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The Big Silver Bird

03 February 2013 | In transit
The adventure nears!

On this Friday , 8th of February, I fly from Pai in northern Thailand, to Chiang Mai. That's a journey in a twin engined job of just 20 minutes. After a few hours wait in Chiang Mai where I shall have a hair cut, visit my favourite Jappo restaurant at Airport Plaza (Zen) and relax for a few hours in a hotel room, I will then get on a slightly bigger plane and head for Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea.

I will have 8 hours there and perhaps will get quickly into the city for a gander around, or I will hire a sleeping cubicle at the airport and have a shower and a lie down. I love flying but I have never been able to sleep on aeroplanes, so every chance I get for a nap on the ground will be eagerly exploited.

Then I fly to Los Angeles and hope that the pilot manages to avoid any stray missile testing intitiated by North Korean serial dickhead and fashion icon, Kim Jong Whackjob.

I'll spend a couple of days in LA, checking marine chandleries, before flying inland to Phoenix where I will get serious about eating steak and sampling a sports bar or two for some serious culture, and where one can indulge oneself in the true bull-artist's calling with those in the world who can truly be branded 'professional'.

Two days later, or thereabouts, I will head down to San Carlos in Mexico. Perhaps I will fly. However, if I can find a coach that will drive the 10 hour trip in the daytime, I will book a seat. I would like to see the countryside, despite my abhorrence for any form of road travel where I am not the one on the helm.

I guess that should get me to the boat on about the 15th of February.

I am excited!
Vessel Name: Sandettie
Vessel Make/Model: Custom Frans Maas Steel sloop
Hailing Port: Darwin
Crew: David
About: I sold my boat, went motorcycle riding in South East Asia, and have now bought a new boat in North America. In 2013, I will sail across the south Pacific ocean.
Extra: If you're not having're not having fun!
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Who: David
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