Five Islands

Who: Ralph & Karen
Port: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
13 May 2011 | Calgary, Canada
29 March 2011 | Cusco, Peru
16 March 2011 | La Paz, Bolivia
14 March 2011 | Puno, Peru
10 March 2011 | Ariquipa, Peru
07 March 2011 | Nazca Peru
01 March 2011 | Lima Peru
23 February 2011 | Panamarina, Panama
19 February 2011 | Miradup, San Blas, Panama
16 February 2011 | Miradup, San Blas, Panama
13 February 2011 | Rio Sidra & Canbombia, San Blas, Panama
11 February 2011 | Salardup, San Blas, Panama
08 February 2011 | Nargana, San Blas, Panama
04 February 2011 | Nargana, San Blas, Panama
02 February 2011 | Hot tub, Holandes Islands, San Blas, Panama
01 February 2011 | Robeson Islands, San Blas, Panama
01 February 2011 | Robeson Islands, San Blas, Panama
30 January 2011 | Salardup, San Blas, Panama
30 January 2011 | Salardup, San Blas, Panama
28 January 2011 | Salardup, San Blas, Panama

Cheeseburgers in paradise!

16 February 2011 | Miradup, San Blas, Panama
After dropping off Lori and Don, we headed over to Miradup in the Holandes chain of islands. We have kind of realized that we only have a few more days of cruising before heading to Panama to get ready for our trip to Peru. We are now planning on taking the boat to Panamarina which is close to Linton and Portobello. It costs 1/3 of the price to go to Shelter Bay, but the boat is on a mooring ball instead of tied to a dock. We are checking with our insurance company and if they give the green light then that is where will go.

There are also two couples that have expressed interest in buying Five Islands and one of them has talked about coming to Panama in April to finalize. We still have a long ways to go until the boat is sold, but this could also be our last few days of real cruising. If the people do decide to fly all the way across the pacific to come and look at Five Islands, we would head to Shelter Bay once we got back from Peru as its the only place to haul-out for a survey. Now if these leads do not pan out we would head back out to the San Blas for another month of fun before deciding what we will do.

We went for a snorkel on a reef that I have heard lots about and have never had the chance to do it. The water was a little cloudy but it was still a pretty spot. My mask was leaking and then I cracked a flipper so I packed it in first. Of course Karen wasn't ready to come in yet and once she did not have to pull the dingy, she started to dive and check more holes. She came across a slipper lobster. Quite rare as it is the first one we have come across. She called for the spear - I was impressed she was willing to give it a try. She hit the lobster, but did not have enough power and the spear bounced off of him. She said it was a huge one - they are supposed to be very tasty. I did buy some lobsters from the Kuna's yesterday. They had 15 in their boat and I bought all of them for $25. On average they were some of the bigger ones we have bought.

We are thinking about going to Porviner to check out on Friday and then head to Isla Grande on Saturday.

We went into Nargana after dropping off Lori & Don and came across my friend Oneil - a baker. He said he had fresh buns, so we stopped off on our way back to the dingy. They were big, round and fluffy - so for valentines I made some awesome Cheeseburger. My cousin had put a comment on the blog about Cheeseburgers in Paradise and got me thinking - and singing that song.
Vessel Name: Five Islands
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 37' TPI
Hailing Port: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Crew: Ralph & Karen
About: Married 26 years and looking for new adventures to share. Wanting to learn more about the world and about ourselves.
Extra: Five Islands is named after a small island located in the Winnipeg River where many memories were made. We view our boat as the opportunity see amazing places that will create quality memories like the ones made at Five Islands.
Five Islands's Photos - Bahamas - Part 1 (Main)
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A banana tree in Black Point
A collection of driftwood uniquely arranged and titled
The local school in Black Point
A boat under construction in Black Point
Staniel Cay
Not sure if you can see how this rock is undercut at the waters edge.  It looks pretty cool.
Monohull stuck on a reef with a couple of small boats trying to get him off
Cruisers enjoying the BBQ at the beach
Local kids playing on the beach
Random Walk at Compass Cay.  Notice the dark clouds approaching.  It went from calm to 30kt winds in a matter of minutes.  When you see the dark distinct line, you know it has some bite to it.
Sharks at the Compass Cay Marina.  They hang around looking for handouts and when the fisherman clean their catch, they get the scraps
Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay
More Nurse Sharks
The view from our boat at Staniel Cay
Pigs on the beach looking for a handout
Bacon & Eggs on our front porch
Big pig coming to eat our handouts
Beautiful flowering tree in Staniel Cay
the dingy looks like it
Random Walk
clouds are coming
waited a little too long for the bus
Ralph and Derrick in deep conversation
"The pups" on Random Walk
Beach on Highborne Cay
The sand was so fine!
Feeding the Ramoras under our boat
Check out the cool thing on the top of their head
Chris on the beach at Highborne
Our first day at the beach
Chris & Derrick chillin
Cool refections in the calm water as we crossed from Nassau to the Exumas
Lounging around
Huge sailboat at the marina
New Years Eve
Peeling shrimp for dinner
Soaking up the sun
The Daughter
Son in the sunshine
Human sculpture
Waking up
The beach across the road from the marina in Ft Lauderdale
Juno beach in West Palm Beach
Getting ready to leave Lake Worth
Taking a break at African Lion Safari
Disney cruise ship parked behind us
Here is the GPS track of our run down south.  Where the track starts curving towards land was when the wind was shifting and then you can see where we jibed the sail
Neighbors in the Cape Marina
The odometer from the chartplotter.  The max speed is not right, but we did cover 202 mles in 31 hours
I was wiped out.  I had only slep 45 minutes!
Coming into Cape Canaveral
Figuring out where we are going to stop
Sailing along
Some if the waves on Saturday morning. They were much bigger during the night
Another wave coming to carry us forward
Check out the color of the water
The moon rising in the east.
The sun setting in the west
A large freighter that passed behind us.  That AIS system works great.
Karen in her fancy new foul weather gear
Getting ready for the new arch - that has not yet arrived
Preparing the anchor light
Ralph - up the mast for the first time
Ralph trying to make repairs to the anchor light and wind sensor.
Cutting up some rib steaks.
The meat fairy made a visit
Its a looooong way up!
A picture of a beach on Jekyll Island.
A shrimp boat in action
Ralph diriving his boat for the first time.
Cleaning up the mess from the leaking tank
The shiny new tank installed
Various pictures of our travels in Panama
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Five Islands

Who: Ralph & Karen
Port: Calgary, Alberta, Canada