The Adventure Begins

22 May 2011 | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
20 May 2011 | Chacala Bay, Mexico
19 May 2011 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
14 May 2011 | Ipala Bay, Mexico
13 May 2011 | Chamela Bay, Mexico
12 May 2011 | Tenacatita Bay, Mexico
11 May 2011 | Manzanillo, Mexico
06 May 2011 | Caleta de Campos, Mexico
05 May 2011 | Zihuatanejo, Mexico
25 April 2011 | Mexico
20 April 2011 | Mexico
16 April 2011 | Guatemala
13 April 2011 | Nicaragua
09 April 2011 | Nicaragua
02 April 2011 | Costa Rica
01 April 2011 | Costa Rica
30 March 2011 | Costa Rica
29 March 2011 | Costa Rica
28 March 2011 | Costa Rica
23 March 2011 | Costa Rica

Storms and Thunderball Cave

05 February 2010 | Staniel Cay, Exumas
With another storm approaching we had to leave Big Major Spot because it was exposed to the west wind. We pulled anchor in the morning and motored a couple of miles through a narrow cut into the reef to a small somewhat protected area next to Staniel Cay. This is where they filmed the James Bond movie "Thunderball". You may remember the cave in the movie. We are anchored behind the very small Cay where the cave is located. We were the third boat anchored in this tight area but we were sure more would follow during the day. We made sure our anchor was secured and motored the dinghy over to the Thunderball cave entrance. We found a small dinghy mooring just outside the opening. The opening is underwater so you have to dive down and swim hard and make sure you come up inside the cave. Wow... what a beautiful cave... Nancy & I were alone in the cave except for 100s of tropical fish. They were all very interested in us because people usually bring bread to feed the fish (we will have to come back with food next time). The cave is large inside with a small hole at the top (35' ceiling), which lets in sunlight. I have to say this was so much fun and exciting with all the fish & coral. We explored the cave and found another entrance on the other side that you had to dive deeper to exit. Now we want to get a copy of Thunderball and watch the movie again.
Well, the storm did come as predicted. It blew 30 knots with very heavy rain. We were bouncing around some, but our anchor held because most of the blown when over us because of Thunderball Cay. The next day after the wind blew all night was Super Bowl Sunday. The small bar & restaurant was having a Super Bowl party. Some friends we met in Bimini (two young British guys who bought there boat in Florida) showed up during the day so we all hopped into our dinghy and headed over to watch the Super Bowl. Last year we watched the Super Bowl in El Salvador we another group of good friends. The game was great even if the electrical power at the bar (and island) kept going off.
The weather looked like we had about 24 hours before another storm hit so we decided to sail to Farmers Cay, which had some protection from the west. We pulled anchor and carefully left the shallow reef and headed out.
Vessel Name: Four Points
Vessel Make/Model: C&C Landfall 43
Hailing Port: San Diego
Crew: Brian & Nancy McCluskey
Nancy & I have been planning to go sailing for years. We are not ready to retire but decided to take this trip before we get to old. Sailing takes a lot of energy and commitment so we didnít want to wait until we canít physically handle the trip. [...]
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Who: Brian & Nancy McCluskey
Port: San Diego