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25 June 2012 | Put-in-Bay, OH
21 June 2012 | Port Heron, MI
19 June 2012 | Harrisville, MI
18 June 2012 | Presque Isle, MI
17 June 2012 | Presque Isle, MI
15 June 2012 | De Tour, MI
14 June 2012 | Sault St Marie, MI
13 June 2012 | Sault St Marie, MI
12 June 2012 | Grand Marais, MI
11 June 2012 | Grand Marais, MI
07 June 2012 | Marquette, MI
06 June 2012 | Houghton,MI
03 June 2012 | Bayfield, WI
03 June 2012 | Bayfield, WI
26 May 2012 | Bayfield, WI
25 April 2012 | Bayfield, WI
25 April 2012 | Bayfield, WI

Official Dirt Dwellers

14 May 2017 | Rio Ranch, NM
Basically seeing if this blog is still operating.....Still on the move, but now on a motorcycle

Winding down...

21 October 2014 | Munich, Germany
Hey.....We have left Italy and are now in Munich. I caught a cold in Italy a couple days ago and have been feeling pretty bad, But things are looking up considerable today so far. Today we plan on heading out to see Dachau Concentration Camp. As it's our last day, we'll probably have a beer.......or 2 maybe.....Tomorrow we head home and we are both ready. Although it's been fun, keeping up this pace takes it's toll.......TTFN

Still here........

19 October 2014 | Roam, Italy
A long day in Rome......We saw most everything except Vatican City, but will do that tomorrow. I know why most Europeans are thin.....The food here is all the same, except for the shape of the Pasta that they put mashed tomatoes and olive oil on.......You can't get a fried egg or a good piece of meat to save your life.......Tomorrow evening, we take the train back up to Munich for 3 days and the finally.....Home to good bread and good meat.......We got a sleeper car for the 12 hr train ride and should get into Munich about 7:30 in the morning...... No new pictures to post because the internet here would have to speed up considerably to be considered really slow........TTFN

The adventure continues........

17 October 2014 | Vienna, Italy
We made it to Italy yesterday. The 200+ mph trains are a hoot! THey don't go that fast while traveling through the Alps, but on flat land, WEEEEEEEEEE!. We saw some local sites yesterday and more is planned for today. Thank goodness most Europeans speak enough English to help us get to where we need or want to go....In Austria and Germany, I could speak German well enough to get by, But in Italy, all I know how to do is wavy my hands and yell....LOL! The Grand Canal is quite a site. We took the water taxi from the train station to the motel. Public transit is great here. For 40 Uros ( about $55.00) you can get a 3 day travel pass that work on the water and land taxi system. Not a bad deal.......TTFN

The adventure comtinues.....

13 October 2014 | Lienz, Austria
We're back in Lienz for a couple days. Tomorrow we're taking the cable car up to the glacier. Looking forward to that......Then on Thursday we're taking off for Venice for 2 days then on to Rome. After Rome , it's back to Munich for 2 days, then home......I need new camera. The pictures I take produce too large of a file so Vicki will post pictures on Facebook from her page....The one thing I have learned, is that Europeans have become expert at making a full loaf of bread crust that is as hard as a bullet, with a small center portion of dried out bread. .....TTFN.....

More adventures

11 October 2014 | Vienna Austria
Well, we've seen many of the sites here.....Vicki had her billfold stolen today. She noticed as we came out of the subway that here purse was unzipped, She immediately checked and her billfold was gone. Thank goodness they didn't get the passports or the $$$$ emergency stash... We are heading back to Lienz tomorrow. Other than the cash we lost, it's been a fun trip. Once we get back to Lienz, we'll start planning our trip to Italy........TTFN...
Vessel Name: Wings
Vessel Make/Model: C-38 S&S Design
Hailing Port: Duluth, MN
Crew: Craig & Vicki Steinkraus
About: We're both now retired and living an adventure we've talked about for years!
Extra: How can you be lost if you don't care where your at?
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