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15 February 2013 | Mexico
Why is it still so cold?
The little boat shown above was my first sailing boat. It is an Endeavor 23', with a stub keel and steel centreboard. It marked my transiton between power boats and sail. I had a lot of fun in that little boat, at a time when the end of the millennium was still a long way off.

It is due in no small part to that little ship, that I am now preparing for a crossing of the Pacific ocean. I will be in San Carlos today to step aboard Sandettie on the hardstand at Marina Seca, San Carlos Marina.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed a night at the Holiday Inn Express in Guaymas. The last time I stayed in a Holiday Inn was in the 80's and it was a fairly daggy place with service to match. The current temporary address is much different. For less than $80, I am so impressed. A beautiful room with a fabulous, huge bed with excellent and abundant pillows, a soaking hot shower almost powerful enough, I imagine, to drill holes through concrete, quilted, soft toilet paper (It's important okay?) and the hotel is clean, well maintained and staffed by the friendliest bunch I have come across in a long while.

Also the spicy beans I had for breakfast, and the coffee, were superb..except my mouth is hot, hot, hot!

However, my first experience with interacting with the locals was a warning. The taxi ride to the hotel was about 4 kilometers. The taxi was a filthy broken down rattle trap. The back seat was threadbare, the boot lid had to be propped open with a stick, there was no meter and what I have since discovered was a $2 taxi ride, cost me $10. Thieving prick!

Mein jew, it's all a part of the total experience and taught me a lesson which, apparently, I'd failed to properly learn in Thailand.

Okay time to shower, pack a little, exchange some $US for $MEX and find a different taxi to take me to the boat. I also have some practice to do..Ola, uno cervesas por favor...Ola, uno cerv......

Vessel Name: Sandettie
Vessel Make/Model: Custom Frans Maas Steel sloop
Hailing Port: Darwin
Crew: David
About: I sold my boat, went motorcycle riding in South East Asia, and have now bought a new boat in North America. In 2013, I will sail across the south Pacific ocean.
Extra: If you're not having're not having fun!
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Who: David
Port: Darwin