S/V Black Opal

02 September 2008 | Shilshole -- Seattle, WA
04 October 2007 | Seattle / Shilshole Marina
25 July 2007 | San Juan Isl. (USA)
19 June 2007 | Seattle / Shilshole Marina

02 September 2008 | Shilshole -- Seattle, WA
Fred Brady
We had a great time 'raffted-up' in Poulsbo with friends for Labor day. Will now get "ready for Winter!" Hopefully The boat will be in Mexico for next winter. We have been working on building a house this summer and not on the water as much (it's cash and build, so it may be a while).


04 October 2007 | Seattle / Shilshole Marina
Fred Brady Cloudy/rain/cold-66
Getting ready for winter projets. We will turn the boat around (facing South) for the winter storms, etc.
We had a dinner cruise for some folks and everyone had a good time, no sailing, rain/windy, Broke a fan belt.
Working on minor "leak" problems that seem to inhabit 'boatlife'.
Have a great winter. (Maybe next year, we'll be in Mexico - with the boat)!

CRISR 2007

25 July 2007 | San Juan Isl. (USA)
Fred Brady -Clear - Rain&Fog
July 13, 07 Deaparted Shilshole, Seattle and motored north to Port Townsand, Anchored out for the night and 8:30 AM we started towards the entrance to the Straights for the crossing to Cattle Pass, San Juan Isl. We anchored up at 1630 in Deer Harbor, Orcas Ils. Sunday 15,07 the gathering of the Schooners that were going to race showed up. We had a potluck on the dock and the skippers meetng.
Monday 7-16-07 1100 the race started, most were planing a south passage 'under' Crane Isl., but the tied and lack of wind pushed just about all through the Pole Pass Route (Not the best choice). In total we had 3 races, one was undetermind finish and 1 with a start and finish and one that was called at or near Iceberg Point (south tip of Lopez Isl.)
Black Opal took a third place in division C. Saw lots of Orcas and met new and old friends, had a great time.
Vessel Name: Black Opal
Vessel Make/Model: Sampson
Hailing Port: Seattle, Wa.
Crew: Fred & Lynda Brady / AnnWillers /Rusty
About: Fred Brady (Skipper) A Great sailor in his own mind. Lynda Brady (Admiral) Doesn't always believe the Skipper. Ann Willers (Motly Crew) Believes skipper, but listens to Admiral. Rusty (boat Boss) 6 yr. Old Terreor
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