The Adventure Begins

22 May 2011 | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
20 May 2011 | Chacala Bay, Mexico
19 May 2011 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
14 May 2011 | Ipala Bay, Mexico
13 May 2011 | Chamela Bay, Mexico
12 May 2011 | Tenacatita Bay, Mexico
11 May 2011 | Manzanillo, Mexico
06 May 2011 | Caleta de Campos, Mexico
05 May 2011 | Zihuatanejo, Mexico
25 April 2011 | Mexico
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16 April 2011 | Guatemala
13 April 2011 | Nicaragua
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02 April 2011 | Costa Rica
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23 March 2011 | Costa Rica

Waiting for a Weather Window

18 January 2009 | Huatulco, Mex
We are still here in Huatulco (pronounced wah-tool-koh) waiting for a weather window. The next passage is about 400 miles through the Gulf of Tehuantepec. The 125-mile wide Isthmus of Tehuantepec and a 75-mile wide gap in the Sierra Madres create a funnel where the trade winds "blow" through. This blow can be very strong (60 MPH wind). These winds are predictable but we have to patiently wait for a 3 to 5 day weather window when we hope the winds will be light.
It looks like our weather window will start on Wednesday night of this coming week. We will be more confident in the prediction by Tuesday. I have repaired our transmission but tomorrow morning we will motor a couple of miles to the nearest fuel dock to give it a test run. We will load up with fuel and will bring extra cans filled with diesel for the long passage to El Salvador in case we have to motor most of the way. The Tehuantepec either blows hard or has very little wind. During this passage we want very little wind. We have filled our propane tank ($8.00), which lasted us almost four months. We will provision the boat with food and water on Tuesday and be ready to go on Wednesday night.
We have had a lot of fun here in Hautulco. The locals have been helpful and the other cruisers have been great. We have made lasting friendships here each comparing boats and sailing stories.
I have required dental work down here. When we arrived I started getting a toothache, which scared me to one of the local dentists. I needed two cavities filled and one root canal. Each filling cost $40.00 and the root canal cost $120.00 and there was very little pain and it seems like a good job was performed.
We did go to a small traveling Circus that was a very interesting cultural experience. We have explored some of the local coves by dinghy with some great friends we have met on "Misty Sea". We hiked to a secluded beach which we now have named "Nancy's Beach". It's a great swimming & diving beach. We have not been in a hurry to leave here (we have been here 15 days so far) but we are now ready to move on to our next landfall.
Vessel Name: Four Points
Vessel Make/Model: C&C Landfall 43
Hailing Port: San Diego
Crew: Brian & Nancy McCluskey
Nancy & I have been planning to go sailing for years. We are not ready to retire but decided to take this trip before we get to old. Sailing takes a lot of energy and commitment so we didnít want to wait until we canít physically handle the trip. [...]

Who: Brian & Nancy McCluskey
Port: San Diego