The Adventure Begins

22 May 2011 | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
20 May 2011 | Chacala Bay, Mexico
19 May 2011 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
14 May 2011 | Ipala Bay, Mexico
13 May 2011 | Chamela Bay, Mexico
12 May 2011 | Tenacatita Bay, Mexico
11 May 2011 | Manzanillo, Mexico
06 May 2011 | Caleta de Campos, Mexico
05 May 2011 | Zihuatanejo, Mexico
25 April 2011 | Mexico
20 April 2011 | Mexico
16 April 2011 | Guatemala
13 April 2011 | Nicaragua
09 April 2011 | Nicaragua
02 April 2011 | Costa Rica
01 April 2011 | Costa Rica
30 March 2011 | Costa Rica
29 March 2011 | Costa Rica
28 March 2011 | Costa Rica
23 March 2011 | Costa Rica

Exploring Bahia Navidad

11 December 2008 | Bahia Navidad, Mex
We have been exploring both sides of the bay here. The lagoon that we are anchored in is really an interesting spot! First, the lagoon is the dividing line of the two Mexican states Jalisco and Colima. Secondly, it is so mellow that it feels like we are docked in a slip or maybe I could go as far to say that it doesn't even feel like you are on a boat! It is nice to give our vestibular system a rest! It really is a beautiful lagoon. We are visiting at the beginning of the season (only 6-7 boats in the lagoon) and have been fortunate that several of the businesses just started their deliveries to the lagoon for the season. We have been told that as the season progresses the lagoon can have 50-60 boats anchored. We have gotten in a routine of getting up early, listen to the Amigo net on the SSB radio, and wait for the French Baker to deliver fresh pastries and baguettes! There goes the "Holiday Challenge" for the McCluskeys! I guess we will not get a t-shirt this year!
We have enjoyed watching the pelicans, frigates and yellow-footed boobies catch fish. The pelicans seem to have it all figured out. If they wait for the one of frigates to grab the fish out of the water, usually other frigates come and fight for the fish as the offensive frigate is trying to swallow the fish but nevertheless fumbles and one of the many pelicans is there to grab it! The boobies seem to do their own thing. Our cruising guides mention that this lagoon once was a natural fish hatchery. It apparently still has many fish in it but the water seems to have quite a bit of run off or is polluted a bit. Not a place I would want to eat any of the fish that come out of it! The lagoon still seems to be a popular spot where the local fishermen come early in the morning (before sunrise) to get their bait fish for the day. They throw large nets into the water and gently drag it to the surface gathering small fish as they bring the net aboard the panga. One morning I counted 25 fishing pangas just outside our boat getting bait fish for the day.
On one side of the lagoon, there is a beautiful golf course that is well kept and looks very challenging. One afternoon we took a walk around the course to the other side to explore the beach that we only knew at this point by the pounding waves we could hear from our boat. It is a long stretch of beach with out any development other than a couple palapas that belong to the golf course. It is a very steep beach break so it is not even good for surfing or swimming.
We went into the town of Barra (which is in the state of Jalisco) to have our laundry done, provision and use the internet. We were able to experience the outside market where many of the Mexicans sell their crafts and trinkets, just in time to do a little Christmas shopping!
Since we had a really nice day at the Grand Bay Resort (in the state of Colima), we decided to go back and spend the day at the pool. This is a very plush resort that has a really great pool that over looks the beach and Barra. Not sure if I mentioned this before but the resort allows outside guests to use the pool facilities as long as you order drinks or a meal. And boy, are those margaritas good and refreshing in the hot sun! We had an awesome day swimming, sliding down the slides to the various levels of the pool, and playing water volleyball with our friends. We also got a chance to surf a fun reef break just outside the breakwaters of Barra...Cowabunga!!
We have enjoyed our stay here but feel it is time to move south again so we can to get to Z-town by Christmas. We plan to leave on the weekend for Manzanillo, which is approximately 20 nm south of Navidad. This will be our last short passage before we head to Ixtapa/Zihautanejo which we understand is approximately 190 nm from Manzanillo. Lucky for us, that there is another full moon to do the ~33 hour passage.
Vessel Name: Four Points
Vessel Make/Model: C&C Landfall 43
Hailing Port: San Diego
Crew: Brian & Nancy McCluskey
Nancy & I have been planning to go sailing for years. We are not ready to retire but decided to take this trip before we get to old. Sailing takes a lot of energy and commitment so we didnt want to wait until we cant physically handle the trip. [...]
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