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Fine Lion

Who: Steve and Kim Snyder
Port: Oriental, NC
04 May 2014 | 35 01.463'N:76 41.964'W, Oriental, NC
20 April 2014 | 29 53.099'N:81 18.329'W, St. Augustine, FL
10 April 2014 | 25 33.946'N:77 43.439'W, Cabbage Cay, Berry Islands
07 April 2014 | 25 29.752'N:77 43.952'W, Bonds Cay, Berry Iswlands
30 March 2014 | 24 06.145'N:76 24.307'W, Black Point, Exumas
27 March 2014 | 23 45.664'N:76 05.409'W, Williams Cay, Exumas
25 March 2014 | 23 43.951'N:75 02.859'W, Rat Cay, Exumas
13 March 2014 | 23 21.322'N:75 08.896'W, Thompson Bay, Long Island
11 March 2014 | 23 01.250'N:75 43.328'W, Water Cay
01 March 2014 | 22 15.048'N:75 45.111'W, Hog Cay
25 February 2014 | 22 20.217'N:75 46.825'W, Johnson Cay
23 February 2014 | 22 15.101'N:75 45.184'W, Hog Cay
17 February 2014 | 22 15.101'N:75 45.184'W, Hog Cay
12 February 2014 | 22 13.390'N:75 45.140'W, Hog Cay Cut
11 February 2014 | 22 14.994'N:75 45.220'W, Hog Cay
08 February 2014 | 22 14.994'N:75 45.220'W, Hog Cay
03 February 2014 | 22 15.004'N:75 45.183'W, Hog Cay
02 February 2014 | 22 15.004'N:75 45.183'W, Hog Cay
23 January 2014 | 22 10.261'N:75 43.687'W, Southside, Ragged Island
17 January 2014 | 22 10.261'N:75 43.687'W, Southside, Ragged Island

Various Ramblings

02 February 2014 | 22 15.004'N:75 45.183'W, Hog Cay
Results of our order...see below...

Well, we've done a lot of things since our last post. Maybe they're not real exciting, but things none the less. We moved up to Raccoon, had a wallow and a burn on the beach, but the next morning it was too rolly in the anchorage so we moved over to Double Breasted Cay. The winds were out of the SE and that's a perfect place.

So, we went hunting. The Hogfish have been plentiful this year, and we got three...but there's a "back story" here. I shot one right in the gut and tried to pin him down in the sand to maybe get a better shot on him. It didn't work because he tore apart from the spear, and in the process took a big chunk out of his gut. I followed him to the rock he was hiding under, but could not get him out. So Bill and I are trying to figure out how to get him out and a nice lobster appeared in the hole. We both decided to take the lobster at the same time. He got two spears in him at the same time...he didn't make it. Meanwhile a Lemon Shark appeared to also get into the hunt for the Hogfish. See, he was bleeding pretty good. Well, the Lemon didn't hang around long.

In fact, we really haven't had much shark activity this year at all...Nurse Sharks don't count. I proceeded to move on and got another Hogfish, but had to shoot him twice as he got off the first time. So now I had two Hogfish. Evidently, Kim saw the gut shot one floating near the dinghy, grabbed it, and got it in the boat. That made three Hogfish with Kim's being the biggest. Bill had the same thing happen last month and he labeled it a "fish story". Strange that we've had two of those instances this year.

The next day we went hunting and Bill shot a big Ocean Trigger. They're scrappy and he got off of the spear and headed to the reef to hide. Within 30 seconds a big (7') Blacktip Shark came to join in on the hunt. We had to hit it with our spears a few times to keep him aware of us. So while Bill took two more shots on the Trigger I kept pointing at the Blacktip to help Christy zip the dinghy at it to make it stay away from us. It worked, Bill got the big Trigger aboard, and we got the hell out of there.

We moved back to Hog Cay for Super Bowl weekend...and the party ashore. Most times when cruisers down here want to order groceries, you have Maxine get them. She has a daughter in Nassau that will go get want you want, ship it down to Maxine's store via the mailboat. That's how we get most of our items, plus Maxine stocks most staples.

Kim wanted to get some cans of green chilies, and I wanted some Panko. We called Maxine and tried to describe both. Well, our order came in and while we did get some Panko, she made sure we got enough breadcrumbs so we got three other kinds also. I think I told Maxine that Panko is on the breadcrumb isle...so we got a sampling of the whole isle. The green chilies were another story. As you can see, we got something with Chili in the name. We thought this was hilarious. Again, that's why mailboat day is always an adventure.

Today is Super Bowl Party Day. We all go into town to the Silvertail. Erica will have conch, fish, chicken wings, mac 'n cheese, many other sides. The cruisers also bring in apps. Mind you, they don't charge, but we all "donate" to the cause. These people down here are fantastic, and really make you feel at home.

In two weeks, it's the big event for the Ragged Islands...Valentine's Day. That's very huge...lots going on. I'll have a big posting and pictures for that.

Meanwhile...GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!
Vessel Name: Fine Lion
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 42
Hailing Port: Oriental, NC
Crew: Steve and Kim Snyder
Steve lived in Annapolis, but has now moved to Oriental, NC. He's been sailing since 1975. He's a member of the Annapolis YC, SSCA, Royal Marsh Harbor YC, and a past Commodore of the Severn River YC. It's difficult to live in Annapolis, or Oriental, and not be involved in sailing. [...]
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Fine Lion

Who: Steve and Kim Snyder
Port: Oriental, NC