour Cay Club, Marathon, FL
07 December 2012 | Mooring #30, St. Augustine Municipal Marina
31 August 2012 | Dataw Island Marina, SC
13 June 2012 | Conch House Marina, St. Augustine, FL
08 June 2012 | New Smyrna Beach, FL
03 June 2012 | Harbour Isle Marina, Ft. Pierce, FL, USA
29 May 2012 | Old Bahama Bay Marina at West End

Our Winter 2013 Southern Tour Begins

07 December 2012 | Mooring #30, St. Augustine Municipal Marina
Our Winter 2013 Southern Tour Begins

Departure/Arrival: 1:25 PM Dec-5 Port Royal / 2:20 PM Dec-6 St. Augustine
Distance: 172 nm (130 nm offshore, 42 nm ICW)
Time: 24:55

It appeared as if we had a 24 hour window to make our way to Florida. If we missed it we ma have found ourselves in SC for another week or more.

So we left. Which is what you always need to do if you want to go somewhere.

Timing was perfect (as I had planned) and we caught the Beaufort River ebb tide and roared toward the mighty Atlantic Ocean at 8.5+ knots, although Yani the Yanmar had a lot to do with that. Wind you ask? What wind? The river and Port Royal sound were glass smooth and we trekked along we saw countless porpoises feeding in the ebb.

South of Tybee Island about 9 miles off shore we dodged a few freighters headed to Savannah. The sea was still very calm, the sun set and we had a nice warm meal in the cockpit before the dark rolled in. Cloud cover built and blocked out the moon.

Motoring south we employed our radar to make way as it was so dark no horizon was visible except back north. It was just like sailing in the fog.

Around 2:00 am we were 92 nm out of Port Royal and the ocean swells began to build. We had a bit of wind now, sporadic in speed and direction. Somewhere out of the S or SE to ESE and from 5 -10 knots. Yani kept plugging along. The swells started with about 2-3’ and 7-10 sec period. As we progressed south toward the St. John’s River (Port of Jacksonville, FL) the easterly swells (on the beam I might add) built to 3-6’ and the period shortened. It made for a very lumpy ride.

Approaching the St. John’s River we heard 2 freighters call Jacksonville Pilots. We eaves dropped on the conversation and learned both of these freighters would board pilots and enter the channel at 7:30 am. Which of course was our ETA. So we headed out to sea and slowed down planning to enter the channel right behind these freighters.

As we entered the St. John’s River channel, which passes the Mayport Naval Air Station, we encountered the river ebb tide. Meanwhile the sea swells proceeded on our stern (we had turned to the west) and collided with the ebb tide to create some impressive steep, short waves. Yani was full throttle and making 5-6 knots while the 13 ton Far Niente was being tossed about. To the rear of us I spotted what appeared to be a U.S. Navy Vessel about 2 miles behind us. Who needs a roller coaster?!

Once inside the jetty things calmed down and we motored up the St. John’s toward the intersection where we jumped in the ICW and headed 35 miles south to St. Augustine.

We made the 2:00 pm opening of the famous Bridge of Lions and were secured to a ball in the mooring field of the St. Augustine Municipal Marina.

I fast forwarded to 5:00 and we cracked open a couple Coronas. It was sunny and St. Augustine with a nice 68 degree breeze. Time to relax and get caught up on some lost sleep.
Vessel Name: formerly - Far Niente
Vessel Make/Model: formerly - Island Packet 45 (#33)
Hailing Port: Beaufort, SC
Crew: Marjorie and Jeff Graham
About: CRUISERS June 2010 to May 2015.
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