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07 November 2018
21 October 2018 | South of Port Credit
28 June 2018 | 1 nmi south of Port Credit
26 June 2018 | PCHM
28 April 2018 | PCHM
14 January 2018 | Port Credit Harbour Marina (still)
01 June 2015 | Port Credit/Gazebo Bay
30 April 2015 | PCHM B dock (until G dock stops sinking)
06 November 2014 | Port Credit
17 October 2014 | South of Port Credit
26 June 2014 | South of Port Credit
09 June 2014 | Southwest of Port Credit
05 June 2014 | PCHM
28 May 2014 | South of Port Credit
20 May 2014 | PCHM
15 May 2014 | PCHM
03 May 2014 | Cobourg
19 February 2010 | Still in PCHM for now

November chill

07 November 2018
Shirley Anne is scheduled to come out of the water on November 30. So, I am getting ready to do odd refitting and maintenance during the winter months. I will be storing the mast off the boat so I can work on it, as well. I plan to find out why the steaming light didn't come on, change the halyards for new ones, maybe change some of the turnbuckles, and stuff.

Went to a local electronics store who sold 1 mm polyester "twine" thinking it was just cheap parcel wrap. There was no breaking strength listed on the label so I set up some weights and tested the line. It broke at 95 lbs. ONE millimeter line.

This ain't downtown shopping

21 October 2018 | South of Port Credit
This, more than anything else, is why I am drawn so strongly to the seas that God has created for me. Who, with oil paints or charcoal crayons, can design such a picture that comes anywhere near to the diamond sparkles my eyes saw, to the warm wind kisses my face felt and my nose filled my breast with that day? The Shirley Anne did have a music radio playing earlier in that voyage to nowhere, but I had turned it off so I could hear the lake waters talk to me through its caresses of the dancing sailboat that I stood swaying on.

Shirley Anne carried me there on October 21, 2018 so I could experience all of that and more.

Anchor's aweigh

28 June 2018 | 1 nmi south of Port Credit
Weather: perfectly clear
Well, not exactly anchor's aweigh. Actually, it's anchor is away because I donated it to Lake Ontario the other day. I was going to practice anchoring. All I accomplished was rope burns on my hand, $70 to buy a replacement anchor, and reduce my anchor rode inventory from two 100 foot lengths to one 100 foot length.

I am so embarrassed at this mistake. It's a newbie screw up. I was seriously considering not making this post but, well, apparently I'm stupid with posting, also.

Side rails

26 June 2018 | PCHM
Two years ago, I put new wooden side rails on the Shirley Anne. For a while, they looked pretty good, but the sunlight began cooking the lacquer sealant on the wood. They began to look ugly again.

I went to the Plastic Store in Toronto to buy some heavy duty plastic rod but the really strong stuff costed way too much for my tiny wallet. I was going to order some cheaper white stuff but the size I needed was out of stock. I was about to leave when I spotted some clear acrylic rod that was almost what I needed and absolutely beautifully clear. I asked about the size I wanted and the guy went in the back and brought out a box if it in 6 foot lengths. 72 inches. I needed 65. How much? About $50 for both. And crystal clear! I stopped: how well can it resist UV light from the sun? All plastic is susceptible to UV rays to some degree. How about clear acrylic? He said about 5 years.

The photo you see it both rods on the side rails and are totally awesome to see in person! I can't tell you how much I like them.
Vessel Name: Shirley Anne
Vessel Make/Model: Grampian 26
Hailing Port: Port Credit, ON, Canada
Crew: Randall H. MacDonald
About: Single Handed
Extra: Mysfit was a steel hulled sloop. Sam's Closin' Time is a Grampian renamed Shirley Anne
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Who: Randall H. MacDonald
Port: Port Credit, ON, Canada