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15 August 2012
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Huh Ho!!!

31 July 2012 | Beardrop
Tony & Kat
Not sure what to call this update - holy s..t, wtf, midnight at the horror show??? Yes the picture is of FC's midship's cleat - but more on that to later.

We had a nice motor sail most of the way to Beardrop. They had a few boats when we got there - but more kept coming until we had 22. A very nice dinner was prepared by the 'Richard Sharpe's' Admiral and Captain, but we decided to cut out early since a "narrow band" of showers was on its way. Vixen needed to get on shore one last time before we buttoned up the boat. Around 10:00 instead of showers we had a major squall blow through that lasted almost 2 hours. It was a surreal event with lightening strikes everywhere, winds gusting in excess of 50 (60?) for most of the storm.

Several boats began dragging their anchors. One 40+ ft powerboat had dragged its anchor about ΒΌ mi. Every time the sky lit up it was moving further back (that's where the screaming was coming from). They had passed the Beardrop cut and were headed towards the rocks when another powerboat threw lines and started hauling them back. Picture 22 boats in a washing machine. The (big) powerboat ahead of us started dragging but had the foresight to start its engines and then set another anchor when he saw that he was bearing down on us. Both we and 'Richard Sharpe' stayed put. Thank you Lewmar + 100' chain in mud!

On the other hand two boats around us broke free. One in particular had dragged his anchor a 100 yards but instead of laying out more rode and another anchor, he starts the engine to power through and of course the high winds push him sideways and his anchor roller first into the powerboat ahead of us (they just had the boat completely redone). So now after that crash he starts bearing down on us stern first - but he is still parallel to us. So if it doesn't work the first time what do you do - try again. Come on guy a 30' sailboat powering into 50+ winds what do you expect?

Kat happened to come up into the cockpit just as he attempted this second insane try and again the wind turned him - but this time into us. His anchor roller hit our midship cleat straight on, snapped it and the cap rail. Fortunately we were not hurt, the boat has no structural damage that we can see and gelcoat damage is minimal. Hmmm should I call Jack M. at Marina South and tell him to start spending his bonus money???

The storm stopped just as abruptly and the harbor became a dead calm. We heard of several boats damaged - one got hit twice on each side by the same boat. The boat ahead of us has a nice hole 3' up from the waterline. But again no lives lost and everyone appeared to be floating.

The morning was very calm especially when the three of us met over coffee. The good news is that he admitted fault and didn't 'skip town' AND we have a witness to him plowing into us.

Now it's onto Gore Bay once we get the anchors up. ?? How does nature tightly compress clay/mud into every link of the 100' chain?
Vessel Name: French Connection
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 423
Hailing Port: Catawba Island, Ohio
Crew: Tony & Kat
We started sailing 27 years ago on a 17' boat in Chicago. Once we found out small boats and big lakes don't mix we quickly upgraded to a 30' then progressed through 34, 38 and our most recent acquisition is a 42. [...]

Who: Tony & Kat
Port: Catawba Island, Ohio
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