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14 May 2017 | Rio Ranch, NM
21 October 2014 | Munich, Germany
19 October 2014 | Roam, Italy
17 October 2014 | Vienna, Italy
13 October 2014 | Lienz, Austria
11 October 2014 | Vienna Austria
09 October 2014 | Vienna, Austria
07 October 2014 | Berchtesgaden, Germany
07 October 2014 | Berchtesgaden, Germany
05 October 2014 | Lenz, Austria
20 September 2014 | Ft. Myers Florida
27 November 2013 | Atlantic Beach, North Carolina
04 November 2013 | Hampton, VA
19 October 2013 | Beaufort,VA
12 October 2013 | Charleston, SC
12 October 2013 | Charleston, SC
01 October 2013 | Fernandina Beach, FL
21 September 2013 | Jacksonville, FL

A real sailboat again!

01 August 2012 | Catskill, NY
We finished rigging and wireing the boat thiss morning around noon. We got fuel and had to buy and install a new starting battery, so didn't get out of there till around 2 so we decided to spend the night in an anchorage we saw on the way in here. All the solar is back working, so we're fat,dumb, and happy swinging on the hook with the Catskill Mountins as a view out the stern. Learning how to dael with tides and currents has been a learning experience. Locals think nothing of it, but us flatlanders are still learning. Back home water runs only downhill, but that's not the case here. Tomorrow we plan to go to Poughkeepsie to possibly meet a fellow sailor who read about us and e-mailed us. Should be a good time. Well, the Olympics are on, so.....TTFN
Vessel Name: Wings
Vessel Make/Model: C-38 S&S Design
Hailing Port: Duluth, MN
Crew: Craig & Vicki Steinkraus
About: We're both now retired and living an adventure we've talked about for years!
Extra: How can you be lost if you don't care where your at?
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