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14 May 2017 | Rio Ranch, NM
21 October 2014 | Munich, Germany
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07 October 2014 | Berchtesgaden, Germany
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27 November 2013 | Atlantic Beach, North Carolina
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12 October 2013 | Charleston, SC
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Chicago Strictly Sail Show

30 January 2012
Just got back from the boat show in Chicago! Had a great time as always....Went to a new(for us) resteraunt and had great BBQ Ribs. Then went to The Redhead Piano Bar.....met some really fun ppl and had a great time.......spent money just like we had it!.....LOL!
The weatherwas absolutely wonderful all week! Thursday and Friday I took breaks and walked around Navy Pier on the outside with no jacket. Sat in the sun and watched the lake for long periods of time and never got cold!
I thought I had sent myself several pictures to post, but I apparently messed it up....go figure....but found a few things at the show we didn't figure we could live without. We met and talked with Bob Bitchin, and learned a few thing from him concerning watermakers. We also met some old Duluth friends that are now living in Milwalkee, so that was fun. Now, if the weather would just start warming up so I can get going on installing all the new "stuff" we bought!
Vessel Name: Wings
Vessel Make/Model: C-38 S&S Design
Hailing Port: Duluth, MN
Crew: Craig & Vicki Steinkraus
About: We're both now retired and living an adventure we've talked about for years!
Extra: How can you be lost if you don't care where your at?
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