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Cruising adventures of Keith Sullivan and Lynnette Presley on their Lazy Jack 32 Schooner

01 September 2018 | Golld Pointe Yacht Harbor
30 July 2018 | Gold Point Yacht Harbor
29 April 2017 | Gold Pointe Yacht Harbor
07 August 2016 | Gold Pointe Yacht Harbor
01 August 2016 | Home port Hixson, TN
01 August 2016 | Still home port of Gold Pointe Yacht Harbor in Hixson, TN
24 February 2015 | Dalton, Georgia

One thing leads to another

01 August 2016 | Home port Hixson, TN
Keith/Slightly cooler 90 degree weather
We spent the weekend on the boat. I needed to open the headliner so that I could see the bolts for the handrail running along the top of the cabin. The nut and washer were gone and easy fix to replace. I decided to redo the headliner because it was pretty nasty. Removing the trim battens required me to remove the door trim, which led to removing the two interior doors.
OMG! It really opened up the space. Also, gave me another 1/2" or so of headroom. At six foot sever I can use all the extra interior height I can get. The fiberglass was not too rough, so we decided to omit the headliner for good and paint the fiberglass and battens. Really excited about it.
Most of the time you add things to boat to make them better. We have now removed the table, doors and overhead trim which have made a big difference to our liking.
We felt like we accomplished a lot these two days; actually one-and-one half days. We will use the wood to build shelves in main salon cabinet and on the belaying pins racks on deck.
Vessel Name: First Time
Vessel Make/Model: Lazy Jack 32 Schooner
Hailing Port: Hixson, TN
Crew: Keith Sullivan and Lynnette Presley
About: Young at heart, retired couple with plans of exploring the Southern US, Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas and Caribbean Seas at their leisure and pleasure.
Extra: "You can only do something for the first time once." --Nevil Shute-- Thus the name of our boat "First Time" to celebrate all the things we will do together for the 'First Time'
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